CHEAP SOUNDBARS Any Good??? 21″ Bluetooth Sound Bar Test & Review w/ ChialStar Q5 Speaker 2017

Link To Chialstar Q5 Soundbar Speaker

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EXO contralto
Bassheads Unite 2017


Alan Dixon says:

Thanks Giving You To EXO

JessyRS says:

SHIIIITTT!!! EXO, I drop my computer’s volume at 3:33 omg I’m gonna wake up all my family XD

miguel cannegieter says:

I can’t decide between FI AUDIO NEO BTL and DD AUDIO 9915 ESP
I want to make a great choice before spending so pls if u have any uh experience with either and what’s your take on them and advise.

Paul Sanders says:

What the music plz

madbear3512 says:

Cheap bars equal shit duh bro
You get what you pay for.
Now you don’t have to spend 5000 dollars but a 300 400 is a good #

Steve Jobs says:

Thanks for keeping it real with us

Im 777 says:

50,000 watt build omggg can’t wait

Quinn Meche says:

They watched your video on VM subwoofers and got scared AF.
Turns out, that was the proper reaction.

Hless421 says:

Just make one yourself out of some 1/4 inch MDF and one of those mini amp boards Big D Wiz has been testing. One with the AUX input and what not.

lowone21 says:

do the right thing exo! blow it up

tom 1574 says:

Best and cheapest Bluetooth soundbar in the world the MINISO DS-1338 SOUNDBAR sold at all miniso store……… please buy and do a review???  volume on this sound is very loud and sound does not distort at max volume price:around38USD

sleeper10s says:

That’s craziness why would they want u to review it if it was the crap

Tyler Howerton says:

what happened with the shop that damaged you’re girlfriends system just curious did i miss the update on that ?

frankie sharp says:

Would be good for a small space like the sleeper of semi truck.

sammy wright says:

Being asked to review crappy products is like when your buddy comes out of the bathroom saying, ” Come check out this massive shit I just took!”.

Royal Şquad says:


DFOP3 says:

Exo you should make your own soundbar 😀 its not hard to make. you have amps so no problem but if you dont have it then pffst. there is 10$ mini amp boards that could power the soundbar witch would have AUX out 🙂

Drakkar Calethiel says:

Well this thing is a piece of junk, lets pop it!


Maybe it is better for kids.

nicholas langevin says:

What can I say the speaker and the TV are low quality just like your channel…sad but true

DieselPunk Cummins says:

I’d say give away stuff like that to the patreon subscribers, that’s really what it’s ment for.

Zhu Jume says:

Please use remote control to turn up the balacne 70% Volume of sound bar:(

Ano says:

Thank you for always being honest

rob killa says:

got that free bass like gucci, got 2 fingers in her coochie. BIGpimpin91 killin that shit.

Sirus says:

not worth uploading a review video for me to watch and waste my time fella. put this shit in a 30 second side slot.

Stephen Stuart says:

I haven’t noticed you do the, chest slap thing, at the end of the vids in a while.

Paul Bolduc says:

I say make your own Sound bar be another good little build video

Damian Hogan says:

At least you were professional about it. That’s the most they can ask from you, especially considering the quality of the product. You could’ve just ripped on them but you didn’t. Like you said, hopefully this one was just a fluke or bad prototype and maybe they’ll send you the real deal.

Mat Jones says:

Looks like absolute shit to be honest, pop it with 240volts ac UK styley lol

Danny Wean says:

Junk is junk not everyone can be king

cockneyzombie says:

Bose sound touch 300 is the one you want.

wtfn garage says:

Take it part and build home made head phone with it is should be lond enough for that

Aubrey Williamson says:

You should give it away

Marcus Stanford says:

What’s that drive pro?

xxTyphoid says:

Give that piece of junk away

Rick Abrams says:

I have asked about 5 times about the hand throttle cable you have on frankie!
I would love to know where you got it .
before I bend my stock bracket so my truck so it idles at 3000 rpm!!!!

madbear3512 says:

Great video you just got a new subcuiby

Yariel Marte says:

I got a lg cm 4360 6000 ppmp watt 230 watts rms

miguel cannegieter says:

Talking bout sound! Hey EXO hi.
I’m currently on my new audio built and I could really use you help / opinion on chosen my subs I’m honestly stuck between


U could just get a RCA or 3.5 to Bluetooth adapter like I have for mine so u can use Bluetooth speaker even if it doesn’t have aux input

Tim Henry says:

MR EXO what up man

I need your assistance here. I found a phone app that helps you design a speaker box

Can you go online and check it out and share your thoughts on a video

‘Speaker box lite’

Thanks bud!!

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