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Big thank you to Archeer for sending me out this product for review!

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Brn G says:

I’m looking for a Bluetooth speaker and listent to a few of them and so far the jbl extreme is the best one with decent bass, but it costs 220€. Would this speaker be an alternative?

DaliGuy says:

Wow, you look really professional now! Stay in front of camera an keep up the good work! 😀

Btw you should check out a BT speaker called Amethyst MD1!

Randy Guttery says:

I just purchased one of these and your review is good but your equipment does not do it justice. The bass is over the top. The highs are very clear, but to be fair, I intend to only use this at low volume levels in my bedroom. Doing that, it is absolutely flawless. It looks great, and fits right in on my night stand. I do wish it had a separate A/C input and didn’t rely on the battery as I don’t plan on taking it to the beach. I’m pretty sure it is not made for that. Overall, well done young man. I’m sure you will get better.

axeami135 says:

It’s no harman kardon go play, but it is a very good speaker for the price. would probable even struggle to build something better for the price to be fair.

king Roffe says:

with that being said

Clorox Bleach says:


Meme Machine says:

If I was not 12 and had my own money, I would definitely pick one of these up. Good video!

NoCliP says:

what type of cerwin vega do you have?

Peter Estrada says:

I wonder if it sounds better then the G boom I’ve had mine for a year now playing it at full volume all the time and it’s lost some sound quality

FuzeMusic says:

I think you should switch every other video. For example: 2 videos behind the cam and than another 3 in front of the cam. I think it depends on what you are reviewing or showing. Like for this kind of review I would stay behind the cam but for a system showoff of something I would get in front. It is just an idea. Hope it helped you and keep up the awesome videos!!

Nerd PodCast says:


CompuTech says:

Hey everyone, I was just wondering how this speaker compares to the JBL Flip3/Flip4? I currently have a Flip3 and I’m wondering if I should upgrade. Thanks in advance!

J.T. Rayborn says:

Guys go to clavinetjunkie’s video on this speaker and click on the shop link in the decription to get it for $69.99


I know that this question has nothing to do with the video, but In wan’t to know if I should get Logitech z906 od z623. I like music with a lot od bass btw.

Exo Gamer says:

jbl would blow that away easily

I 2396 says:

Do you think it’s better then Bose? I’m not all that happy with the Bose Bluetooth sound link

Jamal H says:

UE boom any good?

lukie4ever YT says:

is this better than jbl?

Alex Schücke says:

i got the same speaker i like it very mutch the only problem that air comes out between the bamboo and the cloth and that really dosent sounds goot at high volume

EastAngliaUK says:

stay in front of camera.

TheXxRenzxX says:

If you get more into reviewing budget Bluetooth speakers, I highly recommend trying the Taotronics Boom X. It’s only $35 (USD) and has a ton of bass for it’s size, full aluminum body too. I think you’d love it as a small bottle sized speaker. Great video btw

1452 says:

You should get bass knob for your amps

MrPyroFreak says:

you make so nice video’s <3

Tim Johnson says:

It is a really nice looking speaker.

Fabulous Factor says:

Just from the videos I’ve seen, I’m very tempted to buy this speaker. But I’m used to having huge speakers that have 10x the bass at the same price. Should I spend the $80 on this speaker?

KyanTheTurtle says:

Awesome BT Speaker!! (Nice hair btw) :>

GucciSergalFlay says:

Looks like a shorter version of the Marley Get Together

Phoenix says:

You should stay behind the camera so that we are more attained to the speaker instead of you when it comes to reviews. 🙂

LegenDarius13 says:

Stay in front of the camera from now on,you look good,so whats the point in just staying behind the camera?

The Real Feels says:

Damn, You look professional this time. Good job.

Drop the Bass GZ says:


Phoenix says:

You should blow some water dancing speakers, then see what’s inside. Basically what you do with regular speaker blowing videos.

crazy says:

maybe go out pay one now see this sound amazing

DJ Fonzi says:

were buy I like you speaker from USA or Philippines ?

TacticalBBQSauce says:

It looks really nice, bit a bit too spendy for the garage. (I’m in the market for a bluetooth set up for my workshop)

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