Dell Precision 5510 Workstation Laptop REVIEW – Best Laptop Ever?

This is the Dell Precision 5510, a pure workstation laptop with a 4k infinity edge touch display, Xeon CPU, 16gb’s of RAM, 512gb SSD and a Workstation grade GPU.

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InfinityOrchid says:

Nice display!, I like it when it’s almost bezel-less however, with a little more money, you can get a really power laptop such as the MSI GS63VR.

Ravi Rajyaguru says:

That’s an XPS 15 !!!!! I guess you misunderstood the names. Or maybe dell made them look the same. Nice review btw.

PANoramic TV says:

Best workstation laptops are still the Macbook pros, cuz of Final Cut pro. Its so much faster than premiere its not even worth buying these kind of laptops. And no im not an apple fanboy i dont even have a macbook, i have an alienware laptop. Just stating facts.

sean says:

Can it runs Crysis?


this is actually made for engineers, i need this for school cuz coding, using solidworks, cinema 4d, and programming things at the same time takes a bit of power

TeChinAction says:

When is Dell gonna put Numpad on this bad boy?

Parth Jain says:

this is an actual laptop for professionals unlike the Mac book PRO

Tom says:

macbook pro is better for creative professionals.

Dark Rayne says:

Was going to buy for Forex trading on the go but screen isn’t big enough. Need 17inch screen also money doesn’t matter I’ll pay $10,000 for a laptop that is thin and has a gtx 1060 or 1070 and a 17 inch screen with infinity display amoled. Anyone have and suggestions.

René Domínguez de Santos says:

Not just media creators. Engineers too. Install National Instruments software or a few virtual machines and see how much CPU and memory you need

Genny Anaya says:

Actually this laptop is specially for engineering students. I actually own one.

Rado _ says:

Hey! Thank you for the review, was very informative 🙂
Have a few questions:
1. How’s the cooling and fan noise while doing processor intense tasks?
2. Excluding the weight and size of ThinkPad P50, which one do you recommend between these two workstations?

Forflies says:

Man I LOVE those thin bevels <3. Awesome video man! Love the quality and the laptop looks dope

Lukas Murmann says:

I really don’t get why it’s so hard and fantastic when someone makes a monitor with bezels less than point five centimeters, when pretty much all smartphones have pretty much no bezel…!
Everyone just freaks out when it’s a little thin, but If that bezel was on a phone, everyone would just hate on it day!

ерунда сэндвич says:

I ended up buying the p50 xeon version because Dell didn’t put a num pad in this, super disappointing

Rohan Mishra says:

a “professional” laptop with no Ethernet and only 2 USB! I could live with that but I am disappointed.

OneDev says:

Could you keep your laptop after the review?

Korey Ferling says:

My job provided this for me

Kellin Quinn says:

Just as some constructive criticism, maybe try speaking a bit faster or speeding up your voice in post. I usually don’t have to put videos on 1.25x speed, but even that was a bit slow at times. Also that “link in description for benchmarks” is a bit unacceptable.

aissa jez says:

This is not really for creators and artists either, it’s mostly aimed towards engineers, architects and researchers, 3D content creators. And No I wouldn’t buy that mainly because I won’t pay higher price for a workstation grade GPU when a regular gaming GTX is more powerful and a lot cheaper. Game creators tend to pick gaming laptop over these.

brojohnmcd says:

How does it compare to the XPS 15????????

toprakcem savas says:

ım in love with the dell chargers just because of the light on charge

Vi An Diep says:

still an ugly foreman grill looking gadget fit for BBQ, the industrial design leaves me frustrated and dry, industrial design fit for kitchen use, it matches all the rest of the kitchen appliences. Can you grill a pinini on it though?????? Grilled cheese????? Yum. Someone do a video making Mexican and Italian sandwiches on this thing please and thank you 😀

jaymmira says:

So….this was just more marketing material instead of an actual review…
I had a good laugh when the battery life section was just glossed over like its not a big deal

toprakcem savas says:

why not gamers? isn’t is powerful enough

Jun Steed says:

write dawn the specs in ur descripsion chu mdakaka

Pera Peric says:

i have 3500usd mountain bike. Id never give that amount of money for a laptop. Its that easy.

Ján Búgel says:

If I wanna gaming on this, who can stop me? 😀

John Summers says:

this display is gorgeous, if it had a gtx 1080 or Titan XP ID buy it now

Alfred Thomas says:

Good review, it would be better if you could show the specifications in the video.
And Dell we need more USB PORTS and Ethernet!!

kallol nayak says:

is it good enough to run Maya and max

Jh0nnY2k says:

So, they put a xeon cpu, a quadro gpu and only 16 gigs of ram? this laptop should start from 32 gb’s of ram. geeez

Lakshyaa Khanna says:

Is that death note music in the background?

Genny Anaya says:

Hi can i get a link yo your wallpaper? I love it

Hudson says:

Dam! Dell did not come to play this season! They came to destroy.

ZiisusChrist says:

Can you OC it?

Bob Jingle says:

“This is the most powerful laptop I have ever laid my hands on”

You haven’t touched many laptops then.

CYBORGMANLIBRE World Citizen says:

Best Laptop Ever in 2012? Don’t even try to compare with a MSI Workstation WT72 6QN-247ES …. Dell is DEFEATED so far by most of Laptops companies …

Otan Er says:

When I see an enter key shaped like that, it’s already a deal breaker for me. I’m a software developer and I type a lot. If I will be mistakenly typing backslash instead of the enter key, and if the left and right arrow keys are double height, then this laptop is not for me.

Nub Smoo says:

dell and best lol pick one

Henry Niu says:

I also use the m5510, nice video ~

AnimalStomper says:

stop talking so much just have annotations

Dina D says:

The Precision 7000 one is better :p

Alessio Tyrell TV says:

Hi there, I just been speaking on the phone for an hour with a dell assistant. I told him I wanted to go for a very powerful laptop high end video editing.
He suggested the dell laptop precision instead of the xps… customising that it got me to reach over £2.800, compare to the £1.800 on the xps 15… he said that the xps is not expandable and the precision it is, in terms of rams and storage. also graphic cards is different, xps runs with GTX 1050 4g and precision with NVIDIA Quadro M2000M 4g

So, now I’m very much confused… which one ???

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