BEST Bluetooth Speakers TESTED & REVIEWED – LIST for 2018

JBL Flip 4 –
SonyXB30 –
Sony XB40 –
UE Wonderboom –
Fugoo XL –
JBL Charge 3 –
JBL Pulse 3 –
Bose Revolve Plus –

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Morten Olsen says:

Where are the Marshall bluetooth speakers reviews?

Ed Porter says:

Connects 100 jbl flip 4s together. Plays ali a intro with boosted bass

co xe says:

5:07 *he said IPX4 not IPX5 lol.*

Jessica LeBlanc says:

High quality review, this really helped me while I was speaker shopping

GioRgSaVv says:

I cant understand why they dont add buttons for previous and next song, I know I can use my smartphone to do that but why not with both?

srikanth g says:

plz do review of soundcore flare +

Johnny Boy says:

How about the bose micro, is that a good option?

Satan’s Left Ass Cheek says:

This guy really needs to check out some House of Marley speakers

Silas Rodriguez says:

Make denon 250

celia mwago says:

Wow can’t believe this that speaker must be the best in water and still works wow I love it

Arav Fernandez says:

Can you please give me one speaker pls

Jagtar Singh says:

Hey jim i think charge 3 is good in price range please reply


You should make one for late 2018 and ik u might never see this but when the charge 4 comes out can u compare it to the charge 3


Whats the best speaker?

Alex Ear says:

I am now the proud owner of a Bose Soundlink Revolve. I opted for the smaller version since I life in a very small apartment not planning on taking this thing out into the wilderness. For that, I own a WONDEROOM. I had very big issues with the SRS-XB3 from Sony because of the Bluetooth receiver in the speaker broke just after I hit the end of the warranty, so I did not want to invest into a Sony product anymore. Owning multiple head- and earphones made by Bose I know how good their customer service is, so that is also a BIG thing to mention since if you should run into issues you will receive actual help.

I am so surprised by the sound this little Revolve kicks out. It is thick and way better than the SRS-XB3 I used to own since the bass is comparable, but the Revolve is cleaner. Also, I really like the design of the little Revolve which I know is a big contra for a lot of people. I do not like Revolve + since the handle really makes it look like a lantern. I gladly take portability and looks, over the extra sound. If you do not have the cash to get the Revolve +, the smaller Revolve is no joke by any means!

Warns Flowrain says:

Howdy jimmy? Not seen from you lately?

ABO 7AMANI says:

JBL pulse 3 is the best friend

carwashgaming says:

Did anyone see alexa go off in the background at 8:11

aobakwe sebitla says:

Wow thanks you for this video

Subhan Khan says:

Torn between Charge 3, Sony XB40/41. Any suggestions? Listen to mostly rap/hip hop and bass heavy music

davocreative says:

*JBL* Best brand there is.

adam young X says:

I have revolve playing at the bathroom and dropped it maybe about 5 feet and it survived however it has severe dents on the bottom part 🙁 still love it deep basssss

brain filter says:

Pls do not include any ue products in best bluetooth speaker. Its made for the deaf.

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