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Full review here: – Buy it here: – Front and center on the new ZenPad S 8.0 Z580CA is a crisp, 7.9-inch QXGA (2048×1536) IPS display that is covered in Gorilla Glass 3. ASUS uses its True2Life+ image processing and TruVivid technology (which is just a fancy term to tell us that that tablet uses a two-layer laminated display design that dispenses with the usual air gap). Both technologies combine to improve not only display brightness, but also color clarity. We go hands-on here in an exclusive first look.
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John Liu says:

Any results from the battery life tests? That’s my only real concern, seems to run the same battery as the 2 gb version but driving more processor power

Catch 22 says:

Thanks for a detailed sub 6 minute review, instead of dragging on the video for 10+ minutes

Matic Seslar says:

This is awesome! I like the tablet to be just that – a tablet. Reasonably priced andsomething to take notes with when you don’t have a notebook around. Can’t wait to see the full review!

Brian Cullen says:

3:54 “you can uninstall what ever you wish”? really? the Bloat on my old atom fonepad and 10″ asus tabbs shits me, can someone confirm that what this guy said is true?

Mike Mao says:

how can you do a review properly without even taking the plastic screen cover off?

Darkslayer267 says:

Guys does this support 3g/4g???????

Whyira says:

I am watching this on a zenpad

murfad says:

so did you experience any overheating issues when gaming/benchmarking? other videos say that it apparently has an issue with that.

Charlene Antoine-Pitterson says:

just brought the 16 GB storage version. The display is amazing, performance is fantastic the sound is good but volume wise can be tiny. I was going to get a big brand tablet this the asus zen pad brings apple and google android together. This tablet has not let me down.

Tha Q says:

been eyeing and researching this tablet for a few days now. I think I’m going to get it.

Israel d says:

watching this on my Zenpad

davidprevails says:

According to Asus’ website, the S 8.0 CA has an 8 MP rear camera with a 5 MP front facing camera. I believe the camera specs you listed belong to the S 8.0 C.

Benny Damien says:

I was a Apple user and now converted to Asus using ZF2 and going to get this tablet too !

Sayma Akhter says:

how long the battery will it take to be charged and how long the charge will last?? can anyone answer??

jectivaify says:

looking at this tablet makes me want to convert from apple to asus

BlackEliteStudio says:

Is the display 16:9?

aziz kaymak says:

belle tablet

nicegoodspeed1 says:

watching this using zenfone 2. Proud new Asus user, former samsung user. You get more for it’s price.

Matthew Lucas says:

I just purchased this tablet, great size, great price and out performes tablets twice the price.

amie An says:

do this version avaible in LTE in dhgate or amazon.? thanks

Aptom7747 says:

ass tone of psp games will be played on my new tablet

Steve Dabney says:

man it would be so cool to have that zenpad tablet. it’s so big.

halil Ernaz 18 says:

halil ERNAZ

Dennis Dowd says:

Great review thanks!

bert Solis says:

I had a lot of issues with the wifi tried 2 and ended up returning it

Millah 62jaafar says:

great review….hope for some demo on performance and camera test.

William Hart says:

I want one myself .but never in stock .

SMBL Gaming says:

Does this tablet have mhl support please leave a feedback.

DaHackman1 says:

I just got this thing yesterday. They must have variants of this model, because mine doesn’t have the USB C port, and has the 5 mp camera instead of the 8. Still, I am pretty impressed by this tablet, especially for the price I paid.

Stoyan Tonchev says:

Is this better than the Nvidia shield K1 ?

Anerow Cruz says:

I’m an ASUS user…. and i can testified that ASUS product is better than LG and samsung.., Im using tablet now Zenfone 7 for 2 yrs and I don’t have any issue… unlike my LG already slow after few month

Gary T. says:

I just received mine today just before I had to go to work. Other than the ASUS bloatware that’s on it it is so much better than my nVidia K1 tablet. More ram, more storage and much lighter, it doesn’t feel like I’m holding a brick like with my K1. I installed the same apps and games as on the K1 and they run just as well as on the K1 if not better. I’ll play with it some more in the coming few days and check back in.

Albert Dumaran says:

Is it good for taking notes?

Mobile Confessions says:

Great review!

Omega Dan says:

Wondering if I should upgrade to this from my Nexus 7 2013 or wait for the new nexus tablet to come out. This tablet does seem pretty good and I have had my Asus laptop for 4 years now and it still damn good. This will be highly considered for christmas. But still wondering if this is the best tablet to upgrade to.

amie An says:

do this version avaible in LTE in dhgate or amazon.? thanks

ternitamas says:

I prefer this to the ipad, nice tablet and very good quality for the price

Mat Noor says:

ada sistem lain mengangu sistem ini tolong tengok dgn segera

Chris K says:

where did you get it?

Pongpipat Chimnark says:

no sim card nooooooooo!!!!

Rui Mesquita says:

Thanks for the review, already subscribed!

Tell me, is there a 3G or LTE conection? For your review and in my supplier, i can not find this information, but if you filter in asus website by 3G he z580ca appears.

Hope you can help 🙂

santos Ventura says:

great video

KAY DE says:

I like the asus zenpad but I’m wondering if it has the cute mini icons like the o button or play button on the bottom I think its some sort of thing called the lollipop android thingy but I like that because I usually press the house like button on my tablet and it gives me one heck of a trouble like hell it bugged out on me T.T

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