AWESOME UNBOXING ( HUION GT-185 Graphic interactive DRAWING TABLET) Review + Unboxing + SPEEDPAINT


Also yeah this is a sponsorship to Huion but please don’t think I’m giving it a good review simply because they gave me a free tablet. It’s seriously super nice, like. holy cow!

COME SEE THE PRODUCT LINK HERE!!! There is a promotion from August 16th to August 22nd where you can save 50 bucks on it!
The product link has all the info you need to know about it! 😀

This is a Huion GT-185 Graphic Drawing Tablet. It is an Interactive Screen display Tablet very much like a cintiq from Wacom. I have never tried a Wacom Cintiq, But I do have and currently use a Wacom IntuosPro and have tried other tablets such as Intuos4, and 5, and a Bamboo fun, and a Wacom pen drawing tablet, So I’ve had my share of experiencing different tablets and I have to say, that this Huion tablet is really good, I’d say it’s right up there with my Wacom Intuos!!!

The colors were vibrant, it was very easy to use, the buttons on the left of the tablet were very helpful, and it came with everything you needed in order to use the tablet. The tablet sinked up perfectly with my computer. Note: -If the tablet pen ever becomes a little inaccurate just reset your computer and it should be fixed, your computer just might need to readjust to the new format-

the only thing I had some trouble with is that it registers pressure sensitivity different than my Wacom Intuos’. However that isn’t a bad thing. All tablets register pressure sensitivity differently and I’m just simply adjusted and useto my IntuosPro. So that’s normal, haha and you’ll experience that with ANY and ALL tablet when trying a new one. So what I’m saying is, I didn’t find any issues with the tablet at all and it’s super awesome, and it’s great to be able to look at your hand when you draw. lol

I highly suggest this tablet for anyone that is looking for a tablet! both experienced and new users! New users especially will be great for these tablets because adjusting to Traditional to Digital won’t be as difficult being as you can look at your hand for this. For experienced Digital users, the only note is as I said earlier you’ll have to adjust to the new sensitivity format if you are useto whatever it is you use, But the nice thing is that you can adjust the sensativity to your liking so there shouldn’t be a problem

These tablets are also super awesomely affordable. They are MUCH Cheaper than any god Wacom Tablet and based on this Huion tablet I tried, it’s right up there with quality. As you guys could see I was able to paint just fine and it was great fun! So if you guys are looking for a great tablet that is affordable I suggest looking at Huion!

This one again is $500 (449 cuz it’s on Sale right now) and compared to a cintiq that is less than half of how much a cintiq costs.

Here’s more similar to my IntuosPro, and a cheaper option is here,
It is $90 (but is currently $71 on Sale) and my Intuos Tablet was around $300, so again Huion is still great quality and very affordable if you aren’t looking for a Interactive Screen Tablet.

Much love goes to Huion! Thank you Huion for giving me the opportunity to test your product! It was awesome! And everyone go check them out!!!
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The music I used is
Happy Mandolin – Royalty Free music from youtube’s audio library
Hop Hop Donut Lifts – Yoshi’s Island
Another Medium – Undertale
Blue Resort – Bomberman 64

I’m sorry for the bad quality. I don’t have a camera or mic yet. XC


Mrssea Sea says:

Cheep? My granddaughter can draw equal to an adult at 10. It’s her birthday and she wants one! But can’t afford 400.00 geez that’s way out of our budget! I thought it was going to be around 100.00 LOL!

TheFangirlMusician 0990 says:

Another Medium!!

Blue Miaou says:

my mom is probably gonna buy it for me :3

TC Marie says:

lol to remove the nib you can use the silver ring thing that comes with the nib holder xD I did the same thing before I found that out lol

Blue Miaou says:

i want it soo bad

EerieEcho says:

$430 for a fullscreen tablet? 😮
I may look into buying it later

Djcat Meow says:

why did I not ask for this for Christmas

Alexis's shame death's destuction says:

starts saving up 450$ * °^°

Zelda player says:

Do your still use your intros pro

TheGreatChez says:


Tholaran97 says:

For some reason, it seems a lot bigger in these videos than in person.

