Breitling SuperOcean Heritage 42 & Omega Speedmaster Automatic Schumacher Edition Watch Review

Today I review 2 luxury watches, the Breitling SuperOcean Heritage 42 (A1732124/BA61-154A) automatic diver with black dial and bezel and the Omega Speedmaster Racing Reduced Michael Schumacher limited edition chronograph (3518.50.00).

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Andrew Davey says:

I was really unimpressed with the Breitling. It clearly fails as a diver due to lack of lume on the seconds hand and no markings/lume pip on the bezel. It’s a shame because it is a lovely looking watch.

Pierce Allston says:

Its quite interesting how vastly different both of these watches are. Both are ‘Sports’ watches, but have a very different appeal and look to me. Im with you as well with the pop of color on the Speedy. Maybe it is because Ive seen so many ‘Plain Jane’ ones. Would love to see it it on a Black racing strap with red accents and stiching

Ragamuffyn says:

No wonder you are scoffing at larger watches. I have the 46mm and it looks smaller on my wrist than the 42 on your’s.

Jose M. Loyman says:

very nice breitling, but i thinkn that the lack of lume on the second hand and the 12 o clock defeats the tool purpose for a diver watch acording to the ISO diver requierements. i liked what you said though its a great brand

Fred T says:

You’ve managed to find a great value in that speedy. I’m still heartbroken for the loss of the FOIS. But in terms of money for value. This piece doesn’t give up any quality and adds substantial uniqueness and character.

Ryan Mead says:

Hi Tgv, fantastic review of two amazing pieces, loooove omega, sorry ive been out of the loop for s few days, in the process of moving home so my time has been quite limited, but all done now, exciting time for the family and myself, anyway hope this finds you well, ONWARDS AND UPWARDS, your friend Ryan.

John Helwig says:

4am at hospital with my wife in labor with my SuperOcean 44 (orange) strapped to my wrist. Once again I can attenuate my nerves. Great review TGV, nearly splurged for the black heritage 46 in lieu of my 2000m 44.

Alexandru Sandru says:

what do you think about Festina watches?

Tony P says:

One of my favourite Breitling classic good looks! Excellent review TGV

Nick Mango says:

I have this watch in an orange 46. It’s a cool watch. I bought it used (mint). IMO its way overpriced new cause it’s only a 2824. But I do love the watch and recommend it if you want some conservative bling. Also, you can get this in a million sizes if you go used. 38-46.

Jon Ward says:

Ciao, I really enjoy watching your videos – they’re interesting and relaxing! Please could you tell me the name of the piece of music that plays in the intro at 1:40?
Many thanks,

Jason Moon says:

I have the 46mm Chronograph. I disagree concerning the lume, it may look nice “charged”, but the light wears down fast & is virtually unusable.
As for a ceramic bezel, no need, it doesn’t scratch, & is possibly less likely to break.
Great review. 🙂

so crispy says:

would you take a watch like that too the beach?? I mean I don’t own any high end watches like that but I do have my favourites and instead of wearing them to the beach I wear my quarts beater or my vostok amphibia.

Jason Moon says:

What’s your thoughts on the 46mm Chronograph? It’s big, but on my 8″ wrist it looks great. Downsides: Crappy lume, easy to break the date wheel if you do a quick date change between 8pm & 3am.

fnsn02 says:

So, what about the movement, when you want to (and I guess you really want to, if you want to keep it collectable) service this “factory frankenwatch” every 5 years.
Omega service pages tell that servicing costs 640EUR and you can pretty much add another 500EUR on that, because that DD2020 chrono, which is in many cases just replaced.
Pretty bad, if considered as an investment IMHO.

Speedmaster Reduced / Racing sure is a nicely sized and automatic, but the inside of these watches keeps me from getting one.

Bowen Wu says:

The speedy has always been my dream watch, I’m gonna get one in the future! Great video.

munawar hussain says:

hi TGV what is the advantages and disadvantages for a ceramic bezel ………..cost, scratch resistance, etc thanks.
stay healthy looking forward to your upcoming content .

