Beast cooling solution for your gaming laptop? – Opolar LC05 Laptop Cooler Review

Gaming on the road is great, but some gaming laptops get a bit too hot to handle – literally. Will the LC05 making laptop gaming a more manageable experience?

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DatNoobPotatoPCGuy says:

this wont work on my ASUS X456U…the fan is placed at the hinges behind the monitor…

Gesshoku01 says:

can the Opolar LC05 fit on a asus n56jr with those long ass vents? good video.

David Roland says:

the evga has a similar issue as the acer aspire 7741z the intake is limited by the minimal clearance on the bottom of the system

turgsh01 says:

I just bought the LC06 (latest version). Hopefully it’s as good or better than LC05 cuz I’m tired of my laptop shutting off without shutdown procedure due to excessive heat. My laptop’s built in fan is really quiet at all times and doesn’t seem to push that much air out. But the grill is really wide on the laptop, so I assume I’ll likely need to make minor modifications to maximize effectiveness. Also, LC06 came up to about $56 CA for me on eBay.

Peter Thomson says:

Luke is such a moron the only difference he noticed on the gasket was the color if you look closer the opening is different.

Technical_Tutorials says:

How Much Inches???

Akira Asakura says:

im on philippines can i order this?

in search of the incredible says:

can it fit the inspiron 5000 14 inch series ?

Worst Producer says:

Can the vacum be always on without affecting my laptop?

Wistbacka says:

Why doesn’t tunnel bear support Linux?

the spood king says:

i swear when i opened this video i saw an ad from dell about how to prevent your laptop from overheating

Genesis says:

But my laptop has no vents in the sides?! 🙁

Gabriel Ignacio says:

Looks like something I could possibly use for my Surface Pro 4 since the tablet heats up recently when editing videos but the sealing mechanism won’t fly on it since it’ll cover the buttons, as well as the fact that one surface it’ll have to pinch is glass.

88zachary88 says:

I’ve owned the opolar fan for months now and it reduces the temps on my MSI laptop by up to 20 degrees! Probably because the cooling on this laptop is ASS

7amasa - حماسه says:


Clorox Bleach says:

i just bought thermal pads cut them and put them onto my CPU cooler to use my bottom plate as heatsink (runs passive most of the time

Clorox Bleach Original says:

will this work with the dell 7559? i7

PillowSmeller says:

Lets say my MSi GS60 internal GPU fan died. would this help?

Bwana Suave says:

Solved my heat issues on asus rog g502vm strix. Bought and used two coolers at once with closed lid. Connected monitor via hdmi. Temps went way down

Aaron Liu says:


Luis Maiocchi says:

Why can’t laptop coolers also have the option to be plugged in the wall for more powerful cooling?

parker bailey says:

I use a cooling pad but my laptop will still heat up to high 80s in overwatch

H4rdCore G4m9rs says:

can i use on laptop asus a455l

amir shojaee says:

does it work on lenovo y700?

apple tech geek says:

I rather have a macbook instead of a xxl fat laptop

Samuel Torpy says:

And will it work when i don’t have fan in laptop ?

Toby LIM says:

the fuck moment when you realise you almost won the game but it hibernate.Fuck

azazel haque says:

do a alienware 17 r4

the chemtrail kid says:

imagine living like this

Controversy Owl says:

I thought this was a breast cooling solution for 0.5 seconds.

Faiz Ubaidillah says:

Use vacum and fan instead its pretty damn good

Ma tías says:

Bad for me that the vents are in the back of my laptop.

GrsViTy says:

This cooler is much better for keeping STOCK laptops cool (Like a Dell Inspiron 15, or an old Samsung 3 series), and ESPECIALLY those who run on “Why do laptop makers do this” AMD processors, which run VERY HOT.
Intel processors are intended to start cool and stay cool, and often don’t need any sort of help to keep anything else cool, unless you have a standalone graphics card.

Brandon.thelegend says:

Can this still work with a regular laptop?


why not try our Cooling pad.

MossGolem AnimeService says:

Is this better than traditional external coolers?.

hej hej says:

This might sound crazy, but my gs63 vrs cpu temperature went down from 91-92 celcius to 80 degrees : O while using this! it´s awsome!

Timothy Fryer says:

I have a Dell Latitude D430, (old, I know) its cooler isn’t that good, the laptop has almost no bezel between the keyboard and the edge of the laptop. Will this product work for it?

Herdiyan Perdana Putra says:

i have one looks exactly like that vacum fan branded “taffware”… it’s more effective for my laptop than a cooling pad.

Akhil Agarwal says:

Just a thought will the vacuum not cause over speeding of the internal fan? Will it not cause lateral load on the fan bearings inside?

Kunal Arora says:

Can you do a video reviewing how the Opolar LC05 vacuum cooler mounts on and performs with a rear vent gaming laptop like ASUS GL702VM?

Alecstatic says:

666.666 views :O

Zeref Dragneel says:

does anybody know what white laptop brand show on amazon page?

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