Ferro & Company – The Above Ground Level Watch Review – The Best Aviation Chronograph Under $300?

Today I review another exciting micro brand that is currently on kickstarter. As the name suggests, the AGL (Above Ground Level) by Ferro & Company is a super cool aviation chronograph with a ton of influences that bring something truly refreshing and affordable to the table. This Swiss made watch is heavily inspired by the stylings of 1940 aviation but also with hints of Breguet Aeronavale, the Breitling Navitimer and even a touch of the Panerai in there too. The result is an extremely well made, unique and fun watch that packs in a hell of a punch for a very reasonable price. To find out more about this limited edition watch and to help support the project check out the following kickstarter:


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Joe Lord says:

Hi TGV sorry to waste your time but is there any chance you could tell me the name of the artwork on your right computer at 13:23?

Great review by the way.

Nithmister Gaming&more says:

Another exciting vidoe and I am liking the new starts to the videos. Keep going!!!!

Haveston Watch Straps says:

Marvellous trench style lugs! Such character!

Adam Boston says:

that’s a really cool watch. I love it.

John says:

What`s this rumor going around about you deleting comments regarding Bruce Williams? Will you do something on this channel to help him out like some other channels are doing?

TimeKeeper says:

The Bearcat is a looker of a plane too. Great intro TGV

esa062 says:

That’s a good looking watch. I like the hands especially. Although on the white dial they should put dark ones. A bit thick for a quartz.

Mark Bushcraft Richards says:

Over 9000 views and only 400 likes..why do people find it so hard to hit the thumbs up or down button??..makes me wonder..I always hit one of them weather I like what you review or not…nothing wrong with your reviews..just sometimes I don’t like the watches you review..great intros..

Y L Luis says:

Tristiano, now they have Valjoux 7750 version chronograph. Only in black or blue.

The dial layout is slightly different due to 7750 movement.


Some great reviewing TGV..
You should try the SRP655 Seiko ‘Baby Tuna”

opasan paradajz says:

That intro was amazing, I keep rewinding it last half an hour 🙂
Tristano, could you do a video about watches in Gangster squad? They had some great pieces that are very elegant, small old fashion watches. I find small watches to be more masculine than this modern ones, and you didn’t pay them attention which they deserve.

valebliz says:

if you liked this you should take a look at a certina ds 2 chrono… i’d send mine if i wasn’t in europe.

DanfriedAce says:

I can believe the quartz price, but the mechanical prices seem too low for “Swiss Made” — and the webpage clearly shows ETA movements, not ETA CLONES like the Seagull ST2130. It does look very nice aesthetically.

Josh Binsfeld says:

Well I blame you TGV. Ended up backing them because of the review. Love the way that watch looks. Can’t wait to get mine and see for myself. That sandwich dial is gorgeous!

Timpu Andreas says:

I wish one day you cab cover the stowa seatime. I seem to have a bit of obsession for this piece and there is really not a lot of video reviews on it.

Jurgen E says:

Always nice to see a positive review and yes i did notice this watch to

JF schnell says:

Great vid. The watch itself great even though I am into Mechanical watches. interesting hands. Really something out of the usual

Michele Calò says:

Very nice review! If in the future they come out with a mechanical chronograph (I would love, as you said, a manual wind movement) I would probably buy it. Like the look of it quite a lot but that ticking hands are not for me. I don’t hate quartz but I do prefer much more a mechanical.

Great video, thank you very much.

Best regards,

Roger Currie says:

I enjoy micro brand watches, I have an Oldenburg watch from the Miami watch company and I also have a couple of Momentum watches from the St.Moritz watch company that are made in Canada. It is nice to have watches that are different from the ones everybody else is wearing.

Backspin 66 says:

That is a really good looking watch.

Adrian Barnard says:

love you’re vids, great watch

AH H says:

Enjoyed the vid very much but as to the watch personally find it gimmicky

Wes Woolson says:

Any thoughts on their 7750 offering?

James Duffy says:

Nice watch! This might be the first microbrand I support on Kickstarter. Also, is rolling R sound a subconscious Italian reflex carried on the Y chromosome or is that the actual pronunciation of the brand name?

SirNerrad says:

lol i wasn’t really paying attention to the video and so when it cut to the kickstarter website, i immediately saw $40,453 and was like “HOLY F***!!!”, but then i realized i was being dumb.

Hero5054 says:

Tristano I just look at their KS and they are going to add a third model with a Valjoux 7750. You were right indeed!

Steven says:

Sorry can’t support Kickstarter. I really like your channel though!

Veit Krammel says:

Nice Watch, cool to see a Quartz here.
I think you have to look to the
Casio Oceanus OCW-S100-1AJF

Daniel Chin says:

There is a rumour around YouTube that u r deleting any comments with reference to Bruce William’s unfortunate watch event…. I hope this is not true

Karol Pryba says:

I really want to know who wrote the music from your intro in that video, can you help?

Pranjal Pandey says:

The Facebook group should be for teens Also(under 18) by the way great content

rchughes2 says:

fine print “eta or sellita movement, mostly the same” right?

DaOneJoel says:

Brilliant! What was the music in the intro?

dean manuel says:

I think they are offering a automatic chronograph with the Valjoux 7750.

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