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Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Communicators 2017

It’s 2017. Personal robots are a thing. Self-driving vehicles exist. Missions to Mars are being planned! Basically, technology is the name of the game. With that in mind, this list of the best motorcycle bluetooth communicators of 2017 focuses on the tech that makes the ride better for those who want to log miles without logging off. Regardless of the type of helmet you wear or the style of riding you do, one of the top bluetooth communicators on this list will notably augment the connectivity that you have while doing so. From interfacing with your cell phone, gps, or handful of other bluetooth devices, to a direct intercom link to the riders in your group with top-tier audio, the functionality, power, and performance of the best motorcycle helmet bluetooth communicators is one of the most exciting areas to pay attention to in 2017.

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The Flying Brompton says:

Good God annoying voice…would rather listen to nails on a blackboard.

Cristian Celiberti says:

Hi. Can I use one of those in a Nolan N104???

CANTSiR says:

This guys energy is crazy. Idk what kinda drugs he did but I need some. Look at his right (our left) hand.

Glenn Miller says:

THE feature that would motivated me to buy would be a means to integrate recording for vlogging, but I never hear that mentioned. It would be really great if you could do a video on whether that’s even an option on any product out there at this point and if it is, which product works best. Maybe even a how-to video would be nice.

Konstantinos Verigos says:

why they speak so weird?

Mehdi Tsouli Kamal says:

I feel like u r trying to sell us something

BlazingLove316 says:

I need a unit which allows for music to be heard on two devices as well as speak to one another. Please help.

Omar Ramos says:

what is the name of the Grey, Black and White jacket behinde you?

Yowzoe says:

I don’t need a communicator or GPS, I only want to listen to music on my phone. Anyone have ideas? ty

Timothy Wiley says:

you are an incredibly irritating orator

Eshenbug says:


John Morales says:

Can you use the sena 20s with the bell qualifier dlx mips? Also can you use the sena 20s without the antenna being up?

weljo2001 says:

Have been using Scala products since 2010. Recently got a Scala PackTalk to replace my Scala G9. The PalkTalk is simple to install and works amazing rode with a buddy that has one also and it worked fantastic.

NotDreadYet says:

Hi, I’m looking for this for only two riders where we can listen to our own music individually but also be able to communicate with each other.
I also have the latest BMW Nav and don’t know if that will. implicate things. Thank you for any help!
Also, would the Sena 30K be overkill for my needs?

michael agee says:

Anthony has to be the best motorcycle gear reviewer on the internet. Thumbs up. Keep up the incredible work.

Eric Butterfield says:


Juan Salazar says:

Anthony is the GOAT

IfeelLOL says:

Guys just buy a normal Bluetooth to phone connecter

shawoo says:

I wish my friends rode so I could justify something like this. No point if not riding with a group…or is there ?

Seth Vtex says:

when’s the fuzar supposed to be on the market?

Tetrahydrocannibinol says:

Is there some type of device that is solely a headset for music?
I don’t want to pay more for the communication feature that I don’t use and I want to focus on nice crisp sound quality.

doirtlee says:

Sweet sena commercial

michael agee says:

Anthony has to be the best motorcycle gear reviewer on the internet. Thumbs up. Keep up the incredible work.

vaibhav malhotra says:

Giveaway one of those man ✌️(to me)

Older&Wiser says:

I haven’t used moto comms. I have run across many issues with the Sena units, as told online by consumers. These headaches, along with “you need to buy a new one” customer service solutions, indicate to me that if Sena is the “best”, I don’t need one. 🙂

Reggie R2 says:

my problem with the 20s is you cant mount it on every helmet. 10R is a better all around system because its smaller. I dont ride in groups so i dont care about the intercom

Brad C says:

paw patrol

hr2 pilot says:

…this guy is so hard to listen to.

Greg Maggert says:

slow down cowboy

Petes1800 says:

Didn’t care for the sena. Went to the Uclear.

Ricardo Bento says:

well im prumped to buy a packtalk because of its waterproof and the features it comes with DMC etc… however i would like to hear something about midland next pro, i dont find anything about that communicator on the internet

Ryan Ellis says:

Looking for a unit for desert riding. I would like to be able to hook in a VHF/UHF style Ham radio for using for range boosting and talking to others that are using race radios. I was looking into Sena 20s and SM10 for the portable radio interface. Now it’s probably better to wait for the 30K

goodledoodle ! says:

wtf!!! u still wear that same old purple t shirt ?

cody peterson says:

can anyone answer how this works? via phonecall or like just bluetoothed to another unit?

Dicebox says:

good info but you talk so freaking fast and the amount of specific info is so overwhelming…had to turn off after a minute

Patrick Rona says:

Anthony please break down the Pack Talk and 20S for us in more detail..

I really wish the 20S was waterproof and I wouldn’t even have a second thought, but its a big problem. If the Pack Talk sound quality is the same or better, I’d be more inclined to buy it. I like my music loud..

Slopat says:

On your dyno? C’mon!

michael enochs says:

I bought the new Sena 20S Evo and HATE THEM. LISTEN! If you could listen to anyone from the internet about bluetooth, do what I did. Take your garbage Sena back and order the Uclear Amp Pro. The speakers are crazy awesome. The are so clear! And they are LOUD if you choose. There is also a bass boost if you feel they are too weak by themselves, and they are NOT weak at all. The sena was very thin with only treble. I couldn’t hear my music cruising around. The Uclear Amp Pro is 100X better than that garbage. At first, I had no choice but to get the Sena in which I was excited for. I went to 4 different motorcycle shops in San Diego. San Diego is a hot spot for motorcycle riders so you would think theyd have the Amp Pro. NOPE. They ALL had the sena models. I’m so glad I ordered the Amp pro and waited a week to get it because I cannot stress enough how clear and loud and full it sounds. No regrets AT ALL! And no, I’m not a sponsor, I just do not want other people wasting their money when they could do so much better when it comes to clarity. Even the weird mic that comes with it sounds good over someones phone. AMAZING!

Milton Lightfoot says:

I will NEVER purchase a Cardo system again. They do not last long for a daily rider (speakers) AND their customer service SUCKS!

we3fh1b41wr6e5b4r65t says:

Gave up on Bluetooth and went to prs radio with helmet headset and handlebar ptt button. 5kms+ depending on line of site. Total cost about $90 US included battery saver.
I don’t need music or to answer calls when riding, I’d drive my car otherwise.

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