Dell XPS 13 (9360, Kaby Lake) Review – Still the Laptop to Beat?

Lisa Gade reviews the 3rd generation Dell XPS 13 model 9360, a 13.3” Ultrabook with Infinity Display (barely there bezels) and the footprint of a 12” laptop, refreshed in late 2016 with Intel 7th generation dual core Kaby Lake CPUs. The XPS 13 weighs just 2.7 to 2.9 lbs. (1.22 to 1.31 kg) and it has a classy unibody aluminum design with soft touch carbon fiber patterned interior. Thanks to Braintree for supporting our channel. To learn more, go to .

The laptop starts at $799, but nicely configured models typically cost over $1,000. A backlit keyboard and Killer 1535AC WiFi are standard.
It’s available with full HD non-touch and QHD+ 3200 x 1800 gloss touch screens, up to 16 gigs of RAM and a variety of M.2 PCIe SSDs. Since its introduction in early 2015, the Dell XPS 13 has been the laptop to beat if you wanted a conventionally designed laptop (rather than a convertible). Is that still the case? Watch the video and decide.

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Vincent Demers says:

I have this laptop and It’s a POS. Killer Wifi disconnects every 5 minutes. If you have this model, swap the network adapter. Shame on dell for putting out that laptop.

albertosamaniego says:

Hello guys, can you replace the battery or is glued like the macbook?

Yash Barve says:

I’ve heard there’s coil whine did you hear any because I am considering buying

Saigon Wh0re says:

i want to bukkake bang Lisa Gade so bad.

Gareth John says:

Is there going to be a Dell XPS 15 9560 QHD review? Maybe even a comparison with the 2016 15″ Macbook Pro? Love your channel by the way.

cosemdesiatsedem says:

the touchpad on 9360 is more rubbery than 9350 ?

Petr Zurek says:

Not much has changed from previous generation really (great!), except for the new wifi card (Killer 1535) which is a good choice, because the Dell Wireless 1820A in last gen XPS 13 has caused plethora of problems (just check the forums). The design/build is very rugged (better hinge then new Macbook Pros) except for the keyboard area (a bit flexy for my taste), they could have strenghten it a bit, oh well nothing is 100% perfect.

Charles Nunez says:

Is it okay for autocad?

Sylvie Stephanie says:

Can it runs heavy program like android studio or matlab smoothly (without lacking etc)?
I’m really considering buying the i5 model with 8gb ram + 256gb ssd (fit my budget).
I want the 16gb ram, but it doesn’t sell in my country 🙁 and way out of my budget.
Please kindly answer, thankyou.

Thomas Jacquin says:

Can someone enlight me on some points ? I’m reluctant between to laptop, first one is the DELL XPS 13 9360-3DDNP (Intel Core i5-7200U : 2,5 GHz ; Turbo 3,1 GHz / 2 coeurs ; 4 threads, in 1080p) and second one is the APPLE Macbook Pro Retina 13.3 2.7GHz 8Go 128Go Intel Core i5-5257U : 2,7 GHz ; Turbo 3,1 GHz / 2 coeurs ; 4 threads / 3 Mo).
I will use it for takes notes, work for my thesis and for professionnal issues. I will also use it for movies and tv shows. I would like to know if the Dell is bright enough cause the retina seems brighter or am i wrong ? Where I am they’re at the same price. Sorry for my english by the way 😉

balaji babu says:

Hello madam
Does the $799 version have matte screen? Dell chat says matte screen is not available at all on a xps 13

Benny Boi says:

for web browsing, microsoft office use, and video/movie streaming.
should i get a laptop with gen 7 core i5 or i7? (is i7 really worth it for the usage mentioned. or an unnecessary upgrade?)
also what is the difference in battery life performance? which one promotes a better battery
battery difference between FHD and the QHD

crybabyN says:

Hi Lisa, I am a mature uni student and really struggle to choose the best laptop for studies.. In between the Dell XPS 13, Surface Pro 4, Surface Book and HP Spectre X360. Currently I got Macbook Air 4 years old and love it, especially the keyboard and the touch pad. Kinda scared to buy anohter mac as many people disspaointed with the latest models and their quality.. Could you reccomend the best on your opinion? I would really appreciate that. Budget for my new laptop is around 2K. Or it is worth waiting for Surface Pro 5?Thanks

Jon Stone says:

Thanks Lisa. You really do the best reviews. All best.

