Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming Laptop 7559 Review

Lisa Gade reviews the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 model 7559, aka the Gaming Edition. This is a relatively affordable gaming laptop that offers a lot of bang for the buck. We have the $750 base model with a 15.6” IPS full HD 1920 x 1080 display, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M 4GB DDR5 dedicated graphics, Intel Skylake 6th generation quad Core i5-6300HQ, 8 gigs of RAM and a 1TB hard drive. You can get it with a 256 gig M.2 SSD for $50 more, and a Core i7 (also quad core) adds $100 to the price.

The laptop weighs 6 lbs. and is 1 inch thick. It has a durable build, and is easily opened for upgrades and service. It has a 74 Whr battery and Intel dual band WiFi 802.11ac with Bluetooth. A 4K display is available as a high end option, and a backlit keyboard and stereo speakers with a subwoofer are standard. If you’re looking for a gaming or workhorse laptop on a budget, this is a top pick. You won’t get a super light metal design, cutting edge ports or a high gamut display, but the core specs are all solid and the must-have ports like HDMI, Ethernet and USB 3.0 are on board.

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Andrew Ng says:

I really love the stylish design! Gaming laptops in the market look too aggressive in my opinion. This is simple and classy.

Random Tech says:

so i can add the m2 ssd without taking off the hdd?
note i have the version 16 ram i7

LukeBD150 says:

You talk way too much, just keep it minimalistic half of the stuff you say is just rambling

Litzneu says:

Does this have a disc cartridge? Pls reply

Greg Mccormack says:

Could this run H1Z1 easily?

Ansley Pierce Orencia says:

Where can i get this? i live in Canada.

MorimotoYTP says:

Should I get this or the Asus ROG GL552? I think the 2017 model of the Inspiron 7000 will bring the 2015 model with 960m graphics down, but yeah. Planning to buy the ROG currently

Nick N says:

will this laptop be getting the new 1060 gpu in the near future?

basel terkawi says:

is the cpu replaceable?

wahyu rifai says:

is this laptop good for 3d modeling?

Soumik Farhan says:

it’s have ddr3l ram. doesn’t that create any problem??

Eric Snyder says:

will Htc Vive work on this

Prateek Kumar says:

Can I play forza horizon 3 on this laptop?

omar lewis says:

What about the build quality, i heard that sides on the laptop near the hinges tend to uproot

abdulrahmanjijawi says:

there is another version on amazon that says 4.6 pounds not 5.7 pounds is this real or is amazon drunk ?

ерунда сэндвич says:

www this thing can only connect to 1 display, outdated HDMI port, no USB c, not worth the $800. you can buy the Asus ux501 for $999 and it outperforms this in every way.

Thesamtv says:

between this and Lenovo y700 which is the best?

darkspl says:

What about dell 7566?

Valdis Ozols says:

Excause me. But where do you get so much info? I’m interested in this laptop but 4k version.. but i have no idea how to find what is sRGB gammut range..

dementedp says:

I have the i7 version and with normal use in high performance mode it says than it will las 3 hours. If change to balanced power usage it says it will last 4hours and half. Is my battery defective or what? I have read similar reviews in other sites regarding the battery. Also I cant play without the charger as the performance will go down.

Jesus Alvarado says:

Awesome I’m getting this by november 🙂 I just hope they release a new version with GTX 1060 or maybe alienware 13 gtx 1060? would be interesting to see the prices of that

madcapper6 says:

Just ordered the i7 UHD version of this laptop for $729. It’s the “Signature Edition” model. I’m not exactly sure what that means but given the fact that it’s the lowest price atm for this laptop (as far as I know) at any configuration, including the base i5, I had to jump on it.

Liam Farrell says:

Suggest the first thing you do when you buy a Dell is check you don’t get a 9 month warranty on a new product, like me. The next thing is take the bottom cover off and check for missing and loose screws. The hinges on this model are held with one screw and that’s if they’ve been fitted at all. Then get to know an engineer, because even if you do have a valid warranty, Dell will refuse to fit a screw for less than £220.
Youve been warned, look at reviews of their customer service and check out the hits on Google for Dell hinge problem.

Anthony John Tan says:

if i have a 2.0 razer mouse can work properly? coz these laptop is no 2.0 ports..

DanDrummer18 says:

Hey Guys, is this any good for photo editing??

Jazli Long says:

Should I get the 7559 or 7566?

zyzyx says:

To anyone that wants to purchase this: I just got this product (the 850$ model), and it’s honestly perfect for the cost. I’m 3 days in, and it runs all games free of frame drops/lag + I can run multiple programs with ease. The only thing I’d watch for is the heat at the bottom & the fact that soma windows computers tend to degrade quickly. Overall, soooo worth it.

Graham Banzer says:

Don’t understand why 8260 wouldn’t be an achievable wifi option for this price, considering each chip only has $10-15 difference via amazon (£10 difference for UK people). If Dell really had to do it, i’m sure people would very happily pay £10 more for a 2×2 channel card vs the 3165’s single channel availability, especially on a gaming laptop where latency is of utmost importance.

For an OEM like dell, that £10 difference would be absolutely miniscule, probably something like a $1-2 dollar difference considering they get parts much cheaper than retail.

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