ASUS ZenPad 3S 10 Review: The Best Android Tablet?

ASUS ZenPad 3S 10 at Amazon:
The ASUS ZenPad 3S 10 is one of the best android tablets out there. Starting at 379 euros you get a metall body, good hardware, a 2k display and Android 6.0 Marshmallow. It’s not clear though if it will ever get an update to Android 7.0 Nougat. But it is a good competitor to the iPad Pro and Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0.

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Dullahan Brewing says:

Hi i live in Eire and i am really hopeful you can answer a question that i can find no solid answer for as yet. At the moment i am looking at buying my first tablet an android.My android phone will not run certain flash sites correctly,specifically Vaughn Live and Ivlog,both webcasting sites. I am concerned that if i buy an android tablet the same problem will happen.Specifically atm i am looking at the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 running i believe Marshmallow 6.0. Can you confirm whether or not i will run into this issue with an android tablet? Tia.

Basista Shah says:

now both at usd $300…galaxy tab s 2 vs this one? ur recommendation? ?

Maximilian von Mustermann says:

Bitte Bitte mach deutsche Videos, dein Akzent ist einfach so krass…

dziekankasia says:

Hi 🙂 Is there a version with 4G LTE? I’m about to buy a tablet and I’m deciding between this one and Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, and I do need LTE

ybgethooo says:

All i want from a tablet is…windows 10 os…not android…

baskaran mannar says:

very good tab

koshiroku says:

Does the screen present any backlight bleed?

朱春旺 says:


Brian Lloyd Ponce Castillo says:

it is the same as the z10??

Subhan Ali says:


Ross G says:

How about the wifi connection? Most of the time I watch online stream. I heard that it always disconnecting?

Qban Celli says:

Can you change the fonts?

herve Marschall says:

Available in france

Indigo Foxx says:

as you dont mention the top of the device. Can I assume it doesn’t have stereo speakers? You have no idea how many tablets I’ve passed up due to that fact…

Ray Nguyen says:

USA available?

Ismael Utto Jr. says:


Ranjit Tiwari says:

how much battery % falls i how much minute on web browsing

Guille de Barnola says:

do you know when it will be launched in spain

Michael Pan says:

How is this tablet as a productivity unit? Use it for work (eg. Word/Powerpoint/Excel)

Kasirkin29 says:

Does the pen work with Microsoft OneNote?

clouds5 says:

Cool, but it comes a month too late. Already went with a surface pro 4, had a really nice offer.

titan300x says:

cant put sim card??

Thasneef E.A says:

available in india? tell me its battery capacity and screen size

angeljanai says:

what a great hardware!
what an ugly software!

HilmyFHR says:

How much?

ircra hashim says:

1. Please write the Specs summary at the very start of Video.
2. Don’t Stretch the video too long, People don’t have time to wait for what you have to say in the video at any moment.
BTW I had to google for the specs in the middle of your video which i found to be honest pretty boring.

Jedi Mojo Jojo says:

Where are all these Asus products in the US? Where’s the Transformer 3 Pro? Where’s the Zenpad 3S? Where’s the Zenfone Ultra? I hate that these electronics are advertised but no where to buy them in the US.

OnlineAddict says:

You sound like the voice which says “30 minutes later” in SpongeBob Square Pants

Dipanjan Biswas says:

When it will be available in India? please tell me if you know.. thank you.. great video..

tomble womble says:

is the screen oled?

Ro nin says:

mannnn…du hörst dich so dermaßen deutsch an haha nicht schlimm aber dieser deutsche Akzent beim Englisch sprechen, haha viel zu geil, kurze frage wie ist die Performance und sound im Vergleich zum Nexus 9 welches ich überlege hierdurch zu ersetzen, wäre dankbar über eine Antwort

Sukendu SB Rai DebBarma says:

i hate the 4×3 AR

Pinturicci says:

does this tab have otg connectivity?

RON Infinitech says:

Great review dude.

Can you tell me how you actually record your sound & add it to the video ?

Also, which Software do you use to edit videos ?

Helado says:

1:25 meddl

Mani Kantabm says:

can I insert sim card in this tab.

YoungWise2011 says:

Sony xperia z4 tablet is still king!!

pauldoffer says:

is it okey for games.. ?

glenn hughes says:

hi what is the GPU equivalent to ? is it andreno430/520???? someone said 320 that’s very old ??

ROG soldier says:

gaming test

Entheogin913 says:

does this tab have otg connectivity?

Arthit Thanawong says:

thailand available ?

Hoopty Boontain says:

do the zenpad z10 review

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