Blackweb Party Speaker Unboxing & Review

This is a1,500-WATT Bluetooth party speaker with a 15″ subwoofer and a 1″ tweeter, Aux, USB, FM Radio, SD card Input, Microphone Led Indicator and Led Lights.. Enjoy the video!!


DJ Martin says:

I hate speakers like that

Michael Brown says:

It’s really good for 160 but I nearly broke the subwoofer in it I got scared

Un ova says:

Does it have fm?

BraulioMUSIC says:

Can i change the subwoofer?

Kylie Dix says:

Do you have a Facebook? I found a way to make this awesome speaker mobile 🙂 you got to check it out. What do I look up to find you on Facebook? I’m going to send you some pictures through Messenger

Ghetto Wizard says:

this video inspired me to go buy this speaker!!! I’ve had it just over a month and it still sounds incredible!!! love the rotating LED lights too!!! if your in the market for an extremely powerful Bluetooth speaker, this is as good as it gets for $150 new!!!

technological reinovations says:

hahaha.  Imagine wearin it like a bookbag or bringing this shit on a airplane lol.  Or puting on ur bike n takeing it for a spin lol.

Michael Brown says:

Uh I bought the same one at Walmart and the box said it’s rechable and portable

vangoghmatisse1 says:

Hey handsome great video!

Ron S says:

I got the smaller one, it’s really loud, and it makes people very angry whenever you start screaming at them while using it. I should mention the fact that I’m a security guard, and vagrants like to pretend that they can’t hear me. The speaker helps to rectify that situation. Whatever somebody shouting at you at 90 decibels, you tend to hear them.

Lisenko Chavez says:

I don’t like the quality of the sound tho personally I buy the monster 3 and ion outback and them got a real good sound and my friend buy the 1500 watts and is loud but not real good sound

Hristo Yonkov says:

what is the battery life?

Zebulon Roderick says:

I want it lol. thanks man!!!

Vinnie A says:

i like your sweat pants

dannywilliam22 says:

I love “drive”.

George Ferrer says:

I went and bought 4 of them new from a distributor here in Orlando. I kept 2 and selling the other 2 for 225 or 125 each

javi says:

Hey man do you know how to set the mode to connect rca {red white} cables?

Casper Audi says:

Wrong choice of music

Hunter Otis says:

I need some help. I would like to get this to put in my car. I have a thing you plug into the cigarette that allows you to plug a three prong plug into it. Will that be enough to supply the speaker or will I blow something. If there’s a title of a video of how to connect it to the batter or something that’d be helpful or if it will work thru the port thanks a ton

Safia Yousaf says:


George Ferrer says:

I do have an ebay account with 100% feedback. Just have to charge shipping.

Marvin Caballero says:

I have been aching to get this when I seen it at Walmart now I’m definitely getting it! Thanks bro, how’s the bass tho? And does it work on the TV?

tree18is says:

your chick knows whats up !

phengher says:

Does it have a echo option?

Raymond Leggs says:

Speakers and amps that plug into the wall tend to sound better than batte ry power. Stronger power supply.

Cristian Mata says:

Where can I buy this

kilamanjaro Mountain says:

You look like maldanado. But not as skinny.

SFbayKid says:

U cute & yUMMY ….. If i was there i would JUMP on ur dick real QUICK 😛

BiGbOyGeE 562 says:

Whats the name of the song at 7.30 brosky

Estar Atento says:

If you switch that read switch from 115 to 230 do you get more sound

Yasin Morant says:

Does it need to stay plugged in to work? Or can it be portable?

George Ferrer says:

I just saw the 76 corvette it’s very nice. I’ve got a 1979 ttop camaro z28

technological reinovations says:

great revue though lol. But still imagine, someone walking down the halls blasting this shit wearing it like a bookbag hahaha!

Tekboy 808 says:

saw this thing at walmart for 149.99 was wondering if it was worth it might just get it now thx to ur review

Brynjolf Nightingale says:

Definitely gonna buy

AGKtbee says:

Hey how many mics can you connect?


Does anyone know why my speaker just stop playing? We were using it at a party and when The music stopped we couldn’t play anything else from it. Its says connected and it turns on but I can not hear any sound from the speaker ? Can someone help me?

Nick Russell says:

How’s the speaker holding up is the bass good and does it sound pretty crisp? And do the lights correspond with the bass

Rafael Rosanina says:

Cant tell if the bass is good.
Love bass
Can someone tell me if you Can you feel the bass? Or just little

you tube 425 says:

damn you are cute.

e.g. Smith says:

Just too bad it’s not stereo !!!!!!

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