Bulbul Facette And Bulbul Pebble Watches Review | aBlogtoWatch

Bulbul Facette And Bulbul Pebble Watches Review | aBlogtoWatch

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We review the two collections of new Danish designer watch brand Bulbul, with the Bulbul Facette and Bulbul Pebble watches.

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TheMightyWill says:


Bad Gaming Channel says:

In the Philipenes bulbul means something else…..I’m Filipino and I actually know what it means…….

Sean Z says:

I have a question about how to start the watch? Thanks

Jessie M. says:

You will never beat Casio Or Rolex so just leave and please remove your shitty stupid ads from Instagram !

ssmantri says:

Bulbul means a bird in hindi

5252dan says:

pebble is fabulous.  it’s retro, googie actually.

Hamada Omr says:

how much this watch any one can help??

BeautyofScent says:

Just a correction to the name posted on the video. It’s actually “Bolbol”.

Banter Scape says:

A much more interesting design than the Apple “piece of shit” Watch

SchneiderMan says:

Tehehe bulbul means penis in Hebrew

Jacob Kenworthy says:

The hour hand looks almost exactly the same as the minute hand. That’s not good

SaleM Al Ghamdi says:

Bulbul in Arabic is bird with nice sound

Mr. Quiltworth says:

I’m more into traditional watches, but I like those.

AMRonin says:

Try selling this in Israel…

Jan Leo says:

Oh hell no!

BeautyofScent says:

i like the name and i like the watches but i don’t like where the crown is located

jasio kowalski says:

Nice design… for a 12-year-old.

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