JustSomeKid InTheComments says:

Hey, uh, can you sort of help me out here? Do you know of any smaller tablets with a screen, because my parents will NOT buy me a cintiq or anything this much xD

Im just looking for something similar to this, but less expensive…and smaller. OH, WAIT, I have a probably-stupid question: How do you get ToonBoom/any drawing or animating programs? Do you download it on just the tablet, or do you have to download it on a Mac and then connect the tablet to said Mac?

Hernan Dario says:

melo melo melo perce huion 420 (4″)me he comprado bueno tengo poko presupuesto asi que inicie con lo mas barato

Elijah Prado says:

is the display tablet like a computer of its own or does it need to connect to a computer??

shiki nanaya says:

is it Huion GT-185 SD or HD?

Obii-chan Użumaki says:

I just got mine yesterday and it’s the same exact thing But I can’t get the screen to show! it’s just blank but I can move the mouse with the pen…

Zalkor says:

There is a nib remover, you will see it in the pen stand. Its the metal thing in the middle. Welcome

zebrafinchqueen says:

Wow lol it’s almost the same size as my tv…

oppo paws says:

Can you animate with it?

Marie Vernon says:

Does this work on windows 10? ;3;

crayona artz says:

well im putting this to “add to cart”


if you make a video like this can you imitate “how to basic” its veeeeeeeeeeeery funny

Ece Akalın says:

still using it ?
any issues ?

PedoArt says:

When I get my first job, I’m going to start saving up for that tablet ;D

Zoro TF2 says:

i need to buy this

ted says:

After I saw the price, I realized immediately that that tablet is my dream tablet. I’m not a serious digital artist (meaning I just do it as a hobby, but don’t really plan on doing it as a profession, but I still have time to decide on that) but I could use an upgrade from my Wacom Bamboo Splash tablet. Because it doesn’t have a screen, drawing efficiently on it requires some seriously good hand-eye coordination. It’d be actually nice to see what I’m drawing, lol. But Cintiq is wayyyyy to expensive. $500 is way better than $2000, especially for an intermediate/questioning artist like me. Thank you so much for promoting the product! I will definitely be considering buying a screen tablet from Huion 🙂

devadatta gamen says:


Carol Jimenez says:


Pastel Princess says:

“They come with extra nibs!”
I thought you said “They come with extra nips!”

zombeaniebaby says:

I have some questions if you could answer them!!

1) when/if you installed art programs like Sai etc, do they store onto the tablet? or are they technically still being opened/used from laptop??

2) how do you record? does the tablet act as a second screen and you just record the tablet, or do you need to have the art program open on the laptop too?

I’d like to be able to stream/record my art if i were to buy this, but my laptop is quite old, runs hot and if its possible that I only need OBS running on my laptop, with everything else on the tablet, that’d be great.


DaRealG_Crafter says:

Wacom is called WA COM NOT WAICOM not being a hater

Knas3 Hks says:

How old are you

Hiy Five says:

Oh boy I want this now holy cow.

O-O says:

I love the way she says Huion. xD

froggy says:

no desk squad

Blue Miaou says:



SoyAlex Animations says:

i don’t have money… fuk

Switch To switch says:

Should I buy one or go for the Wacom 13hd

Hexio Sireath says:

What art program does she use?

Trash aka Emily says:

i got my tablet for my birthday and it is my first one and IT IS SO AWESOME it’s very basic BUT ITS SO COOL

DjgR4ph1k/ Raphael Dreemur says:

I wonder if she gets to keep it… DX

Wolfie says:

Yay somebody else who has short hair like me 😀

Rob G says:

When you really want an art table but don’t have $450 and you need it before the 31st… D:

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