From Patek to Breitling, Reviewing A Collector’s Sports Watches | Rant&h Collection Review

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Andrew Steel says:

i think grails should be somthing that you should have to work for to afford. if you can just plop down the cash for the watch without breaking a sweat then its not a grail watch no matter your income level.

Michael Luce says:

I can’t find said app.. 🙁

Michael Bruce says:

I appreciate your opinion and enjoy hearing what you have to say about this collection. It made me curious seeing his collection if maybe the owner is a larger guy and has a big wrist (Panerai, Breitling, Spitfire, etc), in which case the Chronomat is probably a good fit for him. I agree the Chronomat is flashy but if you like things like that and it fits your wrist, i think it is a good choice. You mention it is “big, bulky, and bold” but on someone with a 8.5 inch wrist it may not end up seeming big and bulky. I am a big Breitling fan, more than most, so I may be a little biased. I have seen the larger Breitlings on guys with larger wrists and they do not end up looking as big and gaudy as you may think.

MPW KIWI says:

First comment!!!

malevlnt2 says:

the 16758’s too gold for me but i agree with everything else. nice work christian!

Carter Sandsack says:

The strap on your Datejust makes the watch so bad, sorry! Doesn’t fit!

prince of beirut says:

amazing collection love it! great review by the way


love the suggestion you gave, about the gold rolex sport gmt. Where can you get one?

Robert Cowles says:

Another great show. I introduced your show to my friend as a vintage show. You proved me wrong with your knowledge of high end sports. Truly amazing. Can’t wait to send my collection and get your guidance. Thanks again.

Neill Levine says:

great review Christian! +1 on losing the chronomat.
I’d like to get a vintage chrono like the Top Time(design-wise), but a bit easier on the wallet, like the Pierce. What sort of companies would you recommend looking into?

iron wolf says:

What are you talking kid…???)). Chronomat is the most sophisticated and the most important watch line among all Breitling lines! Chronomat basically is both diver and flight watch… Chronomat has in house movement and is most refined watch among all Breitling watches… Navytimer doesn’t even come close to Chronomat because Navy has poor water resistance, too specific design like a plate with calculating features… Chronomat is the most important Breitling, period. Learn about the brand not only from Archieluxury channel, and only then talk.

Luke C says:

solid advice!

Matthew says:

I adore this channel so much and i’ve only been here 2 hours. Unpretentious opinion on watches I love or am interested. Keep it up!

Anthony Kozlowsky says:

Thanks a lot for taking the time to put together the video! curious of what you thought of my Wakmann triple date. I’ve always wanted a Daytona and I love the Zenith Movement in the 16528, (i’m careful with buying watches with investment value and I think there is room for growth) As for the 5205, can’t explain it just in love with the watch. When it comes to vintage, I’m a Breitling guy what can I say, I love the utilitarian side of them . The Chronomat is my least worn watch so I agree there completely! Thanks again

pennfootball71 says:

Datograph is a good idea flip all breitlings.

complicatedtime says:

Patek. Don’t do the Rolex.

Bryan Chan says:

I love commemorative pieces but then you might end up limiting the way you can readjust and change up the collection, or refine it, because you might feel like it’s a declaration that the event no longer matters (enough). hmmm

Sir Alfred Powell says:

2:59 oh look, that’s the genuine version of Andy Hunters Patek!

dustyowl99 says:

datagraph all day

Loek Lodewijck says:

Where is the app link for IOS Europa

zaf240489 says:

solid advice.

Laz Andres Mesa says:

I have to give you ton of credit here, Christian. You were very diplomatic and never pushed your agenda on watches. Mad respect. You now have to do my collection. 😉

Ignited911 says:

Is the app ios only?

Will Smith says:

How can I get my watch collection reviewed by you? It’s constantly changing and I would love your opinion on them. Thanks!


Mathieu B says:

I’m curious about the timekeeping of the datejust, considering how the second hand moves.

juulfops97 says:

The Dato isn’t really an alternative at 95k. I’d go for the 1815 chrono

Sid Baum says:

This is a nice, well thought out smaller collection with great growth potential. I completely agree with your comments about the Breitling Chronomat. A vintage Rolex sport watch in gold and perhaps an Oyster would be great additions.

smaug says:

is that a hermes bracelet?

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