Dell Inspiron 11 3000 2 in 1 Laptop Review – New 2016 i3 Version – i3158-3275SLV

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – Dell’s Inspiron 11 3000 Series 2 in 1 has a nicely performing i3 processor option. See more reviews here: and subscribe here!


00:02 – Hardware overview
03:50 – Ports overview
04:44 – Keyboard and trackpad overview
05:44 – Web browsing, YouTube, and streaming video
07:44 – Microsoft Word / Office performance
08:17 – Minecraft and gaming
10:02 – Battery life
10:19 – Conclusion and final thoughts

This laptop from Dell was a bit of a surprise. I was expecting another low powered 11 inch 2-in-1 and instead Dell packed a Skylake i3 into it. So performance on here is excellent and far exceeds other similar small screen 2-in-1’s we’ve looked at on the channel.

It’s a great value at $479 given what it’s offering for processing power. Lower powered versions are available for a little less money but the i3 upgrade is well worth the very minimal jump over the Celeron/Pentium versions.

The IPS display is crisp with a very nice display quality. Although some folks may not like the large bezels surrounding it.

The only RAM option is 4 gigabytes but it can be expanded to 8 if you buy a module and take the laptop apart.

All in this is a great value for less than $500.

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Rameez Raza Riaz says:

What’s the battery backup?

Kiran Sen says:

Does it have an optical drive

lee sze yong says:

is RAM and hard disk upgradeable?

The Soap Pope says:

can you play a triple A game on this?

Darren Persad says:

Loving this filming location a lot! Looks clean and super cool!

The Music Morocco says:

كم ثمن هذا الحاسوب

IraQ Nid says:

What is that shiny piece of clear plastic on the bottom of the laptop? Is that the screen protector that came with it?

Curtis Pennell says:

Yes, it absolutely does have wireless AC. It says so on Dell’s product page, as well as in the Device Manager on my own Inspirion 11 3153.

Robert Orler says:

Mine had year old wifi drivers that would not connect to my network. Had to download via another pc and install via a usb drive. pretty lame for a machine without a lan port.

Upgraded ram to 8gb. mine had 128gig ssd. Runs pretty good. Nice screen even though it is only 720. Like the ac wireless too.

Hard drive is upgradable too… but that may be for another day.

Whitney Wuzor says:

Would you recommend the dell Inspiron 3000 2 in 1 or the dell Inspiron 3148 for video editing?

Best Nepali says:

it will support photoshop or pagemaker??

Eddie's Psychoanalysis says:

Would you review Razer Blade Stealth?

Supa Star says:

I wonder how well would photoshop run on this?

heethoofd27 says:

hey Lon great review! I always love watching your laptop reviews. It would be awesome if you could take a look at the dell inspiron 13 7000 series. It seems to have a great value for its price and there aren’t a lot of reviews for it.

Yakov 12345 says:

Lon your the best youtuber ever!!!!!

Easy Johnny says:

Great review as always Lon. I need your advice, I want to buy an 11 inch laptop (must have i3 intel and 8GB RAM) preferably touchscreen/2 in 1 … what do you recommend? Thanks!

bingo191 says:

does your unit have coil whine? i had the same laptop and got a replacement but i returned it because of the coil whine

andyH_England says:

So clunky Windows tablets. After five years Window’s OEMs still struggle to understand the tablet concept. Hopefully the Samsung and Huawei will finally move the market in the right direction. However proper tablet apps are still few and far between and way lower quality than iOS or Android. Would never buy a Windows tablet but this is more of a hybrid and if your main usage is as a laptop then it is ok. Within 3-6 months all hybrids will be with this i3 and all perform similar like the previous Atom hybrids. No thanks I will stick to an iPad and the 10 inch iPad Pro looks like dominating the core market again. Please MS just make a decent tablet, you got it wrong when you said tablets were a gimmick, admit it, move on and get with the plan. Samsung is finally trying the Apple way but it needs support from the OS and developers…

Rameez Raza Riaz says:

What’s the battery backup on normal usage?

OhaiiCloud says:

I’ve had this laptop for about two years now and just got into digital drawing. I’ve tried one stylus so far but it wouldn’t work or respond well with the screen at all. Anyone have any ideas for a good stylus to use on this? :/

MrFlipperInvader782 says:

I plugged in my earbuds but no sound

Cool Apple Patents says:

Is it upgradeable?

