Dell XPS 13 (Kaby Lake): 2016 Review and Battery Life Benchmarks

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Starting at $799, the Dell XPS 13 is our favorite laptop overall thanks to its beautiful design, compact size and excellent battery life.

Covered in this review:

– 13.3-inch Quad HD display (0:23)
– 7th-gen Intel Core i7 processor (1:40)
– Battery life (1:23)
– Keyboard (0:52)
– USB Type C and other ports (1:09)
– Webcam (1:20)


Brandon Nejal says:

I think this maybe the perfect solution for people looking into having an on the go work laptop and gaming rig when you need it since the thunderbolt port can support an external graphics card with its healthy 40 gbs data throughput.

Zorcvin says:

Still debating with myself whether I should get a Razer Blade Stealth or a Dell XPS

Alex Kelly says:

I think I’d still prefer a Blade Stealth..

Victorianne Glazeter says:

I thought Dell listens to their customers?
What’s with the base webcam?

preston richards says:

when you said it was 108° do you mean Celsius or farenheit.

InvisibleWombat FlyingSeel says:

what are your thoughts on the Samsung Notebook 7 Spin (15″)? I needed a new laptop and picked it up not that long ago for under $1000, but now I am debating if I made the right decision. Is the notebook 7 spin a good machine or are there better options for the price? Thanks!

TuxKey says:

For god sake did you say 4gig of mem. I want 16g and looking forward to the day it becomes standard and 32gig is the high end

Daban Abbas says:

looks like a damn advertise to me, what happened to reviews? evey thing now days is sponsored! you want a real review? look up amazon one or two star reviews!

sbn025 says:

the “cheap” model is insulting… 4gb of ram?

Ishvin Naidingsa says:

will adobe premierpro,illustrator,photoshop,indesign work here?

BLACK911TT says:

After using this computer for a year . I realize that its biggest problem is the windows 10. its unstable , buggy and it ruined this beautiful device . I had so many problems connecting Bluetooth devices and using the wireless projection features. if you plan to use this computer for watching movies and surfing the web and day to day task like Microsoft word and excel , then I highly recommend it as computer . but if you plan on connecting wireless devices to it , then you are out of luck . only thing I never had issues with is wireless mouse .

Clyde D'souza says:

How does the thunderbolt connect to the Monitor? I see there is no HDMI port available

Panther #2 says:

did i just hear 4 gigs of ram, an i3, and in a laptop….FOR 800 DOLLARS????? jesus christ

kovlabs says:

Awesome just ordered mine !

Jonathan N says:

apparently coil whine is a huge issue?

Niko Yeganian says:

Everything was perfeeeeeect, until I saw the 128GB 🙁 Biggest buzzkill.

Dylan Murphy says:

Can you edit video with this laptop?

Alexander Lei says:

who needs a webcam? whats a -leppo? Need to facetime get a phone or tablet!

jethro_my says:

is there network port?

_hjane says:

Would you still consider this to be overall the best laptop? I’m looking to upgrade my Lenovo, and I mostly use it for my photography so I run Photoshop + light room side by side.

Jeffrey RBLX says:

Is it just me or the rose gold looks more gold on the Dell XPS 13

tenwalery says:

Great review! In which way is the webcam awkward in your opinion- just oddly or really uncomfortable?

Nikhil Verma says:

I wish it allowed 256 GB of SSD as a customization in the $799 base model. That would fit the best value for money

Jeremy Gullatt says:

90 degrees from just streaming video? So it’ll be 90 degrees while I’m just watching this youtube video? Wow that thing’s cooling is fkin terrible!

Anthony Shinn says:

HA!! Of course he HAD to make references to the macbook (like every other guy who reviews this awesome Windows laptop)
It has not occurred to these people that, to us hardcore Windows users, the macbook is totally IRRELEVANT! I, for one, will not miss Apple (the company) when it goes extinct, which will be soon by the looks of it!


Leon Jay says:

Stay away from Dell. I have had issues for 7 weeks now trying to get my XPS13 fixed. Support just does not care.

If you think I am exaggerating try checking their FB ‘fan’ page. I have never seen so much hatred towards one company. Yes, the computers look good, and perform well in reviews. But their support is unacceptable.

Aquins Varghese says:

WTF?? compare the numbers with MacBook pro 13 inch, who compares core m vs core i5?? this is a biased review.

Gauthier T says:


1998goodboy says:

the battery life test, is it for the 1080p or 4k model?

Kevin Chen says:

I just got my XPS 13 and I’m extremely satisfied, when I’m staring at the screen the bezel make it feel like it’s an 15 inch. I highly recommend it is ur gonna stream video or watch movies.

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