Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker 2015-2016 : Review of 9 Speakers + Sound Test

Which is the best portable bluetooth speaker in the market? In this review we test out 9 Speakers ranging from $100 to $400. We compare them on parameters like Design/Portability , Features and Sound Quality.

Recommend using headphones for this video. Hope it helps you pick the right speaker for you.

Speakers Tested in the Video :
JBL Flip 3
Creative Soundblaster Roar
JBL Charge 2
Ultimate Ears Boom (UE Boom)
Bose Soundlink Mini 2
Bose Sound Link 3
Bowers and Wilkins T7
Bang and Olufsen A2
JBL Extreme


Chester Latoza says:

Bose has the better sound quality..the bass sound is whole not broken..

Michał Parapet says:

nag olfusen a2 best

Xxx tentacion says:


Nancy McGinnis says:

I like the jbl for portability, but the Bose for my room

Matija Krajnik says:

Does anybody agree that soundlink 3 sounded the best…bowers and wilkins was warm to the point where it drowned out mids, and bang and olufsen just sounded hollow?

Nirav Ganatra says:

Very nice comparison thanks a lot…

Michael Portmann says:

Very good video, i like how you always showd the skipping time.

Davis Braker says:

do u think that u can do one comparing roll2 jbl charge 2 jbl flip 3 and jbl charge 3 plz

Rajshekhar ray chaudhury says:

Perhaps the best review ever on Bluetooth speakers! Thanks

Savita Manchanda says:

most powerful speaker jbl extreme

CtrlAltDefeat 98 says:

The shots that you made where at the moment the speakers were off. Cause the woofers of the JBL XTREME (the best speaker in the video) werent moving.

abraham chams says:

Hey first I would like to thank you for your amazing videos. I have a friend that works in the speaker industry (they are a very big brand) and I told them about your channel and they had alot of interest can you please MSG me so i can connect you with them.

Moon Longmwon says:

Did i have a wrong scene? I saw OnePlus in this video.

sanket kurude says:

nice Video and great song ! love AC/DC

CtrlAltDefeat 98 says:

Hahaha headphones for best experience….

JBL LSR305 is better than any headphone.

yash naryani says:

did boss speakers have huge bass

Hannes Borjel says:

whitch is the loudes

JoakillerLOL says:

Help!! Piple S5 or Anker A3143?

Yippie says:

By setting the microphone on the same table it’s picking up all the table vibrations from the speakers.

me m says:

Best speaker comparison video I have seen. The song choice for comparison fits perfectly. Thanks and keep it up.

CtrlAltDefeat 98 says:

UE MEGABOOM is horseshit. Bad sound quality.

Sake Bimmy says:

Just got the supreme and bang & olufsen collaboration A2

GS9 Productions says:

i agree with the bang amd olufsen but the bose mini 2 is the best of its size

Jonathan Ziegler says:

Who could fit these in their pocket haha


hi, very good and informative video, I would like to have your advice I am planning to buy portable speaker but very confused, I have narrow down on 2 product creative iroar and onkyo x9, so which one will be better to chose, please help me, thank you

Fojum says:

its jbl xtreme not extreme 🙂

himanshu sardana says:

which is better creative or flip 3

Magdiel Aguilar says:

dude nice job


Good review, after many reviews I saw I will buy jbl charge 3

Kanga Empire says:

Sound of the table is so annoying. Next time don’t mount speakers and mic on the same surface. (im sure you learned that by now.)

Chester Latoza says:

Creative is the cheapest and bose are the most expensive in this review

Omar Philip Risulmi says:

Clarity and bass i’ll go for bose, super nice, but pricey. I have compared them side by side.

Davis Braker says:

do u think that u can do one comparing roll2 jbl charge 2 jbl flip 3 and jbl charge 3 plz

suneet nayak says:

+AnAnthology Thanks for the awesome review. Purely from a price to sound quality POV, will you prefer JBL charge 3 worth £99 or Beoplay a2 worth £149? Also, which one between the 2 is louder or are they comparable in terms of loudness?

TheZaqsen says:

Loewe 2go is my vote!

jphernandezcampos says:

Excent video! … For prize and portability i’ll choose the flip 3!…. Saludos desde Chile!

thatkid_ inblue says:

Nice video

Rèfi Péter says:

I have a JBL GO

mefunnytoons says:

Can you please let me know about Sony SRS-X55 Premium Wireless Speaker with Bluetooth and NFC (Black) means comparison with other good Bluetooth speaker 2016

Fred Doe says:

Bose is the best

Levon Balabanian says:

ive tested all the speakers as well,jbl xtreme will blow your mind,specially when it comes to bass lovers,its just amazing with no bass distortion,high volume,clear sound,and its the best looking one,you only pay once and youll get the best one,highly recommended

Indra says:

Beoplay A2 it’s The Best… I Totally agree with you

2k says:

hey man, what happened to you? are you OK? ….

Ray Jones says:

Bang and Olufsen sounds the best by 2 light years

Femhara says:

Good job Apu !

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