Dell Inspiron 7567 Review – $800 GTX 1050 Gaming Laptop!

Dave2D review of the Inspiron 7567 with GTX 1050 or GTX 1050 TI. Is this the best gaming laptop to buy under $800?!
Magnetic Hourglass –
Inspiron 7000 –

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Asymptotally says:

I’m pretty sure the ti is only 50 bucks more now.

elvert bernal says:

Which is better acer vx15 or dell 7567 can u do a review thanks

How Is It Like says:

Hi David, may I please ask you for background image link in that big monitor in the back at 0:30.
Thanks :P.

Quaality says:

I would love to see the comparison to this Dell, the Acer VX15 and the Eluktronics N850hk1. If not a direct comparison a video review on the acer and eluktronics machines individually would be great. The eluktronics model does not seem to get much attention yet.

RabeehR says:

Can someone help? I am considering buying this laptop 950$ version( i7-7700HQ and 1050ti). However, I am not sure if this laptop supports NVMe M.2 SSD. Also, I might upgrade the screen on it from a TN panel to an IPS panel (is that possible?) Thanks.

leon vdd says:

what a lie the 1050 version is 1100$

Renuka Chakrasali says:

how does this hold up against the new Acer aspire vx 15?!

NightOps says:

For this price you can buy msi gp 72 , also 1050 TI but 17″ screen

agm says:

Hi, Thanks for the great review Dave! One question about color gamut, at dell us website they say the xps 15 is the only to have 100% AdobeRGB, while according to what you show it has only 77%. Maybe that 100% is only on the 4k display? or maybe the current models have this 100% adobergb coverage?

Quote dell US: “Industry-leading color: The XPS 15 is the only laptop with 100% Adobe RGB color, covering a wider color gamut and producing shades of color outside conventional panels so you can see more of what you see in real life.”

Thanks and cheers!

Dobromir Palushev says:

Wowowow, what’s was that “sand” clock at the beginning ? Where can I find one like this ?

Arjun Kumar says:

bro ur fb name??!! plzzzzzz

William Antonio says:

Hi! I’m currently using Lenovo ideapad 500 for daily use, not for gaming though. I’m planning to buy Dell Inspiron 7567 for gaming, and I heard that the TN display is unacceptable for some people.

Will I feel dissapointed if I’m used with Lenovo ideapad 500’s display? My expectation is that the display is at least not worse than my old laptop.

Thank you!

Rannarr CSGO Content says:

Guys can someone send me a link to one with a GTX 1050 TI, I can’t seem to find a link, thanks

Supcharged says:

Is this the cheapest laptop you can get with a 10 series card?

xXSimAdekingXx says:

MSI GL62 7QF Gaming Laptop do a review of this laptop pls

Sam D says:

Is it possible to get one with 16gb ram? and could this handle 4k video editing like butter?

jk hk says:

Where’s vx15

spider- man says:

i cant find the 1050 TI version of this laptop on amazon. can someone send me the link please?

Azriq Haikal says:

i just buy this laptop last week. the screen not that bad imo. This laptop is build solid and the design sure look nice. Not to gamery and not to professional look.

Mason Holt says:

what about Rainbow 6 Siege on high settings how much fps?

Naveen Kumar Reddy says:

That was a good review.
Can I have the shipping box dimensions (in inch or cm) and weight (in
kgs or lbs), As I’m really amused by your review and product too, and
would like to import it to our country from US.

Nghia Bui says:

Would you do a review of the Acer VX 15?

Andre Junixen says:

im okay with the screen

Samuel Parera says:

Hi, is it possible for you to make a review on the hp pavillion 15t? Really want to see a review on this particular model of hp done by you.

Will Cushlanis says:


Fissle Wine says:

I just get when people put down plastics, as it is a modern durable material – and the screen is more than good enough in fact most user wont notice a difference…

Alvaro Sanders says:

so has Dell changed the screen or no? I keep seeing people say they have. I just wanna make sure before getting this. (not saying I don’t mind the screen)

Omair Bhore says:

I really wish they let us customize the display.

Bryan Gillespie says:

Will this run world of Warcraft and heroes of the storm? Possibly overwatch on High?

César Tresca says:

Are you going to cover the Acer VX 15 ? I really am interested as it seems pretty similar with a better display !

Dave Lee says:


jk but i’m giving one away soon. Stay tuned

NightOps says:

For this price you can buy msi gp 72 , also 1050 TI but 17″ screen

Kinos141 says:

This post says you can get an IPS screen replacement for that TN model.

So, there’s nothing stopping me from getting this laptop, except for budget!!

Tiago Maus says:

I’d buy that, but not for gaming….photo and video editing

Aedan Macdonald says:

Hey, Im running on a pretty high budget and was wondering what would be some of the main reasons i would choose this over the alienware 15 r3 excluding the amazing price point.

Yt watcher says:

Hes using the hacks spots backround

Khair Miftahul says:

why are the gaming laptop have that big bulky desain, big screen, strong curve and red LED ect ect?
is that what you gamers always wanted?
can they just build a really simple and sleek desain for gaming laptop?

Borrah says:


Win nie says:

What would be a better choice? ASUS gl553VE or this one? (perhaps with 4k screen)

Fissle Wine says:

Haven’t they selected the back lit screen (foe base model) because of the faster refresh rates for gaming – even if ips screen gives better colour quality?

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