Devon Tread 1 Steampunk Watch Review

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This is the limited edition Steampunk version of the Devon Tread 1. The Steampunk model has a new case style with bronze elements, screws, and rivets. Very cool and a new steampunk look as compared to the ultra modern original Tread 1 model.

The piece has a special exclusive electronic mechanical movement with uses belts driven by small motors to tell the time. The battery lasts about 2-3 weeks and this model indicates the hours, minutes, and seconds.

Devon’s Tread 1 Steampunk will be limited to just 150 pieces and retails for about $25,000.

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The RedCross Logic says:

Fuck. I’d buy it.

Cardinael Jan says:

this is so cool i really want one of this

Chihaya Chan says:

Are you SURE you didn’t mean 25 hundred? 2,500 is a much more reasonable price!!!

Chihaya Chan says:

ONLY 25k!!!??? The creators better be modern Picasso or some shit!!!! I could get a decent car or something useful with that money!!!!

Joshua Crandall says:

I will stick with casio.

Marcel Chagnon says:

it has too many sharp edges. The belts and unique design make this thing make this sufficiently steampunk without making it tacky anime steampunk on the outside.

Anthony Johnson says:

WOW someone had a bad experience with invicta. I guess depends on which one you buy. Everyone my invicta work great.

Maimul Hawkins says:

<3 dayumm..but it's 25000$ ._.

xero spacious says:

In no way is a fucking QUARTZ WATCH worth 25 grand no matter how you look at it.

iguisard says:

Cool watch, not 25k cool.

davide andreazzini says:

$25.000 !?!?!?! for a noisy watch, that need to run in power saving mode. Better to buy a rolex

Christopher DiPietro says:

I want to meet the individual who would wear this? absolutely atrocious looking.

noah roberts says:

$25k… fuck me…

Paige Haynes says:

Who gives a flying fuck if its noisy it’s one hell of a nice watch and I’d like to have it one day I like the old fashion mechanics and stuff this is my dream watch

geostigmaX9 says:

battery… hmmm nah ill stick with citizen eco stuff. Bloody good lookin watch though!!!

JUL291985 says:

Love it. Thank you.

Alex Ferguson says:

Me: Oh this looks cool I wonder how much it is **Checks website** Only $28, I might get one **Looks closer** **realizes it cost $28k and passes the fuck out because that’s way too expensive for a watch**

Muck Sake says:

25k? Ummm… Whats the markup on that?

Miel de Coco :3 says:

wow medio millon ( 515,687 MXN ) por esta cosa? ._. ( aunque esta hermoso el reloj <3 )

Arado Ar234 says:

How to get bullied at school.

DeezNutz says:

That is the ugliest thing I have ever see

Rich Self says:

Thats an Awesome Watch Haters Gonna To Hate. But the noise from the seconds ticking is awesome bro. Whats your deal? I like to hear it and i never turn mine off. The price is not worth buying it though. I know its not easy to make but the co. Is being anal about the cost. Give an exact qoute on how much it costs to make i/e time effort and what not and youll get around $4/5 grand im willing to bet the mark up is not fair to how much it really should cost. Even if you said it was $8/10 grand that would make more sense. Plus they should know by now and could make them a better and more fair price and how much they need to get out of them. “Supply & Demand” argument is Bitch!

König Ҡristoph says:

Oh sweet.. I should totally order one an…..nnnnnnnnnd it’s 25 grand.

nigel manders says:

i need one!

Wolfgang Icarus says:

wow this watch looks like a block of shit lol

casey escobar says:

I could buy a fucking car for 25k instead of spending that amount for a watch.

unseenufo says:

one day a generation ahead of us will get it right. And actually have steam gadgets.

Raul Alvarez says:

Beautiful watch, way too much expensive, 25000, just that… I would really love to have the money to buy this, just because is beautiful and is really cool, sadly the luxury is that expensive.

The Royal Raincow Dash says:

Just make an app for the smart watches like this :3
$24.5k at least, saved

michael1234252 says:

Kinda remind me of the Fallout’s Pipboy.

zinTaxZA says:

a cool watch or a very nice car…which also tracks time.

mukusferry says: ONLY 18,450 USD hahahaha !

Scraggle says:

You would think the rip off 100$ range watch of this would exist but the only one I could find is 500$. At these prices I can buy a super nice smart watch that does a million more things than this, albeit at the loss of aesthetic. Still form over function just isn’t worth it at these prices

If a 100$ knock off appeared I would probably buy it in a heartbeat though.

mastrbutcher says:

25k? Maybe 250$. Go fuck ya selves!


$25,000 is extreme. for that price it better be a damn time machine.

Dach Hound says:

good for wiping your ass and that’s it.

Mangaman1001 says:

Amazing watch… but not 25k amazing :/

BambeH says:

> Walks into bank
> “I would like a $25,000 mortgage”
> “For a home?”
> “No, for a watch”

kiro siva says:

i believe the rice should be written as “fucked!” and immediately preceded by “you are”

Hefty Guy says:

How did you get it? Sponsored?

Adam Greene says:

that is insane!

Radical Meme says:

can’t be 25k it’s gotta be 2.5k

Frank Assnot says:

that is ugly. Jesus christ

Kikuchiyo 137 says:

Yea that’s ok

starfiremale says:

Love it,,

xXJasonBakonXx says:

whats the point of bringing the mic closer if you keep talking over the watch?

Sponge Bobz says:

the whole thing screams prison

Dexskittles says:

A smart person with the know how would make these available to the public for around 200-600. That way a schmuck like myself could potentially actually consider buying a watch.

However, I suppose I could consider buying a wrist watch, or a new car. Either or 😀

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