Galaxy S7 Camera Review!

The Samsung Galaxy S7 has a new 12MP Camera, down from its previous 16MPM camera on the S6. Though, is it any good?
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Kashif Kashif says:

pixel vs iPhone 7 plus vs s7 which one has overall better camera

Álvaro Agraz says:

The continuous lie through out the video that it is not, well, it’s really offensive to the truth.

Mario Martinez says:

apple? are you serious? cmon now. Don’t play yourself

Carl Price says:

Hmm great camera, but not the big improvement Samsung would like you to think.

Kit Walz says:

v10 has the best 4k video for the simple fact you can manual mode it.

Anthony Huynh says:

Why do their cameras have a underwater look without even having a filter over it?

Steven Van says:

blows all the competition out of the water (except LG G5)

jay fade says:

the yoshi is a beast.. exhaust sounds good bro I’m glad to be subscribed to your channel

o0OmrmusicO0o says:

0:38 u mean the pixel will have more information, light depends on the aperture how “big” the aperture is! and in the case of the s7 the aperture is bigger than the one of the s6 .. and as far as i know the samsung galaxy s7 has the biggest aperture on the market when it comes to smartphone cameras 🙂

Álvaro Agraz says:

Back in the real world, the low light performance of the S7 camera is EXTRAORDINARY. Is nothing short of mind blowing.

Apart from the blatant, extremely offensive, huge lie that “the honest true is it’s not that great”, this was a good review.

Choi JM says:

s7 has 1/2.5 sensor

Merlin's Time warp says:

Hobbit hands needs his eyes checked. I’m impressed with the low light performance as well. oh well. Maybe Gandof put a spell on him. other than that issue good insight. (no pun intended)

Phone Daft says:

I have the S7 Edge and your the only reviewer that thinks the same as me. It’s good camera but my iPhone 6S Plus has gotten better shots.

Webster Kollie says:

There’s never gonna be a perfect smartphone camera, because there is always room for improvement within the next model. I have the S7 edge and I really think the camera is amazing even in low light performance. Gotta give credit to Samsung.

Ahmed samir says:

if i have to choose between “Note 5” and “S7 Edge” , then which one i should choose over the other one in your opinion ?

jay fade says:

mind you on April 1st he does it “April fools”!!!!

Jordan says:

thought my phone was fucking up at 3:24 lol

Miri xoxo says:

wanting the pink gold. if not available, gold is my next bet.

El1988Che says:

Why there’s a trash can on your desk? LOL

Soy Waz says:

Or you could buy an iPhone 6s

Kyle Patterson says:

fuck samsung

Darrin Thorpe says:

well, well. obviously, none of you have tried the 4k video camera on the lg v10. it blows away Samsungs video camera, and by a LOT. Cant wait till the g5 hits tomorrow. Samsung makes some nice phones, to that end I’ll agree. However, when it comes to REAL innovation, and not just sticking to the “same ol same ol”,like most companies are doing, LG has knocked it out of the park with the G5. TWO rear facing cameras, top end specs, and the modular system? That is innovation, and looking towards the future! All aluminum design, but a removable bottom? INCREDIBLE! The camera module has its own battery built in it. Change it to the B and O high fi sound module, and you have the best sound to ever come out of your headphones. Switch to the 360 bot cam and use the phone as the remote control. The handheld 360 wireless camera is cool as hell also. Finally, the VR camera. You don’t have to put your phone in it like Samsung s design, and it’s lightweight.
The designers at LG really knocked it out of the park with the G5! It’s the perfect form meets function smartphone on the market. Period.

Darrin Thorpe says:

who is this phone for? only the MILLIONS of people who have small hands. women, and children in particular. Apple would not have made this phone if they knew it wasn’t going to sell. 2.5 million pre orders for it in China alone. Apple’s profits in 2015 was over 200 billion dollars. im thinking they know what they’re doing.

Frank Bennett says:

I had s6 edge and can say the s7 edge has a way better camera. image quality is alot better in low light. I think marco you must have been taking pictures with s6 and forgot to change phones.

Ayush Saha says:

It has OIS. No digital IS

Mario Martinez says:

You can’t please them all. Some will Hate. Marco what current phone camera is killing the S7 Camera?

Mateus Luan Maciel says:

3:24 “just like the s sixthee..” lol

nashat sanadiki says:

Let’s say, my Nikon 610 takes better shots than this Korean mess

nuigurumisama says:

Could you please do a camera comparison between the S7, G5, 6P, and Lumia 950 when the G5 comes out?

Corrupt Fear says:

i wonder if the they will upgrade the camera for the s8 or just use the same one on the s7.

Nico Ardiansyah says:

Please review performance gaming on Galaxy S7

Nafiul Islam says:

You are late!

Hena Sapal says:

not good camera result ..and selfii is alsooo not good …:/

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