BEST Student Laptop 2016 – 2016 Macbook Review – AFTER 3 Months Revisited


As back to school season is right around the corner, the 2016 Macbook is my pick for the best back to school laptop. Let me know which one you’ll be bringing.

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Septian Pratama says:

is it still having glowing apple logos?

jasmine le says:

Why are people on here literally just complaining about the price so they call it trash? Ur that mad you can’t get one? Lol

justinfroot says:

The fake MKBHD YouTube voice is strong on this one

Heart Vasquez says:

omg is that a exo thing in the background

Grigore Cusnir says:

what about the macbook air?

Cowgoesroarx says:

How about photoshop? Does it preform well?


surface pro 4

Vinz Myu says:

my family probably would never send me to school if I ask them to buy one of these

hala's bubble says:

This has seriously reassured me thank you so much! My old MacBook Pro broke (it was an older model that still had the CD drive) last week and I’m in my last year of high school and I’m going to university in September to do politics and IR and I’ve been on the fence on whether this would be a good laptop for school but thank you so much for reassuring me seriously helped me make a decision!! 🙂

Mateo 7 says:

Nice skin

Megan McDonald says:

Should I get the MacBook Pro 15″ or the 13″?

Eric Yap Chin Yang says:

what about Microsoft surface pro 4?

Dayvaughn says:

How can you say that a laptop that doesn’t even have standard usb ports is the best for school? You kind of need those usb ports

Torryx says:

where my 2011 mbp users at

Austin Campbell says:

This is the laptop I’ll be taking to school. The idea is to be thin and light and still get the job done. If you can spend the cash for this this is an awesome laptop. This will do comfortably everything I’m going to need done for school my first two years.

Abner Hernandez says:

most college students dont have more than $1,000 to spend on a laptop unfortunately. nice vid btw.

Razor says:

Get a decent Chromebook. Mac computers are simply overpriced and is just purely a brand name. For school and web browsing, a Chromebook will be just fine.

agentmikster44 says:

My books are by far the weightiest things in my backpack going to school. So I never understand when people complain about the weight of laptops, my gaming laptop feels light compared to all my books. And secondly, other than computer science courses and other computer related courses, why would you even bring your laptop to school? Unless your course uses some software or something. I find typing things down largely counterproductive (if you’re even typing and not on YouTube xD )
But then again all universities are different I suppose…

Bagel Burger says:

For the same price I bought my i7 Kaby Lake | 256gb | SSD | 8gb RAM | 1080p matte screen XPS 13 🙂 I love it so much and I carry it everywhere with me for research and programming. I’ll admit that Macs are certainly prettier, but my XPS is nothing to sneeze at, in my opinion. Plus it’s got an 11″ form factor and fits just about anywhere I toss it.

Busola Baybee says:

where can I get that skin?

Jon Gutierrez says:

U look gay asf,s channel says:

i watched your video with the 2016 MacBook

Salwa Rashid says:

I’m looking for a laptop good for med school… I’m stuck, MacBook Air or another laptop please advice

Max Flynn-wiggins says:

i’m buying it for school

Ryan Mac says:

I don’t have a MacBook I have a different brand

Julius Kissinger says:

Definitely MacBook 2016!!! Paralegal Studies major, school of law at Liberty University 🙂

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