Bose SoundTouch 300 Soundbar Speaker Review

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The SoundTouch® 300 soundbar looks slim. But the sound? Anything but. That’s because every cubic inch of it is packed with technologies that make everything you listen to or watch sound clear and spacious. It starts inside with custom-shaped speakers that keep the profile low and pump out big sound. QuietPort™ technology virtually eliminates distortion so you hear surprisingly deep bass. And Bose® PhaseGuide® technology makes you believe you’re hearing sounds where there are no speakers. On the outside, the glass top and perforated wrap-around metal grille make the soundbar look as good in your room as it sounds. And with both Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi® technology built in, you can wirelessly stream music any way you prefer. ADAPTiQ® audio room calibration from Bose ensures the soundbar sounds the best it can in the space you put it. HDMI™ connectivity with 4K pass-through keeps your system compatible with the most current technology. NFC provides quick and easy pairing. The SoundTouch® app gives you simple control over your favorite music. Works together with other SoundTouch® speakers so as you go from room to room, your music goes along with you. Includes a universal remote so you can control your other devices, too.


Packed with technologies that make music, movies and TV sound clear and spacious

Premium glass and metal grille make the soundbar look as good as it sounds

Bluetooth® with NFC pairing and Wi-Fi® technology let you stream music whichever way you prefer

Add optional wireless bass module and wireless surround speakers anytime for deeper bass and full-on surround sound
ADAPTiQ® audio room calibration fine-tunes the system’s sound to your room

HDMI™ connectivity with 4K pass-through keeps your system compatible with the most current technology
Includes a universal remote, so you can control your other devices, too

SoundTouch® app offers simple control of your music
One simple connection to your TV makes setup easy


Jorge Orellana says:

The app is called SOUNDTOUCH not soundlink

Mats Erik Agefur says:

If you would recommend one product over the other, which would you choose? The Bose SoundTouch 300 or the Yamaha YSP-2700? I’m in a “crossroad” between these two and it’s gonna be one of these two but I dont know which is best. My main focus about using the soundbar is for TV-watching and movie-watching so the sound must be good. Please respond asap.

Stelly R. says:

what hapened with your Bose vs Sonos comparation video ??? why its been deleted?

J. Copeland says:

what hdmi 2.2?

Vivian Liu says:

I just got my sound bar 300, but could not make the connection right. Can you make a connection video? I really appreciate if you will do it!

Jack Keys says:

I bought this sound bar at Abt about 3 weeks ago without the sub woofer and love the sound quality and clarity when playing any kind of music. It also improves the sound watching any tv show or movie. I find the dialogue mode is very helpful for hearing speech better in newscasts, U Tube videos, and series episodes. I am very impressed with the lack of distortion no matter how loud you crank the volume. I was also impressed with the extra sound that the sub woofer provides when I listened to it at the store, but it’s really good without it too. I put the Bose app on my Mini-IPad and find that it works very well going through my Wi Fi system. I have listened to many sound bars over the last year or so and I am very happy with this purchase.

Danny G says:

You mentioned you have the Sonos Playbar. Do you have a video or article that elaborates more on how this Bose sounds better than the Sonos Playbar? Thank you in advance.

Lee Smith says:

Sorry. Bose stands for dogshit Try showing quality equipment not junk.

Jörgen Nilsson says:

I have not tested Bose but Bose us to have nice sound 🙂 Did a
review about Cabasse sound bar. And it have great sound and a wireless
sub-woofer. Is Cabasse a brand you have in US?

valerie dunn says:

I just bought mine I love it but not sure if it needs the sub woofer! this thing is powerful! but I have a mouth to check it out ! I guess I’ll keep it

Sempi10 says:

That’s wrong. It’s not called the Soundlink app, it’s called SoundTouch Controller.

jdjespersen says:

What happened to the vs. Sonos Playbar comparison video?

bbhood85 says:

Listened to both and the Bose seriously sounded better compared to the Sonos no surprise given the hardware is 2016 vs playbar which has been out for ages..Bose does however lack in the connectivity/flexibility department i.e you can’t pair sound touch 10’s into the system as rears which means you’ll have to spend more money buying the virtually invisible speakers if you want 5.1 whereas the Sonos you can take any of the “play” speakers and turn it into a 5.1

chith siriphat says:

Wowww better than Sonos

L.A. November 2019 says:

In a world of diminished expectations and badge snobbery, I imagine this unit will sell well. Here are my thoughts.

Overall it’s a 7/10, like most premium products you’re paying significantly more for a marginally better product. Wait for the hype to die and purchase at a lower price, especially as the (greatly) overpriced sub is technically essential for a good sound-field. At a reduced price of around 30%, this would be a 9/10.

Bought this for my parents as I wanted the simplest set-up, ease of use and clear dialogue reproduction. There was also a size requirement in my case and I was in a hurry to get this done for my parents – I simply bought what seemed best. Both these factors played heavily into my reason for this purchase.

