BOSE SoundDock 10 Bluetooth – Unboxing and Quick Review

unboxing video and quick review of the Bose SoundDock 10 bluetooth music system, I didn’t show how the BlueTooth part works I might add that later. Thanks for watching!


Moises Sequera says:

How many wats?

leociarapower says:

I’m dead do you really listen to this or are you bullshiting us!

mike white says:

nice vid

Sofia Rodriguez says:

CAN i connect BOSE SoundDock 10 Bluetooth with my tv? can somebody tell me how please?

KoochyWoochy says:

>>>The Chronic<<<

Ana Pereira says:

I have a Bose SoundDock 10 and it doesn’t work on iPad Air or iPhone 5S. Do you know if I have to buy another bluetooth adapter or is it possible to update this one?

dojo says:

Nice review bro, sweet purchase!!

Elliot Jenkins says:

open boxes much?

MusicManGalaxY says:

I like Beats Portable Beatbox cause its really easy to carry it with you, has awesome sound quality, are pretty loud and you can put in the batteries.

Jimmy gutierrez says:

@ana pereira if I was you I would call the local Bose store and ask them

Julian Belt says:

I was expecting a girl coming out of that box.

Raghvendra Pratap Singh says:

Brother what watch are you wearing…liked it..can you please tell me the model no…??

Pesci_Selvatico says:

If you have aux cable yes.

Cesar Augusto Tse says:

please, can you tell me if it features a rechargeable battery?

I mean, if it HAS TO BE PLUGGED to the wall to play songs.

Josh Sebastian says:

hey just one question. does it charge your ipod or iphone while playing?

JDKindustries says:

No battery, it must be plugged in absolutely.

James Webster says:

cool knife

alberto moises says:

sound dock 10 have problem, your dock will not work on iPhone 4, 4 s that is iOS version 7

steven reed says:

Does it just double the sound of your iPhone/iPod or dies it use the speaker volume?

JDKindustries says:

Only if your laptop is bluetooth enabled. Most Macs are, some newer PC’s are as well. There is a swappable bluetooth dock included in the box.

maxcreed3 says:

I wanna know if i can play other dispositive that is not an apple (if it has an auxiliary to plug other non Apple dispositive) and if i can play an iPad there… And obviously how much does it cost. Thanks.

richard21solava says:

I just ordered this thanks to this video being uploaded!!! 🙂 thank u! And what was the name of the first song you played?????

JDKindustries says:

Thank you for watching! The name of the first song is: Still DRE by Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg

Bangbang Ali says:

can you connect the laptop to this by Bluetooth??

Jorge Granifo says:

that work for iphone 5s?? greats

David Rico says:


hayfire2 says:

whats with the swearing?

claudees says:

nice info.  Thanks. 

Azmat Khan says:

Hey your wrist watch is better than speaker is it from Bose too

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