Marc Tkocz says:

eEeryone has an opinion,but noting wrong with the closing of that clasp, Breitling does the best metal bracelets in the business at any price point,checkout tim from watchuwant best review from a technical and aesthetic point of view.

treznich says:

The Breitling is an attractive looking watch and I was close to buying one in Alaska recently. However, I believe in buying a “tool watch” for the purpose using it for its intended purpose and it became clear to me that the watch wasn’t for me. if the watch is a “dive watch” there are some very basic things missing from the design. 1) The lume is simple inadequate, particularly on the running seconds hand. When diving and the natural light from the surface begins to fade, being able to see that the seconds hand is moving is reassurance that the watch hasn’t stopped running. This is vital. 2) The date window isn’t necessary. It’s throws off the balance of an otherwise gorgeous dial and furthermore who needs to check the date when 60 meters below the surface of the ocean? 3) No screw down crown or crown guard. So if that rather large crown gets caught on something while diving, bye bye Breitling. 4) Breitlings history / heritage is founded on their history of building highly functional aviation watches not divers. ( for me personally I think that a Panerai makes for an interesting diver given its history, though interestingly many don’t even consider a Panerai for diving. 5) A tool watch with a fully polished case? This only says that if you use the watch for the purpose which it is branded for, it will very quickly look like shit. 6) Were it $2,000 cheaper it might be a little more competitive, but at this price point there are far better options. Of course, these are my personal opinions. It’s a perfectly fine watch and asthetically pleasing but it should be marketed / branded as what it truly is, an Homage to a diver.

peter tuann says:

Breitling would sell more if all their wataches had the wing & anchor on the back side of the seconds hand.


Great Video TGV, really like both Watches on offer today!! Myself I’m heading for a Breitling first then Omega further down the line… Just goes to show a 16 Year old watch made by Omega still looks vibrant and Relevant today!! Pure Class Sir.. BMJ ENGLAND.

R Wilk says:

You have probably been asked this 100 times. What is the opening music??? Please! Thank you sir.

Alex Ugbo says:

LOL asif this guy does this for real

darkestfugue says:

youd be mad to buy that breitling at retail, an oris aquis is a grand and has a similar movement ceramic bezel 300 wr has a better bracelet in my opinion and is just a better looking watch, you arent getting much for your money there, only a name

graz ryan says:

Hi TGV, did you buy your Schume from ebay? I think I saw your review of the seller, I plan to get a speedy reduced. What can you say about the seller. Highly reliable? Thanks

Minh Cong Bui says:

this and the Tudor black bay heritage are so gorgeous! Breitling is so clever to combine a dress watch and a diver into 1 beautiful watch!

Guy Frowney says:

a collection in 2 pieces

Victor chavez says:

I’m deadlocked on which superocean heritage I should get, blue bezel, white dial, mesh strap, or black bezel, white dial, black croco strap? I would love your opinion and it would help so much!

Ryan Mead says:

Hi Tgv, fantastic review of two amazing pieces, loooove omega, sorry ive been out of the loop for s few days, in the process of moving home so my time has been quite limited, but all done now, exciting time for the family and myself, anyway hope this finds you well, ONWARDS AND UPWARDS, your friend Ryan.

Ian Tonna says:

hi there, great channel 🙂 I would like to ask a question, I am still a beginner and want to start a mini watch collection. As I am currently looking to buy my first proper watch I was looking into the tissot prc200 auto, or a hamilton lord auto chrono, or even a tissot t touch solar (which is different from the others). Basically I dont want an everyday or dress watch for now, they will come later, but I want a nice watch I can wear to go out and can also use on special occasion until I get my dress watch. Any ideas pls, even from other brands? Thanks and keep it up

Alan c says:

Great buy on the Schumacher reduced..funnily enough I was looking at these models not long before you got one. I just get the feeling you may have pushed up the price and demand now!

william banks says:

Opinions on a speedy broad arrow?

Panda says:

that watch is AMAZING!!!! LOVE IT!!! but i like the one with red second hand. i believe its chronograph 44mm

Fester Fuchs says:

If only it had a ceramic bezel. It must be due for upgrade surely

CVC says:

The Trident Pro 60 seems to pay homage to this and the omega seamaster

WatchDisplay says:

Always have had my eye on the Breitling SuperOcean Heritage. One of the key reasons I have never picked one up is bc of aluminum bezel which you mentioned in the review. I am really hard on my dive watches so I can see this being an issue for me.

Dan Delaflor says:

No love for the Aquaracer with its 300m 🙁

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