Dell Inspiron 17 7000 (7778) 2-in-1 Laptop Review

Lisa Gade reviews a truly big screen Windows 10 convertible laptop, the Dell Inspiron 17 7778 with a 17.3” 1920 x 1080 full HD touch screen. Though not everyone might want a convertible this large, it has applications for multiplayer casual gaming, DJ, playing virtual music instruments, and watching movies and viewing/editing photos in a big screen fashion.

Despite the big footprint, this is a relatively slim and light 17” laptop that weighs 6.2 lbs. (2.77 kg) and is 0.89” (22.6mm) thick. It’s a light load compared to 17” notebooks from a few years back. The 2-in-1 is available with Intel Skylake 6th generation dual core 15 watt Core i5 and Core i7 CPUs, just like smaller Inspiron 7000 series models. It has NVIDIA 940MX 2GB DDR5 dedicated graphics. The Dell has 2 RAM slots for 8 to 16 gigs of DDR4 memory (you could upgrade to 32 gigs). It has both an M.2 SSD slot and a 2.5” drive bay. Pricing starts at $899 and our nicely configured Core i7 model with an SSD and HDD lists for $1,149.

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jbravo70 says:

I seen the HP 17.3 laptop and compared screen side by side and HP screen is nicer looking. I like that the HP has the cd/dvd slot which gives it the edge. I always loved dells, but the HP looks better

Dima Androgynous says:

this has 17 inch 1080p display good ram and great processor,all im looking for but its so so expensive man.

Ethan Soltis says:

how is this laptop for school work, watching youtube or any other daily uses?

HighSchool says:

I just bought the 2015 version. i7 6th gen 8gb ram 256ssd 4k screen 2 in 1 15.6inch

Remy Burton says:

how do i go about installing things if the computer doesn’t have a dvd drive?

example: setting up a HP wireless printer that needs a disk to install the program to sync computer to printer?????


plzz a review of Dell 7560 vs hp pavilion 15

Green Haze says:

is this for gaming laptop

Sergio Rivera Rocha says:

this is the Dell Piano XD LOL

jg4ac says:

Jesus Lisa, I’ve been watching your reviews for 5 or so years and this 60 fps is something else.

Sarah Rodriguez says:

Soooo this isn’t really for photography editing?

Ramon Presta says:

9:17 keemstar apperasr

Pete Horam says:

how responsive and accurate is the touch screen? I want something like this for VST instruments and music producing. Is the new Kaby Lake version much different?


which 1 should I buy?

BoOm Coub says:

говное ебанное за такие деньги можно взять много чего интересного даже без ssd скоты

Mihir patel says:

Does the newer version with 7th gen 7500u make any difference

Metalpazallteway says:

So can this laptop withstand heavy editing for Music and Production aspect of things? You did mention virtual instruments yet how powerful is the laptop when it comes to bouncing projects and making final stages of a professional project? (32) gigs of ram expandable which is tempting, but how does it stand beside the the Dell XPS 15 2017 model for example? Besides the fact XPS isn’t convertible.

Charlie Hall says:

What is the battery life on this laptop?

Pixel says:

Would this work with an external graphics card?

kanehi says:

I got this when it went on sale at Best Buy for $850 and glad I ordered one.  The fit and finish is solid.  I went ahead and changed the HDD to a Samsung Evo Pro and will get a M2 SSD also.  With the SSD upgrade startup is less than 7 secs and shutdown is 2 secs.  I adjusted the screen with a Spyder color calibrator and the screen looks much better.  Screen is bright and it looks good at 50% brightness.  The speaker is surprisingly loud and clear.  Battery life I was getting 6-7 hours at 50% brightness with watching YouTube, using Facebook and reading news.  It’s a bit on the heavy side but it’s okay and it’s actually a bit lighter than an HP 17″ Envy and that one isn’t even a x360 model.

Pierre Barbeyto says:

hi! you said no support but can you confirm that this has WACOM AES? looking buy it but i need it as a tablet for illustraiting, thanks

Rodrigo R says:

Hey @MobileTechReview I have the Intel 3467 2 in 1 laptop. Is it safe to flip the laptop while runing? Is it made for that? Im not sure if im supose to do so. Help please thanks!

Daniel Gomez says:

can I use unity, unread and photo and video editing on this?

Ogun Nugo says:

Must be nice to draw on an Autodesk SketchBook app-like without the need of a graphics tablet … on this laptop.

Eduardo balderas says:

Great video I like it 😀

Adam David says:

2:13 the 940mx is a mid-range GPU not a low end you’re wrong!

Ray Erdinc says:

Hi Lisa, Thank you for your series of video product reviews, very informative and interesting and I am a subscriber. I would like to ask a question please, that is with devices that have both 128GB SSD and say a 1TB HDD, do they allow which hard drive to use as the main one? I can understand using the SSD for the OS but not much space for applications so I take it the other drive would be where you install your software/applications on or do they allow you to decide when configuring out-of-the-box? I am looking seriously at this unit for my needs or the (7790) in the UK.

HighSchool says:

What piano app was that?

Axel Core says:

mira esos bigotes xd

Ks TV says:

Is it an ips panel?

twisterwiper says:

This makes as much sense as curved TVs

Agsornsin Mua says:

is it work with dell stylus pen?

pnq pnq says:

How many hours does the battery last? Thank You

Orooj syed says:

I just bought this laptop but when I run games like the sims 4 and record my screen ( using obs) it makes a very loud and high pitcher fan noise. Does anyone know how to fix this??? Thank you.

ParaVet says:

just got this one and thought it would be able to use a stylus. I believe a previous version was able to. it’s completely idiotic to remove/neglect that feature to compete or break into the drawing tablet/pcs. I also have the surface pro 4 but would love a larger screen to draw on too.

Diego Marzorati says:

Is it fully laminated?

Dawa Evrope says:

I have dell studio, I bought it 5 years ago, and now work very good, Dell is the best.
Bosnia and heryegovina

Juan Lozoya says:

Did you test a stylus with the laptop? Or does it even work with one?

Alan Dickson says:

Hi LIsa. Can youmake a review of DELL INSPIRON 7568 (14 7000 with 6th core processor). I think trat machine has a WACOM AES digitalizer.

Fe1538C says:

73 sRGB and 72 AdobeRGB It should be a bigger difference between the two figures.
If have 72 AdobeRGB then sRGB should be around 90+

Kelley Manning says:

I typed in “how to get to my control panel’ and this is where it took me.

Val Pan says:

nice book for web work and movies

Matheus Rodrigues says:

i want to buy this laptop, 15 5000 to be more specific and i wil be using for programming and darks mode IDEs, but i am concern with the screen glare. Do you think the glare that the screen have is too much or is handleable? Thank you very much, very good review.

Scott Barnes says:

Why do they no longer come with DVD/CD drives?

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