Frisby FS-5010BT 5.1 Surround Sound Unboxing & Review!

Unboxing the Frisby FS-5010BT 5.1 Surround Sound Home Theater Speakers System with Bluetooth USB/SD and Remote

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Splendid Entity says:

just picked up one of these puppies the other day (different model though). Man, the little subwoofer fricken *POUNDS*!! I was very very impressed, and surprised! unfortunately, hooking it up to my PS4 is a whole nother story. Anyways, The instructions came with an item list, did you get an “Audio Converter”?? not really sure what that’s supposed to mean, or even if I got one?

Dimitri Tyner says:

what’s that second song called

chyna douglas says:

My boyfriend has a xbox one! and he loves loud systems like that and i want to get him the same thing for christmas. basically how hook it up to the xbox one or basically how do you plug it up to your tv?? cause he plays like call of duty and gta and stuff like that and i wont it to be where if he shoots it loud > lol cause he loves stuff like that. but how do you play it threw the tv? if he is playing on his xbox one??? and when you played music did it have bass?

SuperJakey92 says:

So this can connect to my ps4 without having to plug any wires from my ps4 to base?

TJOEL20 says:

The top two AV plugs on the back under “input” are the AUX plug-ins. You just need an AV to AUX cable

The Crow says:

Do they work for a WiiUWU forget the play station

Gerald P says:

I was looking at the 5040BT do you think that would be a better bet?

Donny Cinqmars says:

what is the last song you played

Jamar Newman says:

One word: Damn!

nope says:

you don’t need the music bro

Raymond Taylor says:

Hey man amazing video very helpful and informative what is the 2nd song? (the background music)

Brett Rigby says:

“i have a decent sized big head” lol thats enough to make me sub

Dis says:

Can this be connected to a tv thanks?

Pauly B says:

I have an Xbox one and I am trying to figure out how to connect it to my Frisby surround sound could anyone help?!

sanchez Gusta says:

I can’t get the sd card to work 🙁

Michael Szynol says:

excuse me silly question, is it possible to connect a PC ( or any other external device ) using cables?

Falconz says:

Put the sub in the back, any sub in front of you sounds like ass.

roberto virrueta says:

how long are the speaker cables rough estimate

Richard Underhill says:

I wish you showed how to set it up

Sean O'Malley says:

nobody can hear you

EdStudios says:

I’m looking for similar speaker like these but that have a lot of bass and thump and Bluetooth. Which other sorround system do u recommend that are around the same price?

trentmorrison says:

horrible taste in music

mariobrothers1998 says:

Has anyone had the issue where the bluetooth wont connect with your phone?

Gabriel Santacroce says:

the bluetooth wont work on mine, on the digital display the “bt” is blinking…….

Tickla Boi says:

Thx for the review I needed to find somebody who inboxed it and everything I’m buying this speaker system soon… thx for all the info on it

Shawqi Shumran says:

the music in the background is very annoying and distracting

ZirJohn says:

Nice review!

michaeltron2195 says:

can you please tell how you have it all hooked up in the back. Thanks

omarchafa says:

I didn’t know people actually buy this junk and actually like it.

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