DELL 7567 GAMING LAPTOP REVIEW – GTX 1050 Ti + Kaby Lake!

Review of the NEW DELL INSPIRON 15 7000 Gaming Laptop. Link & Deal to Laptop Shown in Video Below:

►Dell Inspiron 15 7567(i5 + 1050Ti):
►Dell Inspiron 15 7567 (i5 + 1050):
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Halim Setiawan says:

this or acer vx 15 or msi gl62m 7rd or lenovo ylegion y520?

pen0rprick says:

Bought the 7559 just 1.5 months ago. Fucks sake

madcapper6 says:

LOL the cat. The cat seems totally relevant somehow. Like an endorsement maybe. If you want to get a good system, it’s gotta pass the cat’s “crash” test.

zepcrazyfre says:

why the TN panel…..honest to God why smh..and yea get a hair cut and shave…DO IT NOW!

Andrew Salinas says:

wow, this sucks! I just bought the Dell 7559 about 2 months ago. now I regret it lol

Help Me Reach 5000 Subscribes Without Any Video says:

Dear awe of tech,
Can you please answer few questions about this laptop?
Can I use this laptop more than 5 hours for gaming everyday? If I use it more than 11 hours (gaming + other uses) everyday, will this laptop last more than 4 years?

onemo block says:

love your videos

Naveen Kumar Reddy says:

That’s a good review.
Can I have the shipping box dimensions (in inch or cm) and weight (in kgs or lbs), As I’m really amused by your review and product too, and would like to import it to our country from US.

Sungazer says:

Ever since I found out Dell intentionally leaves out 1 screw on the left screen hinge in EVERY model I stopped buying from there.

Alexander Bikov says:

Hey , should I go for this or the Lenovo legion Y520,thanks? (awesome video btw !)

nanomyou5 says:

Nice, but the screen is just awful on that HD model. Viewing angles, contrast, black level, SRGB color accuracy – all are just bottom rate.

GMG says:

I was going to get this laptop but the screen and not having the option for a 1060 are big deal breakers

Stevanus Norita says:

Is the 4K option using tn panel too or is it using ips?

lester andres gonzalez perdomo says:

review the acer vx 15 !

Max Grygoruk says:

I have a problem with my laptop. My processor on the first start show a temperature of 50 degrees when in standby mode. Who knows what’s the problem?

David Figueroa says:

i only hear bad stuff about the screen, is it really bad?

Windy Alexander says:

stumble on your channel. and i’ve watched several videos and decided to subscribed to your channel. i really like your videos. keep up the good work!!

tdreamgmail says:

These 1050 and 1050ti laptops are incredible value but all of them come with uselss TN panels. Which imo is the most important part of the laptop. You’ll be looking at your screen while not gaming too, and then you’re just left with a crappy display.

Mr.G / Professional Feeder. says:

is playing the laptop while charging decrease its battery life? or is it ok to play while charging, cause my asus laptop now performing worse it gets lowbat so fast even though im not playing just browsing

Humza Iqbal says:

i order i5 7300HQ 1050 ti , is it good i dont select vx15 , also tell me abt i5 7300 HQ is better is my decision is good enough

A_Villain says:

Can I use shadowplay to record my gaming gameplays on this laptop?

Kevin Goutama says:

mate can u review ace aspire vx15

StEAmpunk RS says:

Did u test battlefield 1….I have heard it has some driver issues on this laptop….Please test it & tell us

ItsDrafty says:

Got the fully loaded model. Love it!

Yung TedBounty says:

that moment when a Spanish super model looking guy talks about tech and knows his shit

Cos mos says:

how many % Adobe rgb for the 4k option?

FuzedOut says:

Can you share the benchmarks of CS:GO on this laptop? Thank you!!

Shivam Chawla says:

is there any 14′ inch model of insipiron 7567

Carson Pliske says:

Will this be able to run CS:GO on max settings? If so what settings?

immafriedredgodzilla says:

The earlier predecessor, the dell 7447 (a.k.a dell pandora) is really a cool looking laptop tho

ME NAP says:

Which one should I get i5 or i7 ??

shadad07 says:

please do Acer Aspire vx15 review.

Bryan Gillespie says:

how well would this base model run wow?

Mary Joy Oakes says:

is the screen that bad? i just called Dell and they cant change my order anymore to 4k. I ordered the config under that

Nilesh Bhagat says:

this review video very nice and helpful
bro please review acre aspire vx15

John Smith says:

I bought the 7567 with the TN panel..that screen is absolute GARBAGE.  Viewing angles are horrible. Games are unplayable imo.
With that said, the performance was awesome for the price. I had the $1,099 version with 1050ti, 16gb ram, and dual drives. 128gb ssd/1tb hdd.

I am returning now and going to get the 4K ips screen with the 512gb SSD

Lance Almekian says:

how are the temps when you game on it? been a while since i last bought a gaming laptop (2013) and thermal throttling on the thing just turns me off.

No life No problem says:

Why do you always smile as much as you can and sound so sad

Isaax says:

Why do people complain about the Screen so much? A TN Panel is necessary if you want low response time for gaming which is with hardware like that obviously aimed at good eSports gaming, which needs those high frames and low response time

Anthony Tozzi says:

well that’s my next laptop

madcapper6 says:

Great review. Before I was quite finished watching it I had it in mind to pose that exact question concerning how the 1050 ti compares to the 970m.

It’s too bad about the downgrade on the display. Keeping at least the ips from the 7559 would have been awesome but oh well. The reast of it looks pretty darn good for the $$.

Quiet Tiger says:

USB is on right side where my mouse is?

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