Gaming Notebooks Upgrade to Pascal | Review feat. GTX 1070

120Hz comes to notebooks feat. Pascal GTX 1080, 1070 & 1060!!! Full ASUS G752VS OC Review:

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omar lewis says:

What about the vm model? The one with the 1060

j dees says:


Ignafiltro Sanchez says:

Better performance than 980M SLI HOLY SHIT

Boris Osuský says:

i am so excited


I’ll drink a bleach-windex cocktail if they ever release a notebook with a pascal titan x, laced with polonium if on sli

ARL says:

Wait what they had GOW 4 on display???

hansdoreen says:

Fk, now AMD is truly dead!

Darkstar 20 says:

tbh wouldn’t mind having a 1060 inside a blade instead of a 1080 because I remembered that there’s a thing called “The Razer Core” :), BTW when are these projected to be on sale? anyone know?

Alan McElreath says:

Can’t wait to see the price on these thing lol.

Fardinza Machmud tosapati says:

and desktop gamer says ” ok , finally notebook can do the same or even better than my rig,but how bout the cost !!!???? , laptop still pretty expensive .. hahaahahaha ( sarcastic laugh ).,

some notebook user also answered to that question with more calculate ways ” fine , i’ll chalange you to do a mobile gaming session with your dekstop for bout a month with backpack, and see after a month how much hospital bill you had to pay !! “

daniel dock Pereira says:

Hey guys at Hardware Knucks.. i love your videos, the quality, content, images, picture motion… everything.
Keep Up with the excelente job. Love you guys. Shouts from BRAZIL

Yk Y says:

Can u let me know the BGM title?

Tommy Law says:

so can those of us who threw money at the 970m laptops upgrade to the gtx 1000 series?

costillero says:

This sucks, why do we get more power efficient cards on desktop instead of 300w beast with better performance, milking clients, that’s all they do.

legendray2008 says:

Gonna be upgrading my ASUS gaming laptop GTX 660M to a Skylake GTX 1060M. This should be finally able to play Fallout 4 at a great price/performance/TDP.

YellowPeaches says:

Kyle sounds like the Engineer with that high picth voice in TF2

CDizzle says:

yay demitri

VelocityRaptor says:

Damn as a finnish guy i find the term Pascal kinda funny :DD finnish word paskal stands for a taking a shit lmao

Ikmal Maharon says:

Is it possible to upgrade a 980M to 1070 GTX?

Faisal Mahmud says:


Simplici Tech says:

black lines!!!

ccricers says:

I don’t care about 4k on a laptop. Don’t need that much. Just give me a sub $1000 laptop with a mobile 1060 to for a smooth experience at 1080p.

Hjg Gvk says:

Msi GS43 GTX1060 14′ is very impressive to be honest

Luis Pedro Botelho says:

What is the name of the music?

Specialist in Failure says:

I can’t wait to play on 768p using a gtx 1080

Outstandn says:

only for the low price of 2500…

Putera Faizal :v says:

Was planning to get a Sager laptop with a gtx 965m should I upgrade to a gtx 1060 for around 150 dollars more? ( also has other upgrades like rgb keyboard) please help me

TheRealTrikein says:

Click bait

OUTR4GE says:

Meh, I’ll get one when I start uni

Sam Waris says:

$9000+ your soul for the leaked ASUS ROG SLI 1080 laptop with custom liquid cooling attachment for OC

Yassin ENNAJIH says:

Does anybody know if we can expect any Pascal powered laptops with 1440p@120hz??

KoolJoeTriple0G says:

I ordered a gtx 1070 laptop from sager!

BeyondEllisBeck says:

Not to be mean or anything. But for laptops to be able to catch up to desktops like that makes my stomach turn. It’s pathetic really. This is why i knew it was a bad idea for them to shrink GPU die sizes. For one, no matter how many times they think they can shrink these dies. They will eventually not be able to shrink in anymore. They will hit a scientific wall that can not be breached with the technology we have now.

Two, it’s embarrassing that people actually believe that smaller is better! And its not! People keep believing the lie that more transistors can fit on a smaller die and that is completely false! They just say that because they want to save more money. The bigger the die size the more money from the companies pocket. But they sure fooled you over time huh?

Three, Desktop performance hasn’t seen any big revolutionary jumps because the die sizes are getting smaller and smaller. As a desktop user myself, we get closer to mobile tech as time goes on instead of *desktop grade.* But it shouldn’t be like this! I’ts a desktop for a reason. And if anything, this is crippling the desktop PC users. The bigger the die size of the GPU the more powerful it will be. Yes power consumption will increase as would heat. But i can promise you we could probably fit a good 5x-7x more transistors on the processor. Or it giving us a 300%-500% or more performance increase with more headroom and horsepower. Have you ever wondered what a 65nm die sized Maxwell, Hawaii, Pascal, Polaris or even the new Vega would be capable of? Imagine Newer architecture with a 65nm Die!!

We need a revolutionary gap once again or the Desktop gaming indestry is in big truoble. What do you guys think?

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