Abe Coulter says:

your video was stolen

Don't Press Subscribe says:

It’s funny how you review these low-end intel laptops and chrome lags bad. But yet on my low end 2013 AMD APU laptop chrome runs fine @1080p 60FPs,with 0 dropped frames.

dimas eboy says:

There is no active pen support?

George Bamber says:

looks great might get it when it comes to uk

Joshua says:

I like your disclosure statement in the intro.

christopher santosusso says:

I bought this great little machine

Russ Cooke says:

Would this work with an external GPU dock?

EposVox says:

I dig your deeper coverage of laptops, despite the sheer number you review.

Colin Campbell says:

I have last years with a core i3 4010U and whats weird is there’s no incentive to upgrade and the speakers are better on this one because they are side mounted and I don’t know about that one but this one uses a m.2 wifi card that CAN be replaced!! so it can have that awesome 5ghz AC although you can’t get it new from dells website I would look for a deal on ebay for this one P.S great review and thanks for the disclosure

Jalormee says:

What is the Webcam alike?

lovelesh kaushik says:

how to turn on keyboard light

King Mal says:

Hey, I have the Inspiron 3148 (older version of that model). Would it be possible to see a comparison between the two? I’m considering upgrading.

This is Natapong says:

how much ?

SirW0nka says:

Hey Lon, can you review the ASUS EeeBook E402SA or any other budget laptop with a quad core Celeron and no eMMC memory. I’m really curious to know how this Celeron CPU performs in real world, with 4GB of RAM. I’ve seen benchmarks online showing that it’s surprisingly close to the Pentium N3700 (which is the same generation). Oh and keep up the good work with your channel !

Gary A says:

I think this would be much better than the click 11 tbh. Much faster for not much more money

Chris Pistocco says:

Great Job

Bobby Williams says:

can you do a review of the chip 9 dollar computer when it comes out?

Christopher Hanson says:

Firstly, I very much appreciate your honest, informative, and well constructed reviews. Secondly, while I’m currently in the market for a new laptop, I’ve watched almost all of your laptop reviews 2-3 times each in search for a good machine. I’ve noticed that more than once I’ve heard you say something along the lines of: “at this price point, you could get something better”. What then would you suggest as the best Windows OS laptop in a $300-$450 price range? (preferably lightweight, 4+gigs RAM, multitouch trackpad, SSD hard drive, and a processor similar to or better than AMD A6).
I am interested in this Dell Inspiron 11 3000, but I’m also debating if I want to stay loyal to Toshiba or get a Dell (Also, why does everyone hate Dell so much?) Thanks a lot. Keep up the good work, Lon.

UKAirscape says:

Apart from the picture that kept popping out from behind your head, I rather like this temporary studio. Nice clean and uncluttered with just a hint of your interests (Mac/Shuttle) behind. Good review too, as usual.

IAmHackingIntoYourPSNAccount Name says:

I have the laptop performance sucks bull shit and touchpad is cancer but hardware is cool

Rey Alejandro says:

I can remplace the RAM memory?

IraQ Nid says:

Have you thought of recording a standard disclosure video that you can edit into each of your videos? This one didn’t mention that nobody else saw or previewed this video before you uploaded it to you tube.

Geancarlo Rivera says:

I own this computer, and it’s beautiful and great for the price.

However, Windows 10 bugs kill the whole experience with problems recognizing some hardware and unusual bugs deep inside the OS. I suggest you hold off until driver updates are in par with the OS and Microsoft improves the usability of the whole operating system that deprives you of the whole experience that this computer should have.

Note: I purchased this in Feb/2016 and Windows 10 update 1511 killed all flash and random crashes due to Cortana other programs kill the whole experience.


around 6:12 he said … i doesn’t have wireless ac … what is that?

crysisownz says:

i thought it utilize the thunderbolt 3 port..too bad bcos the skylake i3 hv much potential

Martin A. says:

Excellent video! Thank you. You do such a wonderful job with your reviews. Just one tiny friendly recommendation: Trimmed nails. In my opinion, men should have their nails trimmed at all times when possible. That’s all. Thanks 🙂

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