Christian Reviews a WORLD CLASS Watch Collection | Collection Review

The Skinny: With enough money, you can buy whatever the hell you want. And if watches are your vice, you end up with something like this collection. Valued in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, Christian dove right into this collection of Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Rolex, Jaeger LeCoultre and A. Lange Sohne. At the end, not only did we discover that some people have ridiculous amounts of money but that actually, some people have some very good taste!

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rrpostalagain says:

It really is a wonderful collection. But we all knew that already, right? I mean come on.

Joseph Jordan says:

Awesome review, Christian. Also, love the redesign to the site. One of these day’s i’ll be buying from you LOL.

isak lundqvist says:


Mike W says:

Very nice collection

Volt Lover says:

audio is way low

Cedar Canoe says:

Expensive for sure. But -apart from the daydate- it doesn’t turn me on.

Indie Ingot says:

This guy asked Archie for a watch review as well…

nickpap1 says:

Hi Christian, Love the new website pay by instalment option, very innovative, wish more people did this! makes spending a lot of money on a watch much easier. It builds the anticipation. Also knowing you’re saving for something and there’s no chance of some one else getting it, especially a one off vintage piece is great. Call me weird but i hate seeing a watch i love and knowing i cant afford to get and seeing it slip away.

Simon Wood says:

so knowledgeable and such an interesting vid,found you through the urban gentry.there is something about knowledge and passion combined,fantastic thumbs up.

Haru Yamagucci says:

*If you like this you’ll love the Archieluxury Channel.*

Matthew Meckley says:

Random thought-

+Theo and Harris; can you answer why the 16750 Explorer II White/Black Dials seem to be valued less? I know the polar has a following, but the prices don’t reflect the interest. Its the same movement

I picked up a Explorer II Black Dial 16750, sized the bracelet and threw it on leather for this winter. It is the last year of Tritium dials and the tritium is ALMOST dead. It has been polished once, but extremely well done. That being said, its extremely classy on brown leather, shockingly so. The GMT hand means its a usable travel watch if you don’t need the three time zones and its 39-40mm case makes it easy to wear for a lot of people. Its subtle and very stark in its styling, but can easily be dressed up (maybe not as well as the 36mm Explorer, which is something I’m seriously considering for my next piece…).

I’m still shocked that this is a GMT movement, Rolex, Sport watch, with a whole new dial that most sport watch’s in Rolex lines can’t have if you desire (I tried the polar, I’m to pale and wear dark colors to much to pull it off if its not gold bezel/case).

All this being said- why has the Explorer II fallen by the wayside in value? Why is it so start in respect to the GMT Master II?

Enrique Pittaluga says:

There is definite overlap with the Patek and the A.Lange. He should sell the Patek and consider a “unique case shaped” Patek, like the Gondolo or the tonneau 5098r.

Also he should look into adding an independent such as Laurent Ferrier or FP Journe.

Lastly, the Seiko is a great curve ball – but perhaps a Tudor would be more “consistent” with the rest of the collection.

Awassii says:

Great video Christian. Ive recently bought a Longines master collection moon phase, what do you think about them?!/watches/master-collection/l2-673-4-78-3

Michael Yardley says:

passive aggressive, smug, annoying, spastic

Fpk Hk416 says:

Christian, can we have a sweater check please? I’d love to know where I can buy that

Luke C says:

Well archie loved it plenty

RCGTiburon says:

Hi Christian, like the channel and the videos, I’m new into watches so your stuff has been great. You should know the link to your watch shop in your video description is broken.


Bob jones says:

Good stuff. We need more watch fans like you doing reviews to balance the one junk watch channel from Australia we have on YouTube

rumle says:

My brother has a quite different collection from what you normally work with. Would something with newer sports watches AP ROO’s and Linde werdelin. Watches giant contrast be interesting for you to review with your vintage dealer point of view?

Thomas k says:


Trae Magnificent says:

just reviewed a watch too

Shashike Jaywalking says:

Rock the shit out of the datejust on a nato!! it pisses off the spineless WIS. Draw power from the dark side christian ! cheers

ProenskiKaproensky says:

Awsome collection but it doesn’t ding my dong at all…

Sir Alfred Powell says:

This was on the ACIII channel!!

Moment in Time says:

21 year old with limited experience telling folks what’s a refined watch.

Mohamed Azan Mohamed says:

Hi Christian , just wondering why Audemars Piguet Millenary’s hardly get reviewed by many channels not just TnH . I really enjoy your channel. I have learned a lot . Please keep up the good work. High fives from a fan from Malaysia . Take care

Mike Lee says:

I reckon this dude is having us on. He just got Archie to do the same review. If someone was that rich and could afford all these watches, why on earth would he be spending all his time on YouTube asking the Pontiff and Christian to validate his choices? Very strange…

vagibon55 says:

Remember to comment/like the video to get that viewer participation up watchfam!

Tobias Laws says:


Altex lan says:

Christian ??? what religion got to do with watch?

Pedro Dias says:

OMG what a collection!!! And your review was amazing Christian!! With great advices and clearly showing you now your stuff, specially in vintage watches. Such a cool video!! It was a delight to watch. Thank you so much. No I’m going try to stop drooling about this collection but it is an impossible mission. Congrats Tony, whoever you are.

JojO says:

Great video !

The Rake says:

The UG Uni-Compax is my favorite followed by the Reverso Tourbillon.

You are Offensive says:

Hi guys, can you check out my review and tell me what you think about it? Thanks!

Philip Allen says:

WOW Speechless

ianmedium says:

I don’t know. I just find it all a bit formulaic. It’s like the owner has frequented watch forums and ticked off all the “grail” boxes.

Purplehaze5995 says:

Very cool & mature collection. Don’t like yellow gold though.

James Denton says:

i love collection reviews, it’s like a view into the mind of the person.

Alex Sibley says:

Great video, would you recommend a vintage Hamilton chronograph 39mm from the 60s for 650 dollars or is there something else from that time period that is better bang per buck?

VoRTeXPB says:

do you have lipstick on?….

Thomas Christopher White says:

Holy flying shit, what a collection.

Peter Drysdale says:

That is one seriously incredible collection. I’m so jelly.

The Urban Gentry says:

Very jammy collection, wonderful. Love it all. Great video.
That GMT is deffo my fave, pure class.
Best regards,

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