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Bremont ALT1-ZT Watch Review

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James Stacey of aBlogtoWatch reviews the Bremont ALT1-ZT pilot-style watch with a chronograph and GMT hand.

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An Acquired Taste says:

A great looking watch. Well done review.

T C Lim says:

Yet another fantastic review James. Enjoyed it.

ryvr madduck says:

For the money I am looking at Rolex, sorry.

John Kambouris says:

What brand nato strap did throw on it, looks nice and soft with good hardware too? Also, great review and good looking watch!

Glen Matthews says:

Great review. Gorgeous watch.

Morris Nell says:

Bremont are shitters..

elackpucko123 says:

Hello, “”!

What watch do you recommend me to upgrade to?
I currently have a Rolex Submariner Two-Tone, but i want something with more “presence” amongst “watch-people”, ya know?

I’m only 16 years of age, and i bought the Rolex myself (for around 11 500€). How i bought is a question to anwser later if you’re intrested.

I do not want anything with a leather band.

I’d appreciate your help/advice!

floydndaisy says:

I recently purchased a used one. It’s in mint condition. I put it on the included black NATO type strap. Videos do this watch no justice. It is absolutely perfect fit and finish. Machine work is flawless. Not a fan of the dome saphire though. Mine gains about 1s/day. I wear it all the time. I do not take it off to sleep. My Breitling I had worn for 14 years, only taking off my wrist to change the battery, is now retired.

HDaviator says:

Don’t know why, but I dislike this brand. They believe their brand is worth more than it actually is.

Harold Bullock says:

Thats a really nice watch. I wonder if it comes any larger, like 48 or 50 mm. If it did, I could certainly put it on my wrist.

RandomUser20130101 says:

Really handsome watch.

HextyVision says:

I love this watch – I am looking to add a gmt to my collection – not sold on the rolex gmt – and already got a planet ocean nonGMT – I think I might consider this. I believe they are doing fully in house movements from this year is that right?

Trevor Bohnsack says:

Nato all day long!

daviddrakehunter says:

Regarding all the negative comments towards Bremont, I wonder how many of the people making them have actually *handled* one? If you’ve examined one and its not to your taste, that’s fine; but these are certainly not “sh!t” watches. They’re built solid, with great fit and finish, all COSC-chonometer-certified…but oh, they have ETA movements. Beefed up ETA movements, with tougher key parts, actually. Movements that are ultimately cheaper and easier to service, yet just as accurate as a “sexy, in-house” movement. Each to their own. Wear what makes you smile, I say; but don’t crap on someone else’s offering sight unseen.

Pasquale Franze says:

The leather strap looks kinda bulky. Nato is much better!

RosenFiddlesYou says:

4:15 what are the tools for?

shelender katwal says:

Great review of a beautiful watch Bremont is one of my favorite brand there attention to the detail on there watch cases are excellent.

mario v says:

looks like there are a lot of little nicks on the bezel?

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