Chuwi Lapbook 14.1 Review – Best Budget Laptop Yet?

Chuwi Lapbook 14.1 Review. Chuwi’s second laptop, now powered by an Intel Celeron N3450, 4GB of RAM, wireless AC and an empty M.2 SSD slot for upgrades. Where to buy one: Written review:

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Jade Bryan Jardinico says:

hey man. awesome review. would be great if you could shorten it a la Dave2D. anyway, you will review Chuwi Hi13 too?

nigol1472 says:

hey man, can you play 1080p or 720p@60fps youtube videos on that thing in chrome or firefox? I really don’t want to use edge and I need a laptop just for watching youtube, twitch, browsing the web, and communication with my phone

R.H. Swapnil says:

Hi Chris! GREAT video as always…

Im really interested to buy this laptop. actually i am studying computer science. I have a really high end pc which i use in gaming and for other coding and programming stuffs. But i was looking for a decent lightweight laptop for university purposes and Like doing some coding and programming on the go, browsing the internet etc etc… will this lapbook be enough for these tasks?

It would really help if you reply…

Thanks is advance ∧_∧

jen pierre says:

any good website to order this in Europe?

Richard Champness says:

if I buy this from gearbest will import charge me I’m in the UK

JoeyDee says:

Any chance you can add Steam In Home Streaming and maybe Xbox one streaming to your tests?

Francesco S. says:

Great video! The ram is expandible or sostituible?

Lopsan Diaz says:

How is this with Adobe lightroom or PS?

Anthony GHB says:

Fuck for $300+ I rather get something else.

Eduardo Duarte says:

For a 1080p panel, this one is gorgeous!

Joachim Mencke says:

Could you please take a look of Martian A8 256GB SSD Notebook. It looks kinda low quality, but the specs are really good at the price point. It runs the Intel Core i7 7500U which is pretty high end in ultrabooks.

flipp081 says:

Does it suffery from standby battery drain? If you close the lid and let it sleep for a day, how much battery does it approx. loose?

Fabian Gerardo Valdivia Bondarenko says:

Excellent vídeo!!! Congratulations!

Tjark Kühl says:

I bought the laptop on the flashsale and i was wondering whish adapter do i have to use? I come from the EU and just bought the US version because it was 40€ cheaper

Rodrigo López Muñoz says:

hi!! can you tell me how can I fix the micro sd card reading problems?I want to use it as the storage and is very annoying the read/unread issue.Thanks so much!!

Anthony GHB says:

How is Linux support?

Sepaw37 says:

Just got mine. I must say that I’m disappointed in seeing that the N3450 cannot play 1080p 60 videos flawlessly. Maybe I’m asking too much but it would have been nice to have this info in the review.

if anybody else is interestes in testing this: search for 1080 60 here on youtube and open “stats for nerds”. I get several dropped frames even at 720p60

Also, I expected this but someone may be wondering about it too: Overwatch is unplayable even setting the resolution at 720p and scaling at 50% (I get 16 fps avg). Need an m3 for that

lee sze yong says:

will there likely be a dual-OS version? says:

Written review and rating of the Lapbook 14 now online:

Michał Sadowski says:

will it handle RemixOS Player??

Tim Pearcy says:

Good review! Thanks for the thorough and complete review. As for the ram upgrade are there slots or is this a solder type job?

Ti Lu says:

Is it fanless?

Jerry Suppan says:

My primary issue with this particular product is, one is still must carry around a heavy, clunky power brick when charging over USB-C is increasingly the norm. The other thing is, the M.2 SSD slot. Is that Truly an SSD slot or an extra slot in support of eMMC? If they had 8GB memory on the board and the 64GB eMMC was SSD instead (and preferrably 128GB SSD) this would be a very nice consideration. But then, one gets what one pays for in life. I would not mind a higher price for better specs.

