Fluance Fi50 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

http://www.audioholics.com – Fluance Fi50 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review. In this video, Gene and Hugo discuss the Fluance Fi50 Bluetooth wireless speaker system with 2.1 + EDR, aptX codec, USB charging input, 40 Watts power and sleek design which make this an awesome compact solution that belies its asking price.

When it comes to wireless, WiFi-based whole house audio, Sonos rules the roost. But for most, Sonos’ high cost, WiFi connectivity, and multi-room capabilities are simply overkill. What most people want is simply a high quality wireless speaker that can stream music from any Bluetooth compatible computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

Fluance jumped on that bandwagon long ago with their Fi30 wireless Bluetooth speaker. For under $200, the Fi30 offered huge bang for the buck, but the Fi30 wasn’t targeted to the more discerning audiophile audience. Fluance has changed all that with the release of their new Fi50 two-way high performance speaker system.

While the Fi50 appears, at quick glance, to resemble its smaller sibling, it is actually designed for some serious performance under the hood. It’s bigger in both size and weight and its overall driver complement promises to deliver significant sonic improvement.

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cagaymanga says:

Soooo, this is an infomercial channel now?

i raul says:

is an older video? isn’t BT 4.0 or higher now? i just bought some audio amplifiers boards with BT 4.0

nothempseedaddict says:

Great info.

Ramarao Sonty says:

Non-portability is to a certain extent the Downside of this undoubtedly great Bluetooth Speaker. One of the major reasons to opt for a Bluetooth Speaker is the Portability factor.

9Nails says:

How does the sound compare against something like a DiamondBoxx?

Eron55555 says:

How’s it compare to the Bose Soundlink Mini?

thudeets says:

CD quality “like” fidelity. I love it! What is the heck is CD quality “like” fidelity? That’s a rhetorical question BTW. I already know the answer.

rmSX13 says:

isn’t the bluetooth standard is 4.2 as of date?

Rick Sanchez says:

Can we get a review of the new Fluance Signature speakers, they look great and I’m wondering how they sound.

Vince James says:

I picked one up on Amazon for $169. It’s a Christmas gift for my nephew. I’ll know how it sounds tomorrow. I guess one way to attach a subwoofer would be to get a subwoofer with bluetooth and run the HPF signal to the fluance unit via aux cable.

ThatCrazyFlashaholic 67 says:

Great video, this looks like the best Bluetooth speaker for the money, i have a couple questions, is there any port chuffing, and isn there a sound difference between 3.5mm vs Bluetooth?

isaacsykes3 says:

Can we get you guys to do a review of the UE boom series and the JBL Bluetooth products.

Scott Hoy says:


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