BOSE SOUNDTOUCH 30 Wireless Music System Review

BOSE SOUNDTOUCH 30 Wireless Music System Review
Buy it here, – Bose Soundtouch 30 – Bose Soundtouch 20 – Bose Soundtouch 10

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The best-performing one-piece wireless music system from Bose
• Works with your home Wi-Fi network and Bluetooth devices so you can play almost anything you can imagine.
• One-touch access to music services (Spotify, Pandora), Internet radio and music library playlists with six personalized presets
• Powerful control with the SoundTouch app for your smartphone or tablet
• Part of an entire family of Bose wireless products


Bijbu says:

How many unread messages?

Fernando Torres says:

Awesome speaker, thumbs up for the review.

winstonian88 says:

How does the SoundTouch 20 compare?

Hollanda1975 says:

WHICH ONE would you pick and why?
Sonos Play5 V2, Heos7 hs2 or Bose Soundtouch 30 series III. Prices are similar on amazon in my country. All between 450 and 500 euro. What do you think?

luka nklc says:

can i take this thing outside or does it have to be plugged all the time?

Mahendra Singh says:

sonos play 5 vs bose soundtouch which is better?

nyk4life33 says:

hello sir. quick question. Previously I’ve had the Bose SoundDock 10 so I’m trying to get a comparison. Is this basically the same soundwise?

Mishaal Kaabi says:

Can this start a 10-attendees party?

russel wen says:

i still dont get why people like bose, its shit
but i guess, if you like clanky bass, drowned mid, distorted highs
bose is good, my cousins regretted buying the SLIII cause of the hype
but the wifi thing is pretty good tho.
aiwa exos-9 in my opinion is better
it has lower freq bass, nice mids, and clear highs.

Dwight Turner Jr. says:

Mr. Carter. you check out the Davielet Gold” phantom wireless speaker. cost is $4.000.00.

Vassilis Sioutas says:

Great Review!!! One question, connectivity with TV, it’s possible???

Oscar Santillana says:

Are these the best airplay speakers and what do you think of airplay

Ham m says:

Can I use the bluetooth from my desktop as well?

Sung Lee says:

does this product has battery built in? or always have to connect ac adapter?

Corunja Marados says:

There’s a rule
If you got Tupac on your phone, you play Tupac

MastenPark says:

What up Floss. I just brought 2 Play 5’s but I haven’t open them yet. I got 2 questions to you and the group.

1) How is the Sound touch app vs Sonos app especially with the Sonos update that dropped today to be able work directly from the Spotify app?

2) I’ve been into the smart home thing and I know the play 5 will support Alexa early 2017 and ive seen work arounds to make it work now. Has anyone heard word on the Bose being able to do the same.

Any help would be greatly be appreciated.

Michaela Teofilovic says:

I thought they were wireless speakers? why does it need to be plugged in?? Or does it mean that i don’t need to use an AUX core then?

Abdullah Alhatem says:

Can u play YouTube, or it only play music apps and library from smartphones, tablets, and computers? Also, can u connect it to TV?

Sean McGuire says:

I know these speakers are far off in price, but is this speaker better than the JBL xtreme or the harman/kardon onyx studio? is this speaker worth it?

Alejandro Lagos says:

Hi, I want to buy the sountouch 10 for my grandma who doesn’t have a smartphone. Is it possible to set up a spotify playlist on one of the soundtouch buttons with my phone for her to listen even when I’m not in her house? Thanks!

tony p says:


Luis de Marco Alatriste says:

Hello, I bought a SoundTouch 30 the last week, in the store I loved the sound, in my room isn´t what I spect….I was wondering: Where is made your SoundTouch?
Mine is made in Mexico.
Thanks for your answer

JAKEO says:

Can you do a Sonos vid please

T.O.N.I says:

flossy would u say its Worth it to spend 150€ (than the price of the soundtouch20) more and go for the Soundtouch 30? is the Sound so much better?

Ossie Weinert says:

Thank’s Flossy, great review!

Type-59 says:

Would you say there is a BIG difference in sound quality between the B ST 30 and the B ST 20?

ChiTown Flavor says:

Great review fam. I just picked up the Soundtouch 20 and I can agree that it’s loud as fuck. Not as loud as the 30 I would assume but for $100 it was a steal! 🙂

SXI96 says:

I have a wave radio iii bluetooth bundle and looking to upgrade? I already get great bass out of the wave radio. Not sure if this would be an upgrade or not. Any suggestions?

Hungarian Grocery says:

You bet $5000 on what?

Glen Siu says:

I’m sold, I am getting BOSE SOUND 30,

Heinzkitz Velvet says:

YIKES! That is high rent! I got the LG Music Flow system in my house. Took my time, looked around and got good deals. I can’t complain about the sound at all. Love my music flow.

winstonian88 says:

Need help! I’m torn between the new BOSE SOUNDTOUCH 30 and the SONOSPlay5. I know all the features, but which SOUNDS better?


Gangsta review….loved it

SuperUrecords says:

At 6:44 I saw you rained on us lol.

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