Best CHRONOGRAPH Watch Under $200 ??? Urban Killy By Undone Watches

An Exclusive First Look At The Urban range By Undone Watches. Featuring the Killy Design. A Vintage inspired mechanical – quartz that’s priced under $200. To back the Kickstarter click HERE:

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– Are you guys Emirati? – Nope. We are expats from the UK

– Are you guys married? How long have you been married? – Yes. Just past the 5 year mark

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Tim Archer says:

This is just a blatant rip off of the Junghans Meister Telemeter Chronoscope.

Mario Pierre says:

Learning everyday… DiDn’t knot that brand.

Sherry Franco says:

Even though they are affordable… it looks super sophisticated and elegant

ToneDeafecation says:

Sorry that’s watch’s..!OK I’m not perfect either…groan.

Giang Vu says:

It’s a very nice watch but the word “hybrid” is quite misleading. At its core, it’s a quartz watch just like any other quartz chronograph watches and I don’t see what is so special about the movement.

Plutonium says:

For that kind of money you can get the Sea Gull 1963 Chrono fully mechanical.

hervé Chretien says:

Must admit the design of this Urban, Rolex inspired, is attractive.

dbgfw be says:

great discover

JL Romero says:

It’s a beautiful watch, in special when this remembering those vintage watches. I’d like to know if this model is available for sale through web sites.

Best Regards.

HSN Vlogs says:

I absolutely love it! Superrrrr tempted

Donald Anderson says:

Wow, I was literally watching videos on watches just now and then this video from you pops up!

Ismaeel Nisar says:

Ik this isn’t your vlog channel but will you be vlogging your journey back to Abu Dhabi and when are you going back

Sarcast says:

well, the watch was not lost on you, I just placed my order for one after seeing this 🙂

ToneDeafecation says:

I’m definitely heading for my first stroke..!! If reviewers are going to insist on holding the watch in their hands when filming,
would they PLEASE at least try and hold their perpetually wobbling,quivering(especially when making a point about some feature of the innocent timepiece on view)constantly gyrating hands STILL or put the damn thing DOWN and turn it hither and thither when necessary to point out the watches many wondrous features.
Thanks EMKWAN,you’ll find your views will increase at least a dozen-fold or my name isn’t KNOW-ALL Tone.

itsKibble Talks Watches says:

Great video man!

Shawn X says:

looks awesome! I’ve placed my order. oh wow so all I have to do is to send them an email mentioning your account and they’ll send me a free strap? for that sir, I’m hitting subscribe haha. looking forward to watching more of your videos! cheers !

OG Wavy says:

Great looking watch, I love vintage inspired and reissue watches.

David Stefanowicz says:

I just emailed them mentioning your review. Thanks!

Tanvir says:

Dont buy this chinese crap. just get an orient bambino

oliver h says:

4:56 you say It’s a flyback, but when you press the reset pusher while the chrono is still running, it returns to zero but doesn’t restart instantly?

Kurt Nunn says:

I ordered a couple. I cannot wait to receive. I am somewhat confused by their process with customizing, but I am sure all will work out.

PatrickEVRAable says:

Its quartz, meh

MrHazzard12345 says:


Simon Crane says:

I can think of worse watches for $200 .

Y L Luis says:

The glass looks like acrylic

Jaden Abed says:

pretty awesome watch !!! love the retro clean look !!! buuuttt….i wouldnt say its the best $200 watch. i mean seiko has alot of good stuff in that price range !!!

Tanvir says:

Another ‘Revolutionary’ fashion watch that uses a cheap Chinese $1 movement.

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