CT27NX says:

3:56 i’m betting the camera itself only supports 480p, and not a bug in win10

Phillip Smith says:

when will they big them out with 8Gb ram, 128Gb SDD, and dual boot

The Walking Trade says:

Bought it (223 euros) and subscribed! I have asus nj751 (17.5″ I7+gtx850m nvidia : 4.5kgs…) I needed a light laptop to install in linux mint and also cheap with good specs. Thx!

montosunify says:

229 on gearbest with coupon code ChuwiLapA, only 30 units, er 29.


Hello, how much free capacity does the laptop have when you buy it?

A B says:

I have this one and also had Yepo 737s.

Am I wrong or do these chinese laptops have a YELLOWISH display color?
Comparing the google website in chrome on this one and on my acer aspire, it seems whiter on my old acer.

Thanks in advance!

hubbusubbu says:

whats that nice battery status app you have installed on that thing?

Herben Troost says:

Very nice. I was pretty stoked on getting this one but then I came across the PEAQ PNB S1115-IM2NL; a 15.6 inch, 1080p laptop with Intel Core M-5Y31, 4GB of RAM, 128GB SSD, wireless AC, gigabit ethernet for only €288 at Media Markt.
Got delivered this afternoon.

You can expect this looked like a better deal then this Chuwi because of the Core M and 128GB SSD for this price, considering the fact this Chuwi will cost me as much (if not more) when I have to pay import taxes etc.
However; this Peaq has the Core M-5Y31 from 2014(!) and it’s 15.6″ and heavier at 2 kilo’s and probably worse battery life.
So I’m not sure if I’m going to keep it.

Great review as always Chris, I keep watching your videos even though I’ve still never bought a Chinese Windows tablet/laptop yet 😛

Ad HD says:

Does it have a backlit keyboard?

Ante Petričević says:

can i run autocad on this

Jeremy Lee Potocki says:

Well we all know that high end gaming like CS Go will cause the CPU to get hot, but what about more casual games, or emulation (like using emulation station) do they cause the CPU to get into the high 90’s as well?

Atakan TEKE says:

Here’s a Comparison between this and Vbook A1;
+Comes with 128GB M:2 SSD (has a empty slot aswell)
+/- smaller (11.6inch)
+/- 2 in 1

-Doesn’t come with a SSD (has a empty slot)
+/- bigger (14 inch)
+Cheaper (~320 vs ~270)

montosunify says:

On HWinfo, the GT Cores Power hover around 2W even when i am not doing anything, does anyone else have this problem? my previous atom chips only hovers around 0.2W and while the celeron is not atoms the discrepancies is too big to ignore.

PhoenixNLx says:

thank you for all your reviews! bought a chuwi hi8. selling that one. now bought this lapbook, because of all your research! thanks!

eugene188 says:

I’m guessing you use the SSD to boot it and the eMMC for extra storage now? How did you transfer win10 onto the ssd?

mih j says:

seems to be a good laptop. any close competitors besides cherry trails?

Marcos P says:

Hey man, please you can run Dota 2? I need know the game run, thank you for attention!

Digitalguy says:

Waiting for Chuwi to fill the extra “slots” and give a total of 8GB RAM, then this is a winner

Mateusz Mysiak says:

Are there ANY decent notebooks with Core i (i3 at least) processors? Atoms (Celeron, Pentium, Core M) are definitely low end in single-threaded performance and there’s no chance I would go for them.

reviews says:

Great detailed review, all questions answered. Would be nice to see more colorful images from different angles to better judge screen quality.
Maybe I missed it, but do you know the IPS panel’s make and model?

074010 Channel says:


Bratty Neet says:

I feel like buying this one because of your usual good review. Good job, mate!

Cristofer Alvares says:

MY connection is 1.5 mb 115kb really down and half up 70kb V3n3zu3l4 and I can not activate another plan. I want Chuwi so much.

deciocavallo says:

thanks for the review, can you try if cloudready works?

Wayne Sandler says:

What is the colourful little battery icon you have in the lower right corner? is that an app or a Windows setting? thanks.

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