Dell Inspiron 15 7567 Gaming Laptop Review

Lisa Gade reviews the early 2017 edition of the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming laptop, model 7567 with Intel Kaby Lake 7th generation CPUs and NVIDIA Pascal 10 series graphics. This is one of the most affordable midrange gaming laptops with a starting price of $799 for a quad core i5 CPU and NVIDIA GTX 1050 graphics with a 1080p display. We look at the model with the faster GTX 1050 Ti 4GB GDDR5 dedicated graphics, switchable with Intel HD 630 graphics via NVIDIA Optimus.

The laptop is available with the quad core, 45 watt Core i5-7300HQ and the Core i7-7700HQ. It has two RAM slots and most configurations ship with 8 gigs of DDR4 2400MHz RAM (32 gigs is max). It has an M.2 SATA SSD slot and a 2.5” drive bay. The notebook is 1” thick and 5.76 lbs (2.62 kg). It’s available in your choice of red or black, both with a soft touch finish and red backlit keyboard. A 74 Whr battery is standard and a 4K IPS display is option and highly recommended over the base full HD TN panel.

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Ballistex says:

this lady cool

SovoStream says:

great review. thank you.


If anyone can help me out I would appreciate it. I’m not sure if it’s possible but I would like to connect two laptops to one monitor with a split screen view while controlling both laptops with one mouse or mouse pad. Please let me know if this is possible, Thank You.

MethosTR says:

I considered this laptop until I saw that disgusting screen. No thanks.

Alberto Mora says:

So just bough the old version a few months ago… mine has an intel i7 6700HQ, but no DDr4 and a GTX 960 vs the new GTX 1050

Is there a way to fit the new motherboard on my old Inspiron Chassy?

pen0rprick says:

Fuck Dell. Worst customer service and ecommerce on earth.

I just got the 7559 1.5 months ago – exactly 5 days prior to the release of the 7567 – and would have loved to know this was coming out before I bought it.

Also, they should have kept the old IPS model and the old design. They wanted to make it look like an Asus but now ruined it for people who want a traditional looking laptop in public. They should have also just charged 50$ more and put in a decent IPS panel.

Renuka Chakrasali says:

hey, how does this hold up against the new Acer aspire vx15

DJRiful says:

Thanks for the review, I think the choice of TN display vs the last gen with IPS killed me to pick this one. I would stick to the last gen with IPS display.

tipoomaster says:

80:1 contrast ratio, holy shit, lol. The performance per dollar for a gaming laptop is really good, but that’s clearly where they cut the most corners. Curious about the 4K version.

Eric Morris says:

What quality do you think this can play BF1 ? Thanks for the help

Levi says:

which acer where you talking about?

Cosmo Valentino says:

whats the difference between UHD and FHD? would that resolve the dim screen resolution?

Kelvin Yeo says:

the keyboard is white is my Country. I’m very disappointed.

Mark AJ says:

its at $800 guys…they need to something to compromise and that’s the screen unfortunately

Mikey Rider says:

I chose this laptop with the 4K display over the new XPS as the cost was not justified enough for me. I understood the 1050Ti couldn’t play full 4K games but I just saw it as more of an upgrade rather than, “Aww yes, I can do everything at full ultra 4K all the time”. I’m not a professional but I do like to edit and create images and videos on the device so having the processing power and dedicated graphics helps. I’ve found the 4K display to be excellent and on a recent trip abroad found that when watched at pretty much any angle the screen was clear watching movies on it. On my Wife’s Samsung when we watch movies we both had to view it at the same angle or else we couldn’t see the movie but on the Dell I can be sitting up and she can be lying down with no viewing issues. Overall, in general use I’m very happy I chose this model. I would choose it again given the option (UK, i7, 16GB, 512GB, 4K, 1050Ti, Black)

Lloyd Samson says:

If i get old i want my wife just like her. She’s good and having a tech knowledge.Keep it up.

Brady Games says:

Would this laptop be good enough to stream games with either OBS or the Elgato Software on 1080 60 FPS? Im not that educated on computers/laptops. Thanks for the help!

Mr. H says:

great review man, informative and honest. ill be honest when the vid started and i saw you about to do the review, i said out loud “this lady is a gamer”. once you started with the review though, i was like she has some gnarly skills. well done !

Qone Lim says:

how long the battery last with 74 Whr battery?

Oskar W says:

11:13 OMG! this breathing 😀

DR. BLUE says:

What is it with plastic and people these days. when did metal devices become better than plastic ones. metal rusts and when it bends it stays bent, plastic can last forever and its flexible , why would I want my laptop to have a metal shell

Alex Qiu says:

Is ssd upgradable?

Sebastian Krewson says:

What’s the mic you have on your neck?

Envision Stealth says:

you know, this is really reminiscent of alienware design

Naveen Kumar Reddy says:

That’s a good review.
Can I have the shipping box dimensions (in inch or cm) and weight (in
kgs or lbs), As I’m really amused by your review and product too, and
would like to import it to our country from US.

Adam Seligman says:

you mentioned that the wifi card is bad, what would you recommend an upgrade to?

Adam Gutierrez says:

looking for a good gaming laptop just around the price for this one anyone got any good ones?

Megh shah says:

any other laptop with similar specs and better display for $850-$900?? or should i wait for few more months if anything great is to come….
please comment….

InachiSasuke says:

I’m not sure I understand what it is that’s wrong with the display. Not trying to troll or anything, I’m genuinely confused.

Paul Mathews says:

It’s OK as long as you don’t need to look at the screen.

Seen other reviews, OIIIIII The Screen 😮

They should do a recall.

MaxAwesomeness GB says:

Are there any gaming laptops with dvd players anymore?

Don Man says:

there is no DVD drive?

Bryant White says:

What is the screen like in person sitting at the best viewing angle. I have no experience with good screens so I’m not picky at all when it comes to monitors.

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