Galaxy Note 7 Review: With Phones Like This, Who Needs Tablets?

The first Galaxy Note was a remarkable smartphone when it hit store shelves in 2011. It was the first widely-adopted mobile to offer an oversized display, the first to give the stylus a proper resurrection, and the first to prove that marketing an overpowered “phablet” to hardcore users could also pay off in the mainstream. With the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung steers the Note family even further toward those everyday users: it boasts a gorgeous design, water resistance, a streamlined S Pen experience – and it brings back the MicroSD card whose absence on the Note 5 cost Samsung some consumer goodwill. But in an age of solid $399 flagships, does the Galaxy Note 7 bring enough to justify its $850 price tag? Watch MrMobile’s Galaxy Note 7 review to find out!


Michael Fisher’s Galaxy Note 7 review was conducted on a demo SM-N930T Galaxy Note 7 on loan from Samsung. The device was tested in Greater Boston and Cape Cod, MA on T-Mobile US over a period of six days, during which it was continuously paired with a Gear Fit 2 and intermittently paired with a Bose QC35 Bluetooth headset.


DisplayMate report on Galaxy Note 7 display:



“The Ballad of MrMobile” (Mobile Nations, 2016)

“Beach” by JAM Studio, available at Premium Beat:

“Smart Ideas” by Julian Bell, available at Premium Beat:

“e-Business” by Olive Musique, available at Premium Beat:


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parth deshpande says:

please do budget phone 2017

ThatGTAFan720 says:

*R.I.P Samsung Galaxy Note7*
*August 2 – October 10, 2016*

Bullz Eye says:

Wid phones like dis who needs bombs

Junaid Hasan says:

Awesome Michael, your review was amazing! Keep doing this, surely you’ll surpass all reviewers. Awesome!

Just Gonna Comment says:

Galaxy Note 7
With great cameras, screens, pens and batteries come great explosions

NareN Chopra says:

Nice wallpapers, can you give me their links?

AhosanGamer val says:

i love this phone shape. i wish it get back soon tbh ❤ with a great battery without getting blasting.

mZto says:

What an explosive review

Brackenstowe Vale says:

This was a great review.

Aakash Cheema says:

I really like your review style. You focus on the relevant points without all the unnecessary BS. +1

Ross MK says:

Owned this phone great phone just the software needed to be more stable. I also which the performance was a little better for the price you’re paying for it.

D13H4RD2L1V3 says:

Still missing mine…..

Trust144TV says:

who needs bombs?

Cade Del Rey says:

Such a shame about this phone. I would have bought this in a heartbeat.

no one says:


Umar Shabz says:

With phones like these who needs bomb

Todd Grudzinsky says:

watching this on my note 3 lol who still has one of these note 3

siddhant gahlot says:

well its so good that samsung accepted thier mistakes and returned the customer money,they even apologised on a global level but apple bendgate meh

John Doe says:

1:53-1:55 lmao

Sanju Ketha says:

no worth

harshit rai says:

it can also be used as a bomb ( you forgot this feature)

joe bradstreet says:

And then it exploded.

Tarv B says:

Upgrading from the note 3. This phone was the best ive ever had. I have the iPhone 7 now and it doesn’t compare.

Bob Power says:


Abel Ketema says:

With phones like this, who needs bombs

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