CHUWI VI10 PLUS Tablet Review – Remix OS Powered Intel Tablet

Find it on Gearbest – (Affiliate link) – Chuwi has a very affordable 10.8 inch tablet running Remix OS (an Android fork) and a nice 1080p IPS display. Related videos: and subscribe! – Video index below:

01:06 – Hardware overview and battery life
03:31 – Keyboard dock discussion
04:13 – Web browsing performance
05:33 – RemixOS overview and functionality
06:35 – Disabling full screen mode on RemixOS for Android apps
07:14 – Kodi and Blu Ray MKV playback performance
07:34 – YouTube performance
07:57 – Gaming performance (Goat Simulator)
08:41 – Conclusion and final thoughts

This is an interesting tablet that looked and performed better than I expected. RemixOS feels very mature and natural on this device, well paired with the Intel Atom Cherry Trail processor built in.

Remix OS is a fork of Android that applies a desktop interface to Android apps. This means resizable layered windows, a task bar, and even a start button. It is exceptionally well executed and something I’ve covered in more detail in the link above.

But it’s best suited for a keyboard/trackpad combo and not as a touch-based device. The controls are small for mouse usage and may not be as user friendly as a regular Android app might be on a keyboard-less tablet.

The IPS display is very sharp, crisp, and clear running at a full 1080p. Battery life feels decent and should last most users all day. Web browsing, gaming, and movie watching all performed well although this is not a good device for watching Blu Ray MKVs. I saw some frame drops in my testing.

All in this is an exceptional value and well worth considering if you’re in the market for a cheap tablet to run your Android apps.

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Taxi Rider says:

Looks pretty good for the price.

Dave Small says:

Nice review. Does the device support GPS?


Lon. I’m a Patreon $1 a monther and so I hope you can indulge a moment of humor. I watched you go thru your opening disclaimer and initial hardware presentation. Then you said words to the effect of, “Now that I’ve covered all that I can finally show you how the software works.”

In my head I imagined the following, “It doesn’t. I’m Lon Seidman and thanks for watching.” Roll credits.


Hussain Kahlini says:

This Chanel Seem Old 1995 I love

Kattz says:

This is a very interesting release. The screen is the same as the Surface 3. There are rumors that you will actually be able to dual boot this with Windows if you have a license. This model is 32 GB/2 GB RAM. Another one is going to be released with 64 GB/4 GB RAM and dual boot with Windows out of the box. Price will be about $239 US. I’m really interested in that one. Remix looks like a great alternative to Android on these types of devices. It might even get updates.

Nooooooooooooooooooo! says:

Just a heads up, I bought this from the link in your description. Just got it today (really fast shipping) and it appears yours may have a faulty speaker as both of my speaker grills had sound coming out of them.

Thanks for the review!

Matěj Zeman says:

I would just like to settle up what OS the tablet runs. The point is, you can have remix OS, or Windows, or both on it. Thats why it has the windows button.
So if you are looking for windows device, this could be your choice as well.

Linked Designs says:

Hey Lon, it looks like the matte finish on the touchpad of your Logitech keyboard is wearing out. Is this just fingerprint smudges or is it the plastic getting worn down? I’m curious as I am considering getting one.

Paid Shill says:

i dont trust androids i prefer window 10 all the way . With androids there are so many different kinds of OS most runs poorly on chinese tablets.

Delores Pauldo says:

review the 2 in 1 next book 11a

Hairy Monster says:

I watch lots of tech reviewers on Youtube but Lon you are my favourite, your honesty in your reviews is something special. Keep up the fantastic work.

Jacovot says:

second . nice bid!

technology productions 2017 says:

I really want it

Janf Janf says:

do an aio pc review

EposVox says:

That input lag on the touch screen when you were re-sizing windows…. dear lord.

XSportSeeker says:

Wow, pretty nice for 130 bucks. Dat windows key though… xD They probably used spare parts for a proper Windows tablet… interesting strategy. 😛

technology productions 2017 says:

I will probably try to build a tablet running remix OS

Sunnshineforever says:

Folks Well here’s a chance to have the dual boot version of this tablet for 139.97USD .. i fully agree here with im massively impressed beatuful screen (Its BIGHT V- sharp screen) runs so fluid no issue switching between Windows 10 and Remix Os .. i can say it is one amazzing tablet..—Windows-10—Black-371266.html?utm_source=Criteo&utm_campaign=US

Rabnud Species says:

I’ve heard about people getting burned using gearbest, It it true?

Guillermo castilla says:

get the keybord for a full review

Markalot says:

Grabbed it on sale for $130 including the keyboard. Thanks for the review.

James Rufer says:

Sorry if I missed it but does that Windows button on the side actually do anything? Hepatic or just show? Good review. Have been looking for something like this for Android educational apps but with Remix installed.

coffeeboy81 says:

Lol whacking away

useryes2 says:

What is better? – Chuwi Hibook Pro, Teclast x98 plus or Chuwi Hi10 Plus ?

dave4shmups says:

Where did you get that tablet stand? It looks nice!

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