Bluetooth speaker system SDX AUDIO SPEAKER SYSTEM

SDX Audio Bluetooth Speaker System & Digital Music Player is a small boombox looking bluetooth speaker system, it has that 9ld school loook with all types of digital connections, remote control etc


383lt1impala says:

I just bought mine from pepboys today for 45 bucks worth every penny.

eddiesgsr says:

I just bought mine from pep boys for 60 I guess the price went up

4wardmove 4wardmove says:

can it be charged to run on its own

backflipdunk says:

does it have great bass

rlr401 says:

Does it have a rechargeable built in battery?

T Cunningham says:

Can it be charged? or does the AC power have to be plugged in?

Jay Cents says:


silas adam says:

That sucks I paid 79 Canadian at Canadian tire on sale yet wtf!!!..

Faitau Thompson says:

Can you test out the bass…. Im more of a bass person….

BiggBirdd633 says:

Thanks for the review. I was looking at this and now I’m heading out to get one.

Claribel Santana says:

where you bought it?

Gord Thor says:

200 watts?Translation to reality,maybe 10 watts and that would be at considerable distortion. “Old school” 200 watts will kick you in the nuts with HARD hitting bass.The term “wattage” has lost all meaning with modern audio junk.”Sound quality”may be subjective to an extent,but come on man,that sounds like crap.

Lisa Trull says:

I have one I bought at Kmart about 6 or 7 years ago. Love it but I need a new one since I lost my remote at work one night a never did find it, and the buttons on top don’t work to well after leaving it on the deck for the past several years. I guess moisture has gotten to it , but it does still work. I love mine.

michael moore says:

Hit says you have to put a pin in

mig0824 says:

Ok thanks blazer a

mooe1965 says:

Good job bro. Thanx. I just seen it at Pepboyz and came home to look up reviews and yours was the first.
Very good job.

Daddy Weemes says:

I got one of them and it kicks ass besides haveing to replace the speaker in it so I put a 6+9 in it

Andrew Nixon says:

How do I change the eq? My grandpa list the instructions when I got it from him but couldn’t figure it out

Old Chrome says:

Thinking about getting one and hacking it with a dual 12v mini battery set up. Or taking the parts off this system and making a bigger box with the dual batteries. I made one but want more and cleaner accessibility like this system has.

Theft Tv says:

Is the tweeter fake? It looks fake

gAmiNg, and ReaCtinG with mOnSTEracsent says:


Jess blitz says:

Thanks man now I’m excited to get mine in the mail


nice vid jay….I like the throwback bassbox look….I will definitely buy me this tomorrow. thanks bro.

Cara Stone says:

i want to buy a wireless speaker for my dad’s 66 convertible bonnie….will it sound good in it..or should i go bigger

PasTeK Prod says:

we just fucking hear the guy in the background out of breath while filming xD gg

nichols worth says:

I ordered one , then came looking for a review. HaHa! No worries now bra!!!

Jay Cents says:

Good to hear..have mines blasting on my deck right now!

Micah Smet says:

Awesome, thanks man! Good review

BClocals says:

Great video man. Now time for me to go pick one up.

mig0824 says:

Is it portable?

lowtek32 says:

good video take music anywhere cool

jolar1985 says:

Is it good for like the beach and picnic?

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