Best Japanese Watches Under $500 – Triple Review – SARG011, SARB065 “Cocktail”, SDGM001 “Brightz”

*21,600 BPH (Not 28,800, sorry slip of the tongue)
Today I share the results of a recent poll held in the Facebook group to see what was the best Japanese watch under $500. I also review a cracking bunch of JDM Seiko watches including SARG011, SARB065 “Cocktail”, SDGM001 “Brightz” and compare it to my own favourite the SARB033. To view the unboxing and initial impressions of these pieces, check out the following video…

To buy the Seiko SDGM “Brightz” I recommend…

To buy the Seiko SARB065 “Cocktail” I recommend…

To buy the Seiko SARB011, I recommend….

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chr1s60 says:

Just ordered the SARB065 today. It will be the first Seiko in my collection. Can’t wait to get it!

dduplis says:

please review the sarx033

Micholas Nitchell says:

What colareb would you wear with the Brightz? I’m literally pushing the button on it now, but want to go with a leather strap! Funnily enough I had the choice between this and a GS, yet the SDGM001 came out on top!

JD says:

Please allow me to correct: sapphire is NOT “tougher” than hardlex or acrylic. I would think that it is actually the other way around, but I am no native English speaker, so my interpretation of the word “tough” could be wrong. However sapphire is more scratch resistant than hardlex or acrylic and that is what you meant I guess 🙂
Kind regards from Amsterdam again.

Spartan Buff says:

You’re killin’ me – I already ordered a SARB033 and now you’ve got me thinking about the Brightz! 🙂

MrLegendary0ne says:

WOW. That SARB065 looks so nice. I love the blue second hand. Huge fan of blue hands. Buying it for myself for my birthday 🙂

Richard Sinclair says:

do you know of any distributors that deal with vintage watches?

aueret says:

May i request a review of the Seiko Padi SRP21 (maybe even pointing to differences between K and J versions) .. because i am really struggling with the decision between SARB-033 and the Padi here. Thnx alot.

mistral55 says:

Personally I’m not surprised the Alpinist won. I’ve owned one for 12 months now, worn daily in all situations from boardroom to mountains, and no issues with the colour as even with a business suit it becomes an interesting feature rather than a matching bland accessory. It also has that weird quality of becoming very personal. Hard to explain save my partner puts it as seiing me without it would be like seeing me without hair,… and I would feel bald. Save to say it looks feels, performs and like a heritage piece from day one and with an appropriate strap (I’ve got mine on a vintage style Tan Leather TSS Watchworx Atlas, a beautiful quality strap which over 12 months has acquired a sublime patina which becomes the vintage look perfectly. Incidentally we do now have a Seiko Alpinist appreciation page on Facebook for those who are interested. 🙂

Matthew Spaltro says:

I wish youtube would come up for breath with all these ads.

Rotten Oysters says:

own them all. they are nice.

Johnydeluxe says:

sry but i cringe every time i see you put a watch on your right wrist XD

Garry Perkins says:

I think I will buy a Seiko SARB035 soon.

Hoss Magnum says:

The new Seiko Padi diver SRPA21 can be had for 400$ or less brand new. Definity looking at this for a daily ware / beater watch. Great idea for a future review, hint hint! =D

Dylan L says:

There is a seiko brightz of that dial going at $399. Don’t temp me. I’m gonna save up for grand seiko Quartz.

Stephen Wolf says:

I’ve read criticism of the SDGM001 elsewhere because it uses the same 6R15C movement that is found in the lesser expensive SARB033 & SARB065. What are your thought on this? I agree with you about the SDGM001, gorgeous!

Patrick Hamlyn says:

can you review the Orient “Producer” watch i’m loving this watch right now!

Mark Brophy says:

Your title says best watches under 500.00 but the Britz is 750.00 ?

Wahid Khan says:

Hi TGV! I couldn’t fix my mind whether I go for Brightz or Cocktail time coz movement is same…!!! please give me your priceless opinion. Take care.

Javier Ponce says:

All these look amazing…I live in Alaska and they don’t carry any JDM seikos. I have a bulova @ 42mm and a Citizen at 44mm ant they seem just right. I have larger wrist so i’m afraid something around 40mm-38mm would be too small

You are Offensive says:

I would say orange

TheFinalApproach says:

The SARB065 Cocktail has been announced by Seiko to be discontinued. Very unfortunate. IT seems they will revive the cocktail in the presage line with a 4r movement and more wording on the dial, not bad, but still not a 6r15 with a clean white dial.

gmshadowtraders says:

Brilliant video boss! 10/10

vdenich says:

Awesome review. Also, which weather station is that?

Andrew says:

Every thought about doing a comparison between Seiko SDGM001 & and say a Citizen Signature watch?  NB0040-58A –

Vanessa Mercedes says:

I think you said they beat at 28.800 bph. I dont think that’s quite right… The upgrade movements like 6r20/21/24 and 6r27 beat at 28.800. The 6r15 beats at 21,600

Richard Sinclair says:

I have a Seiko 6139 6032 and it is the best watch for your banging buck. Im looking for the sunburst version, but hard to find

lawrence tendler says:

The cocktail is a beautiful watch.

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