Best $200 Bluetooth Speaker! House Of Marley Get Together Review

Here is long awaited review of the House Of Marley Get Together speaker. Loving this bad boy so far. But is it the best speaker? Find out in the review. All the links are down below. Smash that like button!
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Legend says:

I bought the small one and without thinking, I threw the box away before I got home to save space for trash. Next thing I know is that whenever I try to pair it with my computer through the aux-cord or bluetooth, it makes a horrible high pitched sound, On top of that it vibrates loudly even when I am not playing any music. I am not happy with my purchase 🙁

Adrian T. says:

Are you sane? Can”t you hear that background music is too loud ? I can barely hear your whispers.

Top Tech Talk says:

Nice video! What slider do you use?

Loudspeaker & more says:

The marley speaker are very bad ! if you want the best 200 $ speaker buy the Harman kardon go and play

Eden Podreka says:

dose the speaker have good bass? @Tian wu

Infernus 25 says:

Good review man but the music was way too loud. Maybe tune it down a bit

Mikaelah T says:

I have the same speaker but it’s won’t charge ? I put the cord in & it works but as soon as I take it out it doesn’t work any tips??☺️

Thomas Evans says:

what is the song used in the background and in the audio test??

Luc Sweelssen says:

nice review but could you put the music volume a little bit down (to hard for me)

lvkas says:

What is the peak output of this speaker in dB?

neil fellows says:

Mate if you are going to post turn off that fucktard music I have never heard such fucking crap you cannot watch the video because of that fucking music

mining maniac says:

1.) cant hear you over audio

Sydney Franks says:

Ive wanted this speaker for soooo long. I have a pair of the super nice ear buds.

Connor Bond says:

what is this song tho?

Banngers says:

this kid hase no clue about what he is talking about ;(

m rom says:

Terrible review! 10 days? Bro, where do you get those specs… Aside from mentioning distortion, output, etc. step your game up. Thumbs down

Marshall Smith says:

same pretty much as Archeer

oliver watson says:

very eggo friendly

Jeremie Plane says:

If you looking for a speaker that looks like a cute little mushroom, I sell it in red:

and in blue:

For only $15.95! Makes a great gift, available to Amazon PRIME customers too.

harold lee says:

u asian?

M A T T V I B E S says:

Damn… The backtracks you use are Beautiful! I listen to instrumentals and jazz daily. So I mos definitely appreciate the time you put In, into setting the atmosphere! Much Respect! These speakers are pretty tiight. enjoying my time looking around your channel, it’s electronics and musical Spotify right now haha. Have a beautiful day my G!


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Jermaine Reid says:

I love you, house of marley get together portable Bluetooth Speaker.

AfroBearGaming says:

What camera do you use to record?

Kevin The Tech Ninja says:

Beautiful video, man.

neil fellows says:

Turn off that fucking crap music

J Rock says:

Just picked mine up yesterday (still on sale, Black Friday pricing). Love it to death so far.

Justin Kwan says:

sick vid

Simon adfa says:

is there a review of the Marley get together mini?

Patric Svensson says:

Nice review! but i think you should not have music on when you are talking. it was abit distracting. #Crispy

Ever Dearborn says:

does this speaker have a lot of bass

Sid Narula says:

DOPE video!! next time maybe just make the first clip a bit shorter it was the same clip for 28 seconds, good job though

Evan Fahy says:

Amazing video! Would you recommend for house and deep house listeners?

Sandra Haley says:

Great speaker BUT I was very disappointed that it would not stay connected to my IPad I set my IPad to wake up to but this speaker WILL NOT STAY CONNECTED UNLESS SOUND IS GOING THUR IT. so I returned it. Sorry

Wise Gadgets says:

Great intro, shots and everything else. Good job!

Michele Griggio says:

How many watts does the speaker have?

Chaitanya Goyal says:

Great video man! They look great!

Jolly Jankins says:

Nothing less than we expected from your amazing channel!

Jermaine Reid says:

Peace by peace.

Jo Olmedo says:

Great job Tian!

Joy Haxhiu says:

the dockin d fine is way better than this

Andrew Vlieg says:

Just ordered one cause you make it look so sexy 😀

Cooking Tyg says:

Very nice song what is it called

neil fellows says:

Oh and that bloody speaker sounds awful so loud is good shit after 55 years of listening to jazz I should have got a loud speaker. I must sell my two beolit 15 s

Jermaine Reid says:

please stop the language is warning!

Ethan Sellers says:

Hey man great video looks like it has a lot of production value. Keep it up!!!

Jn Erceg says:

great job bro i love your vids you have great camera quality and awesome audio and i love yur eviews keep it up

harold lee says:

learn english pls 🙂

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