Best Soundbar 2016 ? | Bose Solo 5 Review

If you are looking for an upgrade to your built in TV or computer monitor speakers, and don’t have a lot of space, the Bose Solo 5 is probably the best soundbar you can get. Pair it with bluetooth as well, and you have a great device. Pair with PS4, Smartphone or desktop
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Jamal Mahroof says:

This was the most pointless video, you basically said you can use Bluetooth and optical cable and that you are not going to play it and record it

dale taylor says:

Shit computer, shit games console and shit Soundbar

gio garcia says:

wtf……..just bla bla bla ….where is the fuck………..SOUND

cactus 1539 says:

Thanks for sharing. I got the information that I wanted.

Jesse Strauch says:

It doesn’t even have subwoofer?! Went in a retail store to listen..very average and no bass whatsoever! Much better ones out there

jakewalle says:

“I hate when people play the soundbar in the video because it wont be any benefit to you” oh really? wtf do you actually think i view a fucking review of a soundbar for? to hear the details of the specs which I can find on their fucking site? I want to hear the fucking thing you dumb fuck and yes it does provide a huge benefit to me and plenty of other because we can hear how the sound is . Sure its not 100% accurate but at least it is something. If its a terrible speaker, we will hear it if you show us the sound in the video you dumb fuck.

Rachman Ibrahim says:

too much face shoot rather the product

George David says:

Alienware Alpha and Bose? You are a huge retard…both victim of marketing + stupidity

Stephane Menard says:

So I missed the part if You liked the bose or not and the price???

Alfonso Foster says:

my first “thumps down”…

Louie Lamoore says:

JJ. If one has a large monitor with speakers how would these two match up sound-wise? Would they be in sync when music is being played? Thank you.

Punkin Drublic says:


oas Alta says:

I only gave you a thumbs up because I like you!!!

Clinton W Salvato says:

I recently upgraded my old Vizio sound bar that was about 5 years old to a newer model that can take a digital signal such as Dolby digital. ?The old one could only decode PCM, so it was becoming more and more incompatible with devices that only have HDMI out. The new one can connect to the TV by optical and receive the TV’s DD signal.

Sound is great, and i have the option of buying a powered sub to connect externally to the new sound bar. My question to you is have you dealt with any sound bars that take an HDMI connection, and would it make a difference for 2.0 or 2.1 setups?

P.S. I’ve always heard good things about Bose systems, but i’ve never owned one. Usually it’s been Sony for anything audio, or Vizio in the case of the sound bars. the TV is Panasonic, and it’s a Plasma. I plan on holding onto it as long as possible since Plasma sets are no longer made.

Brad Snyder says:

Awesome review Jeremy!

metal dra900n says:

Great video! I was wondering how I can get audio out with my xbox one connected to a pc monitor. Didn’t really know these things existed.

kyle marrujo says:

Your video is terrible. Please do us a favor and stop making you tube videos.

Marcos Batallas says:


Tyrell Williams says:

bitch ass white boy

XD Monsterking says:

you think a soundtest is not benefit then why are you doing videos for people ?

Taylor Wells says:

Intro song name??

dilly2007hk says:

I’ve got this bar. I want to put this behind my bed and connect it through Bluetooth to my TV. Is there anyways to change the sound path from L+R to R+L?

Rusdi Rashid says:

Its made in China

Soy Fish says:

Great idea. I have a similar set up at home with my PC and PS4 on the one PC monitor. Also you should have “pressed” your remote to turn off your camera at the end 🙂

rajesh kumar says:

if im you ill buy JBL stereo soundbar (sb200)

David Stephens says:

Good video JJ, what kind of music do you generally listen to?

Kong Lor says:

Thanks for sharing! I’m looking for a sound bar for my new desktop set up and this may be the one. Did you connect it wirelessly through bluetooth? Thanks

TheMikeBase says:

you buy alienware, please explain again how you know anything about ANYTHING. Like who the fuck pays that much extra money for a fucking logo…>

Don’t trust this reviewer

Sh Afnan says:

What microphone do you use ??

Drakstal says:

Hi, thanks for the review. one thing though, can you not have the mic like that? it transfers all the sound when you move and made me focus on that the entire video.

Ricardo Vila Nova Almeida says:

Thank you for the video, Jeremy. Don’t you feel that you need a subwoofer for this soundbar?
I havent try it yet but I would like to know what you think about the bass levels of this soundbar.

Thank you!

Ricco123tube says:

Too expensive for the sound quality it produces. Personally found it to be very disappointing.

Jeremy Judkins says:

Really curious as why so many people are upset that I didn’t demonstrate the sound quality? Do you realize that the sound quality would be completely inaccurate, considering I am recording it with a microphone that records in lesser quality than the soundbar…not to mention the people complaining are probably listening on a smartphone, whose sound would be no where near close to how the soundbar was producing sound. If you are interested in testing it out, go to bestbuy or, just buy it and return it if you don’t like it.

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