EVGA SC17 Laptop Review – Great first attempt or giant flop?

EVGA has some massive street cred in other product categories, but will their expertise in motherboards carry over to a rockin’ gaming laptops?

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Steven Solferino says:

were not worthy

John Traner says:

Ya, of course your not going to be gaming at 4k, but everything else on the laptop besides games (web, windows, etc…) is 4k. i have a lenovo y50 4k wich i got about 1 year ago, maby mor, and i love my display! im not correcting my spelling, i typ e fast.

i3ZAM_Killer says:


Dustin Casper says:

I’m waiting for the first batch of 1080M laptops to hit the market and see what it can do.

William W. says:

I can’t find my Sodium slots, damnit Linus, maybe it’s next to my vacuum tubes

An Pho says:

yellow tape to hold wires really? Good job EVGA’s engineers

Gaming Tech pc says:

evga is most uses of graphics cards not for notebook

Cielo says:

Linus is Razer fan right?xd

Twin Turbo says:

The EVGA guys know what they are doing. They make kick ass video cards.

twistdshade says:

Mythlogic dia laptops are better. get the same CPU with a 1060 (full desktop class) GPU for $1700 little bit thicker, 1.7 inches, but you get 4 ram slots, 2 m.2 slots, 2 standard laptop hard drive slots. plus G sync on their 1080p monitor. Also there is the option of going for the 1070 GPU. the 16 inch model has the option for 3840×2160 LCD with G-sync. same specs and options other than screen. Thickness of the 16 inch model is only 1 inch, 1.13 inches if you opt for the 1070.

BestServedCold says:

Giant flop or Giga FLOP?

The Uncanny One says:

Poor contrast, high black levels, more expensive than the competition… Useless. Doesn’t matter that it looks nice when this thing is a desktop replacement.

Mirror Rorrim says:

sombody at intel like’s skulls……

omgwtf696969 says:

i’m confused… jaystwocents did an unboxing on this model but said it was rocking a 1070… is he wrong or is that a different configuration?

buIimic says:

Linus, your mouth is like a gatling gun. You talk a LOT. lol!

Muhammad Ali says:

There is a 1070 one

toocoolforu says:

Too expensive when you compare it to Alienware

x Jaffa Cake says:

you can still watch 4k videos on the screen so not a totally bad design decision

laivan huynh says:

bỏ 2 loa bên trên, cho nút nguồn sang cạnh, viền trên(camera) và viền dưới(logo) mỏng hơn,

Blakey101 says:

Got a new 1440p Monitor earlier today, watched a 1080p video before this one and thought it looked awful, started watching this and was like ‘wow this looks amazing’, check the settings and it’s on 1440p auto, god bless you Linus.

Sownheard says:

fail butt still good

Michael Formoso says:

Slight correction on what you said about the gpu…Nvidia DOESN’T make a mobile version of their GTX 10 series. So that laptop is using a full 1070 gpu.

William Burgoon says:

Who the fuck would spend 3000$ on this

RustRabbit says:

u double click the temp gauge thing it goes from bar level to line chart

Rezque says:

TÜV Rheinland Zertifiziert 😀

Thurston Pilgrim says:

BGA soldered? Well we all know what that leads to.

Donald Trump says:

Linus can you review the new version of this laptop, with the GTX 1070?

WhatWould Happen If says:

2:25 Only his hands are small

Jaden Cutcher says:

Can I charge the Skull Canyon a NUC with an AC Power Bank

Tom Andersson says:

60hz! 2016 epic fail

ronindebeatrice says:

No shit… Razor really… those guys went from second tier mice and shit keyboards to ultra premium laptops in the span of several years. God speed evga.

Andrew Perla says:

weje  eo ewio wehwei owo w  w wiwpokwep pivbfk sdknjvb di sjslksd lspwjw hc w

Kevin Raymond says:

What’s upgradeable on this? I’m really trying to find a laptop that looks as stylish and high-quality like this, that is also fairly upgradeable so it will last me several years. Typically only ram or the storage is upgradeable, but I’m wanting something where the GPU or even CPU can be upgraded, but, as I stated earlier, isn’t ugly as hell.

Tyler Whieler says:

why havent you ever revieuwed the lenovo y700

The Boss says:

nice I’m a truck driver and this will be my tax write OFF


Can they release a 15 inch version of this laptop with a 1060 or 1070, under 1 in thick with no hdd to make room for at least an 80WH battery, 1080p ips display with as small besel as possibly, 32GB ram, and keep the sexy clean design of this 17 laptop.

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