Digital Tablet Review – HUION GT-220 v2 – IPS Pen Display

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TheDalekProject says:

You did nothing for us 🙁 lol

89LUIMN says:

The review for Huion products are so mixed, I’m quite confused about them. But at least I got more positive reviews about gt-220 v2 so far. May I ask is this product still holding up for you? Is it easy to return if the product is broken?

HerbalToons says:

So, I got sponsored by Huion and they sent me a GT 220 v2, the tablet Jazza is reviewing. I used it for a month 8 hours a day. I finished a 6 minute animation with it with no issues at all. The pen is the only thing that might bother some people switching from wacom but it’s decent enough to use for professional work.

I love this tablet and it gave me the performance I expected. It doesn’t overheat that much and it only gets warm on the top part for me which doesn’t affect my drawing in any way. Lack of express keys isn’t ever an issue for me. Keyboard is my best choice.

Anyway I might have been lucky but I had a great experience with this tablet and animation is my bread and butter so I need something reliable.

I’m beyond satisfied with this unit so if you’re thinking about buying a Huion tablet I can assure this one will make you happy.

itusvirus says:

I fear dead pixels

David Anderson says:

How would you compare the Huion to the wacom cintiq?

Tigrerra2015 says:

Just cereus I’m new to this so I was wondering do u plug it in to your computer or is the huion a computer its self ? If it would it work with an apple laptop? Cuz I’m saving up for one:3

Anna Arnott says:

Am I the only one who buys cheap huion tablets to play osu with?

just me?


Christian Lemire says:

Nice review but what about the parallax effect, thanx.

Einharjar says:

please review some bosto tablets. Thank you!

Con Wil Sim says:

is it compatible with Windows 10?

Ja Jo says:

hi, tablet’s pen nibs move a little more than other models. why, it is about pressure level or problem?

MeatSheeld says:

Finally a reliable review form an artist I love about something I didn’t know if it was good quality.

Laissez - faire says:

How bout the”Ugee 2150″ tablet

Tristan H says:

I ended up getting a GT-220 v2 after looking at many reviews, including this one. All in all it’s pretty good for the price. I pared it with a Razer Tattarus key pad for programing hot keys in Photoshop and Illustrator. I’m finding it a really good combo and have had no problems so far. Thanks for the review

Plipppie says:

I have a Huion tablet but it’s way smaller than this one

Buttery Icarus says:

Oh my god I was looking for something like this (that was actually fucking affordable), definetly gonna save up for it.

kansasgirl73 says:

What do you think of the Apple Pencil with the IPad Pro???

Boof says:

I just got mine the other day. My fault for not investigating enough, but I was expecting buttons to assign functions. I also use a Mac, so it was a royal pain in the ass to set up. I’m sure it’s easier for PC’s that have more ports and plug options. I’m gonna use the tablet for a few more days just to give it the benefit of the doubt, but I gotta say, so far I feel like I’ve thrown 800 bucks down the drain. If you’re gonna spend that much, you might as well wait a little longer and save up a little more and just get a Cintiq. That’s my thoughts on the Huion so far. “Just get a Cintiq.”

UPDATE: Dude, f*ck this device and f*ck this company. The buttons not being there was way more of a problem than I thought it was gonna be, and as much as I’ve tried, I really can’t overlook it. I requested a return, and their response was a suggestion to buy a different tablet from them. Also, every message I’ve gotten from them was in broken English. I’m not one to get mad when people don’t speak my language. But it’s customer service. Someone over there should be able to communicate with customers.

Aldo Mita says:

Has this too much parallax?

artzology says:

Thanks for the Coupon! Ordered this today!

Charles Redswamp says:

I don’t know if anyone’s suggested it yet, but I’d love to see an in depth review of the Monoprice 22 inch display tablet considering the intense gap in prices between it and this Huion tablet. I’d be interested to see what hurdles there are to get over.

Art By Bay says:

Does this tablet support pen tilt in photoshop?

Ian Hawley says:

You didn’t mention the screen texture vs obvious competitor Wacom, parallax or lag. Could you enlighten us all please?

Laissez - faire says:

Will they ship to South Africa???

MacMit Kartoffel says:

Is it portable?
Can I use it on the toilet or while having a bath?
The video never showed an answer… How am I supposed to know?!

Boril Boris Bobby says:

Aditional questions. Is the screen glossy or matt? To know if i need a glove. And how thick is the glass from were you touch the pen touches to were it registers? if you know what i mean.

SeeingRed says:

What about the cord placement?

Dana Toombs says:

$800 doesn’t seem bad for a tablet, but it’s in US currency. Anyone know how much it would be in Australian currency? And what about shipping?? Halp plz

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