Dell XPS 12 2016 Review – 12.5″ 2 In 1 Windows 10 Tablet With 4k Display

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – Dell’s new XPS 12 is a 2-in-1 tablet with a 4k display option, powered by a new Skylake Core M5. Subscribe here!


01:03 – Hardware overview
01:40 – Battery life
02:25 – Keyboard cradle
03:24 – Keyboard and trackpad overview
04:48 – Optional keyboard folio for better screen positioning
06:37 – USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 overview
08:22 – Weight and size
08:55 – Web browsing
09:30 – 4k video playback
10:45 – Microsoft Word
12:01 – Dell Pen and wrist detection
12:40 – Gaming and Minecraft
13:29 – Rocket League and 3DMark Cloudgate benchmark
14:19 – Conclusion and final thoughts

The biggest issue people will have with this device is battery life – especially on the 4k model. Even just doing the basics will only get about 5 or 6 hours of usage, far less when doing more like video playback. I recommend the 1080p version to achieve better battery life for getting work done but it still won’t be spectacular.

The keyboard dock is nice but doesn’t offer much flexibility for screen positioning. An upcoming keyboard folio is the the better keyboard option but it doesn’t work well on a lap.

Battery issues aside this is a nice machine for those in the market for this sort of thing. Great performance out of its Skylake processor yet packed into a thin and light design. Two USB-C ports with thunderbolt simplify connectivity (albeit with adapters) and also help keep the package small.

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PikolUploader says:

wtf is the point of 4k on such a small display lol.

PizzaParty9 says:

beautiful product

erszebet says:

Absolutely the BEST review i have everr watched, very informative and honest. Thanks. Subsd.

Don't Press Subscribe says:

Ouch, I always find these surface type computers UTTER rip offs.

Christian Pak says:

Maybe a shorter disclaimer with an annotation providing full details?

Ben Ci says:

This Dell in review, resolution is 4k or 1080p ?

Richard Champness says:

you should do a whats on my daily driver pc edition 🙂

Christiaan says:

Hey Lon, Could you do a review of the newly released (23-2-2016) ASUS VivoBook Flip TP301UA? There are no reviews yet on YT of this product and I am considering buying it. Also, your reviews are better quality then most.

Sloth Bear says:

+lon seidman do you have mic clipped onto your shirt and if so what is it

Craft Tutoriales y mas says:

regalame that laptop porfa

Gary A says:

its amazing really that when microsoft released the surface pro first model most companies didnt seem to care or feel threatened now they all seem to be making rivals to compete with it. This is a nice looking device but i think 4k is a little overkill i would rather have the 1080p with longer battery life for a screen of that size. Also congratulations lon on hitting the 80k subs 🙂

Nick Ackerman says:

Love dell, awesome video!

particularlytrash says:


StarTrek123456 says:

why are there no cheap windows tablets with 1080p / 1440p / 4K screens? I got a fucking ipad 2 for free with an electricity contract. That thing has a resolution of 1536 x 2048! Why can’t they put a similar screen in a low end windows tablet? I don’t want to pay 2000 fucking euros just for a good screen!

Stuffyou100 says:

I don’t like it at all, seems rushed. The 1 screen positions seems idiotic. The second kickstand is useless if like me you use it on your lap. This thing doesn’t seem thought out to me.

EposVox says:

Nice review; looks like a neat little computer.

avijit jha says:

grt video. could u pls differentiate between this and dell latitude 12 2 in 1. r they the same

Leilani Nguyen says:

I’m thoroughly enjoying all of these laptop videos. Keep it up!

rebelegor says:

Hi Lon! Can you drop the link for folio that you show. Thanks advance!

G Nadeau says:

lon just a heads up. Can you do a review of the new
MSI Cubi 2 plus mini pc. great videos by the was

heethoofd27 says:

I love the product but i hate what dell does with the prices. The cheapest xps 12 is about 1250 euros instead of 1000 dollars, i would love to pick up an xps 13 for school but the price really puts me off. I’ll probably have to get a different one because of the insane prices in the Netherlands.

Colin Campbell says:

They ruined the XPS line I was so looking forward to a re hash of last years it was the ‘macbook killer’ :'(

Cesar B says:

Kind of unrelated but could you review a Xiaomi mi pad 2 with Windows 10 please?

Nobodii's Beats says:

finally at 12 minutes got an answer to my question. Lol. not for me if it can’t handle heavy video editing. I want a tablet PC that can handle heavy duty work. Guesse won’t be cheap.

Matthew K. says:

80,000 subscribers Lon! I remember when you had much less when I first found you from your HP Stream videos. Can’t wait until 100,000 subscribers Lon, you deserve it!

Michael Azarraga says:

too much time spent on disclosures in every video when they can just be pasted in video description.

Biswajit Basu says:

can I lower the resolution in the 4k model when not required ,and save some battery ?

Sergio Porcelli says:

Hi, i bought this. Can you tell me where to buy the optional keyboard – cover? I can’t find it. Thanks a lot

Gabriel Hernandez says:

Thanks for this great review, I still can’t believe Minecraft runs at 4K at 30fps on a fanless CPU, incredible times we live in.

Delquez Williams says:

Would I be okay to use this to get through college??

TimeToMakeStool says:

Can anyone recommend a good laptop? Just looking to browse, stream videos and download music. Budget= under $500 or should I just get a PC with that price?

Sam Eldin says:

2 views & 20 comments & 71 likes 🙂
youtube is funny these days

iamtheblackwizard88 says:

Damn, I would love one of these!

Corrosive says:

I have one of these in 1080p and love it! I can’t stand scaling issues and figured the extra battery life was a major benefit over the 4k. The screen on the 1080p looks great too, it’s not a low quality display even though it is the base display. I have tried the Spectre x2 and really think the dell is better; for my needs at least. Lon, you may want to double check about it coming with the usb-c to usb-a dongle… Mine did not come with a dongle. I know the Spectre x2 did, but the XPS did not.

A Chao says:

Hey Lon, would love to see more chromebooks! Keep up the good work.

XxX_ThePu$$yDestr0ya_XxX says:

is it possible to sharpen the dell pen?

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