Aesthetics are a win, both the bar and sub are among the better examples out there.

The two manuals have only the most basic of instructions, there should have been a little more information. Note that the ADAPTiQ set-up is done via audio cues, there is no on-screen display for anything, anywhere – not good.

Sound is excellent with solid dialogue reproduction and good depth of field, but keep in mind it’s still just a soundbar, and the sub (as always) makes a world of difference. A half decent separate component home theater would still easily better this.

Built with the usual soundbar materials of plastic for the housing with metal wrap-around grill. Seams are clean and tight, plastic is of a high grade & unit is finished with a nice glass-top that helps sell the “premium” factor.

Inputs on rear are extremely lacking; think twice if your TV doesn’t support HDMI ARC.

Angled rear housing panel makes for annoying connections, even if it’s only for two or three cables.

No visual information anywhere, no screen on the soundbar & no on-screen info either. But most annoyingly; aside a tiny blinking led, is the complete lack of any indication as regards volume – really dislike this and I almost consider it a deal breaker.

Remote has a quality build with good design/layout and balanced weight. The learning capabilities worked almost flawlessly, my parents older cable box was a bit tricky, needed to enter same code several times, and play around with other codes that clearly weren’t correct.

Didn’t try any of the phone aps etc, tired of everything being done through phones. But I assume it’ll all work fine.

Recommend for the minimalist that values aesthetics and doesn’t mind paying a little more… for a little less.

ThePanamanianMike says:

Its just to expensive. it comes with no subwoofer, nor does it come with the rear channel speakers. My sound good but does not provide enough value to justify the cost

M Rod says:

The Sonos is better than this thing. I returned it for the sonos. Sonos has superior sound. Dont believe the hype. Trust me, dont waste your money!! bose 300 has no base for soundbar!. Sonos does! But bose has easier functionality than sonos. But again, the bose surround speakers have thier own huge xbox power block attached.. lame!

Terrence Thomas says:

hey I’m looking to purchase a good sound quality soundbar that’s wireless with great bass as well, which would you recommend ?

Harleyforever20 says:

My wife and I bought one yesterday. We ended up having to swap t.v from the bedroom because the other one was not comparable. When we got that cleared up, this thing was up and running in about 5 minutes. Sounds awesome! We are looking to add the surround speakers this week. We love how clear and clean it makes our favorite music sound.

Rayk Truong says:

would it be a good idea to mount this on the wall?

Nash Cotten says:

When will you be doing the comparison with the Sonos playbar?

chith siriphat says:

Adt don’t sell this sound bar lots of problems with this system with bugs..


I’m still happy with the lifestyle 135 series 3 a great sound bar which Bose have discontinued.

T.O.N.I says:

good video!
id like to know your opinion.
i wanna buy a bose soundtouch but i dont know if i should get the 10 or 20. the sound is important for me and i wanna know if theres a noticeable difference soundwise between the 10 and 20 (also based on the price difference). Im listening mainly to rap but also mainstream music if thats important. thank u and sry for my bad english, im from germany.

smoovefishing says:

I like it better than the Sonos also I had the Sonos and bought the Bose for our lake house but first I hook it up at the house where I could go back and forth and listen to both and the Bose had a clearer sound so I keep the Bose and took the Sonos to the lake house

Roy Gonsalves says:

I brought the whole package ,sub , surround 4 days ago as i did not want to loose on any sound quality . Believe me Bose nailed it big time. The whole set sounds just too good to mention. If possible try getting the whole package you will be amazed by the quality of audio comming from it. Not to mention Sonos was on my list too as honestly it sounds great. But Bose is the best value for money.

Nick B says:

What is the HDMI “in” for? I was under the impression that ARC “out” is just a one cable solution. Many thanks

Bryan Asencio says:

ps4 pro unboxing!!!

kenneth ganesh says:


James Moore says:

could i hook up a turntable to my sound bar i would i need to buy a amplifier

Jim Richardson says:

Hi, I just purchased this unit today and I’m in the process of setting it up. I am not very experienced with this type of install and I’m unable to get sound just yet. I know it is powered up because the little white light is turned on, I have sequenced the remote because I can turn the tv off when I hit the off button. I have Directv and I’m not sure if I need to directly connect the Bose hdmi cable to my Directv box. Currently I am connecting the soundbar from the hdmi ARC on the soundbar to my Samsung Smart TV ARC port. Is this correct or should it be connected to the Directv box? Do I need to adjust any settings for audio on my TV? Thank you for your assistance.

J Ch says:

can I connect this BOSE speaker to any mixer systems for karaoke?

Bob says:

I was looking for a sound bar I was going to buy a sonos system but came across this Bose 300 and I agree it sounds so much better than the sonos and glad I bought it and adding the wireless surround speakers make it sound amazing I’d def recommend this system

Chris Michel says:

curious on what is better, this or the new flagship vizio sound bar

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