Diver Special – Doxa Sub750T Caribbean, Tudor Submariner 75190 Watch Review & Orient WV0121EL

Today a triple automatic diver watch special video! Firstly I give the first impressions of the Orient Saturation Diver 300m WV0121EL. I then take a look at Doxa, their impressive history and review a limited “Seahunters” edition Doxa Sub750T Caribbean. I then take a look at my latest acquisition, the Tudor Submariner 75190 luxury watch with a unique salmon pink dial.

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Antonio Degas says:

Hey there, my friend is looking for something similar to Omega Deville chronograph. However, he only cares about the looks, so would you recommend any mid range- low range in terms of price hommages, maybe seiko or orient make something similar? I mean this watch in particular https://www.omegawatches.com/images/Watches/Product_Presentation/De_Ville/Deville_Co-Axial_Gents/DV_DV_CoAxial_Gents_43153425103001_VueC_Ambiance_1600x900.jpg

Spartan Buff says:

LOVE that Tudor. I need to find one immediately! 🙂 Any idea whether that rose dial is available in the 39 mm case? Also, the lume on the dial is tritium, but what about the pip on the bezel?

andrew hall says:

Total class once again, looking very suave doing it too

Claus-L. Müller says:

Although I won’t buy one of these watches for myself, think both are very catchy looking watches. Congrats again on your little Tudor. The similarities to a Yacht Master are obvious. Very tasteful. And by the way – you’re looking very handsome today. I remembered the outfit from your London video. Perfect choice for a business meeting.
Best regards,

bojan santrac says:

I don’t dislike it, but your Tudor reminds me of this scene “the f-ing thing is brown”

Vassilis Petropoulos says:

I believe orange is the last color to disappear at depth, that is why they have an orange face

Roelf van der Merwe says:

That Doxa is making me weak in the knees

Tom Saint says:

Great vid ! To be honest it’s Doxa that have a high end ETA not Tudor 🙂

Kakashi Hatake says:

Hi TGV, have you ever tried the Seiko Age of Discovery?

silkhead44 says:

what …no pipe?

Watch On says:

Is the business meeting with a member of the Corleone family? I like the old school gangster look 🙂

Finlay Norris says:

Loving the outfit, very smart. Great video, as it could be anything but that.

Colin S says:

I am loving the Tudor, just pure class

ChasingTruth TakingFlak says:

You’re looking like a proper devious chap with that turtle-neck, jacket, and cheeky moustache.

Gorgeous George says:

Doxa is one ugly ass watch

Adrian Apostolov says:

Really liked the dapper look at the beginning of the video. The vintage look of the Doxa is really fascinating. The UFO case reminds a bit of a gold Raketa from the 70s that I have from my grandfather.

Woody says:

Hi TGV! Did you remove the old videos of your grandfathers pocket watch and signet ring? I cant seem to find them

jasio kowalski says:

Wow, that Tudor is amazing. I want one!!!

Mark England says:

Great video as always TGV! Loving the sub! It’s refreshing to see an understated sub that feels a little more classey compared to the larger Rolex subs.

Phil H says:

Love your show I’m starting out an have some vids check them out when you can you have inspired me to do this thanks.

Markus Mangold says:

I´m sure you answered that a few times already, but I can´t find it anywhere: What is that amazing music in the intro?

Josh Barrett says:

The Doxa echoes some of the Seiko orange monster, especially the bezel. I know I’m comparing apple to oranges, but I think the price tag with a ETA 2824-2 is a little inflated? However, thanks for reviewing the Doxa, haven’t seen one like this before.

hellotabasco says:

excellent review TGV! love the pinky lol… the doxa is also nice, but i personally prefer the vintage ones… keep the good work! cheers!!!

CK ROY says:

Impeccable dressing with stupendous mannerism is a true attribute of a distinguished gentleman that you are. I am wishing you well in advance a very progressive 2017 on the TGV channel and UGWC. Love the tweed blazer.

free hey says:

Your latest acquisitions, particularly the Spaceview and this Tudor, are very unisex. I bet the Mrs. is VERY happy lol.

Kurt S says:

Great review…Keep a lookout for the release of the reissue of the Doxa 300 . Dora’s original diver with domed crystal ….

Kavinsky Smith says:

Jesus christ you really do take this mad men thing seriously dont ya lol I mean christ I’m surprised steve mcqueen hasnt phoned and wanted his turtle necks back yet lol

also that name of that submariner…… pinky pinky, where have I heard that name before….. Doom!, the old one, those big pink goblin monsters were always called that! maybe that’s where you got it from or pulled that from your memory without thinking about it as you did say you were a fan of those things.

although I must admit it the more I look at it, the more I think it looks like a white wine dial of sorts, hell maybe that’s why fredrico was advising you not to take the bracelet off, as it wouldnt mesh with that polished wine glass aesthetic its got going for it,.

and also apparently their is a legitimate pink wine out there which looks very much like it, which might explain where the idea came from in the first place.

as for the Doxa, it looks like that breitling with the geiger counter built into it from Thunderball. and what an ironic thing really, like I wonder if maybe they used these for the extras of that film.

and actually you oughta keep it, as it suits you. I mean you do always love things that are clunky and different, I mean just look at your Gigario for instance, as your always going for slick and matching, so sometimes its refreshing to go to the complete opposite of that.

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