Eton Rukus Portable Bluetooth Sound System: Review and Sound Demo

Eton Rukus Price & Purchase Link:

Eton Rukus Solar:

My review of Eton’s Rukus Portable Bluetooth Sound System with a sound quality demo so you can decide if it’s worth picking up!

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Yoo Toob says:

Thanks for the sound comparison.

Ticho Ooms says:

Awesome review, you can hear exactly what you gonna get. Nice song, what’s the name?

vic- tor says:

I like the song can I get a name

dshiznit148 says:

:/ 90$ YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEA look at the time

Saad Mirza says:

whats the song???

Arthur Dent says:

Costco Batteries FTW!

black429 says:

Volume doesn’t seem like it gets very loud.

Joe Monaco says:

Its Epic Rap Battles of History. Genghis Khan vs. The Easter Bunny. Check it on youtube. Its an awesome channel.

Alex Gabel says:

Why so Biggs?

Tobias Schmidt says:

4 pounds ? Is as light as a mac book pro xD

thelastDAN says:

thanks for the review, found one of these on for $50…..never heard of the brand but glad to see it sounds great for the price….

claw247 says:


TotallyTechies says:

it is royalty free just a soundtrack

TheShragon says:

Can you please put the the ssd upgrade to new 13″ macbookpro

Geoff Quattromani says:

Cool product and a good review comparing the sound from the iPhone alone and the Rukus. Hopefully we see these in Australia.

Jonathan Petts says:

that beat was awesome 😀 i will add to the “what is the song” comments ?

muthulingam55743 says:

you should do a behind the scenes channel Jon

Giancarlo Herrera says:

EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY GHENGIS KHAN VS EASTER BUNNY!!!! Thats the song he has the instrumental version!!! ERB FTW 😀

iHackUrMac says:

Whats the name of the font at the the start of the video? Cant find it anywhere ive only seen you and elric use it.

Andrew says:

lol that joke is not a true tech reviewer

Jackson Welch says:

Sounds like cheap headphones

Hays Smith says:

Seems like SoldierKnowsBest already did a review and giveaway of the solar model…

rdaffon23 says:

Nice touch on providing a reference. Doesn’t seem like it provides high quality sound though.

Christian Main says:

this will go great with my kindle ice!

Geoff Quattromani says:

Wait for sure! You havent got long to wait, maybe a couple of months.

Edward Tran says:

What song is it?

Raju Sajja says:

Power (Instrumental) by Swit Beats

Vladislav Yurak says:

Swit beats – power (instrumental) :))

Edward Tran says:

What so

Macsomebody says:

erb genghis khan vs Easter Bunny instrumental

ML0002 says:

Power by Swit Beats

Alam Martinez says:

My man John, I know it has nothing to do with this video -.- (great vid btw!) but I was wondering I’m due for an upgrade and I want to buy an iphone do you think I should get the 4s or wait for the “new’ iphone? If so how long do you expect it to come?

Los says:

Can you please compare or do a review with Bose wireless soundlink!??!! Pleassssssseee

Andrew Mortimer says:

how loud can it go can it go really loud??

ZwienerZ says:

I’m guessing it’s something he put together in garageband using loops.

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