Bose S1 Pro REVIEW & SOUND TEST DEMO – Best Speaker

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Thanks everyone for watching and I hope this videos helps some of you guys to make your decision.

Hands down, one of the BEST all in one speaker and PA system I have ever used and heard of in the past 10 years! Strongly and Highly recommended!

I have bought a third ONE too!!! I love it so much!!


HappyRider Reviews says:

Buy it on Amazon (Best Deal Available)
✅ US:
✅ UK:

Jimmy Wallace says:


Ian Ffield says:

Your room is an acoustic masterpiece

Jimmy Wallace says:

Paper Cones?

Audiognome says:

If you use them as tv speakers how do you adjust the volume without having to get up.

Nature From Top says:

when you put ears close to this speaker does it make hiss sound on zero volume when no music is being played

Aimee Shaw says:

Tried following your instructions to play music on this at max volume in my fourth floor apartment. Was evicted 60 seconds later. 😉

Nik 24x7 says:

Base frequency responce?

Jason N says:

You got a karaoke review version ?

mm 2018 says:

You have excellent style in your home . You should do home decor videos too.

ben riv says:

Vs behringer mpa40bt ??

Eryll Bagnas says:

Is it good for movies?
Like if you use it as a surround sound?

Ritchie Rosson says:

In my opinion they are nice for at home in a living room but not for bigger venues.

Ricky Declaro says:

How much the price each?

Grenville Do Rego says:

Hi, I have a query. how did you connect both the S1 Pro via bluetooth to your phone. I went to bose store and they told me you can’t connect it. Kindly advise.

Alejandro Pornasa says:

I wonder what its sound like if it is place outdoor!!!!

Von Phonxana says:

Hello guys. Anyone here ever own RCF speakers? I own a pair active RCF ART 735A. They rated 700 watts RMS and I use a pair Behringer for my sub. I love them but they just little heavy. If possible I would like to switch to Bose.

Jimmy Wallace says:

Pro Audio is way different than Home Audio.

Han Grace says:

orionmusicinc says:

Great, thorough review! Thank you!

Todor Todorov says:


Manuel Hernandez says:

Great Presentation! Can you set 2 up to play in stereo? I have a Yamaha Tyros 5 keyboard and use a Bose L1 Model 2 with B2 base. Love the sound but miss the stereo separation and tremelo effects.

ashvin singh says:

hi could you please let me know how much is the Bass level ? Does it provide a good amount of Bass for a Small party .

mm 2018 says:

Good thing you can rotate the Bose logo or it would sound horrible.. seriously though great video. But Bose didn’t put a main volume control for all three inputs at once.. ?????? Why not

Eryll Bagnas says:

Heyy can you connect the bose s1 pro to the bose bass module 500?

Jimmy Wallace says:

Foam surrounds?

DJ-Stobbe says:

12:32 sorry but the Speakers are to close and the Sound example is without singing !

Legend Hunters says:

Bose made a crappy sound system for a shitty tetra game console you can find on Wish for $1

R O says:

What about bottom end?

cmc4741 says:

What’s the name of the song playing?

Jimmy Wallace says:

How Much?

Dj Bhodz Calica says:

If you will hear the mackie freeplay even the old version freeplay, you will trow that S1 Pro in the garbage 🙂

Jimmy Wallace says:

Paper Tweeters?

dantonliam says:

This is a band for performing with….not really for a house setup…

siddhartha jain says:

Hows the bluetooth connectivity …i am upgrading from sound touch 30 to this

Chuck Yang says:

Great review! Was considering the same setup and you answered it. Thx! BTW, nice setup, and beautiful home!

Rahul Das says:

You should use with different type of songs. Instead of playing a single song.

MaksTheCool says:

Can you do a S1 Pro vs Marshall Woburn 2 (multi-room) comparison?

Ken Dam says:

Hi, happy new year. Can you please tell me how is it perform outside compared with bose 251 ? I like the 251 but seem like too much wiring need to be done.
thank you

Jimmy Wallace says:

All Pro Audio Never goes below 50.

rohit khanna says:

One is enough bro

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