Jon Nicholson says:

Out of the 2016 or 2015 model of this – which should I get?

Also, Macbook or this?

Maciel77 says:

Can this play diablo2?

Manos Seferidis says:

Does this still have the buzzing sound from the Intel GPU? (The one you hear when scrolling a webpage in a quiet room.)

Joseph says:

Thanks for the fantastic review. I first found out about the XPS line through this channel, and I took the plunge when the 9360 came out. I actually found the keyboard to have much better feel than my macbook pro. I also love how home/end/pgup/pgdn are key combos instead of discrete keys, similar to the MBP. The only thing I miss from the MBP is the magsafe power connector – they should really consider putting a similar thing in the next XPS model.

Zimba's Doom Corner says:

it really bugs me that your picture slide show NEVER matches the screens aspect ratio in ALL your videos….

Riley James says:

Heya! ! ! lawyer That was really ama~inh composition

MD MAhavub hossain says:

nice dell

Zoom226 says:

Can you do a comparison between the XPS 13 and 15 at the $1000 price point?

Ice Distroyer says:

Sad they don’t offer 1080p with 16 go if ram

Luke Reid says:

can someone please link that wallpaper at 8:02 or one similar??

Mike Emvee says:

Is the RAM upgradable at all?

Kelvin Kobe says:

watching a old White chick reviewing laptop

L.A. November 2019 says:

How about the hideous, *erratic touchpad*? and what about the buzzing keys/chassis whenever there’s a low audio frequency, like when listening to dialogue. Loved everything else about my 9360, but these fatal flaws were refund material for me – absolutely gutted because it’s a well thought out machine otherwise…

shawnthor says:

Did you have any coil whine? The XPS 13 has started to disappear from retailers… not sure what is going on.

Ashveen Sharma says:

coil whine resolved ??

surfingsuicune says:

Is Dell serious? The only way to configure an XPS 13 with 16GB of RAM is to buy the $1600 SKU and choose it as an add-on (lmao) for ANOTHER $100. Man, fuck them.

thany3 says:

Why does it have a USB Type-C port *AND* a power socket? Dell could’ve been wise and use USB Power Delivery on the USB port, and supply a USB Type-C charger. USB PW is up to 100W, which should be plenty for a laptop of this caliber.

I could then be used with a Thunderbolt dock to connect to more goodness AND charge the laptop at the same time… That is to say, if Dell in their infinite wisdom haven’t decided not to support TB. That would be fantastically stupid.

Reefer Nanoman says:

Nice review as always. I guess that now with YouTube red, the commercials have to be squeezed into the video eh?

Mr Green says:

I wanna buy a new XPS 13 but not its really much of a upgrade 🙁 I guess I’ll have to wait another year or maybe 2. (I have the 2015 verison).

Pete Zack says:

what about the coil whine?

Li Mingxuan says:

Hi, I just purchased this XPS 13 9360 few days ago, it hasn’t been ship to my home yet. May i have ask you some questions please? 1.Is this notebook QUIET? That’s really important for me because i hate crazy fan noise. I don’t play games on this kind of machine, just for school homework, watch some videos etc. 2. Is this notebook get super hot while using it? I used an ASUS Zenbook UX305 before, it’s a great device, no heat at all. I don’t really think an I5-7200U can make no heat but at least it should be acceptable.

Jorge Perez says:

can be upgrade ssd and ram ?? awesome video !!

luis chelsea says:

I dont get it, I bough an xps 13 7th intel cpu from amazon 1920×1080 non touch, but I received one with 1920×1080 touch display, is that configuration even avaiable ?? where can I get a matt display xps 7th intel cpu??

Loqz says:

There are no ethernet and HDMI/Thunderbolt ports?!

Jules Goossens says:

top govern vehicle warn slow seriously transformation warm taste.

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