ASUS Zenbook 3 (UX390) Review – The REAL Macbook Killer?

Dave2D review of the thin and light Asus Zenbook 3 with the Kaby Lake i7 7500U and HD620. Checking build quality and performance.

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Pixel Zocker says:

kabylake 6700u ? i dont think so

Derrens Yovistan says:

pls review asus ux410uq and ua

Kappy Engi Kappington says:

Hey, uh, is the USB-C port Thunderbolt 3 ? I don’t think you mentioned it

Yash Barve says:

Can I or please review the Acer swift 5 Kaby lake

JTundra says:

Why would anyone drop that much money on laptop? Lol if you want to drop 500 to 800 on a laptop that makes more sense. If i plan on dropping $1100 i will just build a badass pc

Hexivoid says:

That’s a weirdly shaped battery

Redwan Hasan says:

One thing I really don’t understand with Laptop manufacturers, why in the name of lord you have to put such shitty webcam and microphone in a laptop? quality of the microphone can be excused but the webcam, it is just terrible, can’t you just simple put a phone’s maybe 8MP or 12MP sensor in there? it is won’t be that thick and price might go up by 20-25$ but it will go from unusable to usable. Freaking moron manufactures.

Planga Plongo says:

what the your monitor

Zeznzo says:

So here’s what you get:
– Lack of ports (1 USB-C + Headphone jack)
+ Does come with a USB-C/USB/HDMI hub and a cover, which is nice
– “decent” keyboard
– “decent” speakers
– Not upgradable
– Finger print scanner is located on the touch pad which is annoying af
+ Backlit keyboard
– Useless webcam
– Low battery life
– Terrible cooling
– Full HD screen with and Gorilla Glass 4 and annoying screen reflection
– GPU not ment for heavy tasks such as gaming
+ A nice looking laptop

Conclusion: Not worth the money.

It ain’t Apple being stupid. All companies replace functionality for less weight and size.

Written on my Zenbook UX305, which is twice as good for half the money

1oh1 says:

I can’t find the skin now…. 🙁

Marlix Gaming says:

are this laptop good for gaming ?

Michael Mao says:

Did you mod your CS GO? What did you do to highlight the enemies?

UkumaOokami says:

cant find the skin for this laptop. not at the site given

roberto OBRIJANU says:

all gaming laptop are apple killer
and i mean all with the same price as apple

AlohaHawaii Studios says:

Would this be good for video editing?

rashied jawhar says:

very stupid review>>> for sure no gamer will buy this machine so u don’t even need to mention that its very obvious that this machine for business people or fashionista.

Rawker101 says:

Would this be good for running solid works or z brush?

Jason Weber says:

So am 16 years old, and my first laptop was the 2012 15.6 inch macbook pro. If I have been using a 15.6 inch laptop and have large hands, will it be hard for me to transition between a 15.6 inch to a 12.5? Also – I have typed on a 13.3 inch laptop before, and found it quite easily to do.

MiindzZ says:

Does Dbrand still sell covers for this laptop I don’t see it in their device list

Brock says:

no thunderbolt 3 is deal breaker

Dmitriy Baskakov says:

Such expensive notebooks look so silly, when they can’t do normal arrow keys. Even my 2004′ 12” LG has normal arrows. What a shame

Abdul Mannan says:

It’s way better than MacBook. Only display and webcam are little disappointing.

AE01 says:

Are you going to review the Deluxe version??

Kappy Engi Kappington says:

Oh my bad. Didn’t listen closely enough.

George Farren says:

Gold looks so tacky. Silver would have been better for all colours and trims on this laptop.

Ji Hyung Kim says:

What’s the monitor behind you.

letdein says:

I’ve been researching a lot looking for a laptop to get work done e nicely and perhaps play games some low end games League of legends etc as I can’t take my PC to university. It seems like every reviewer says about every machine “it’s good for light to medium usage but nothing more” then why not buy a £150 Chromebook like my brother’s that runs very smoothly??

Seyyed Hafiz says:

why can’t anyone make a laptop in same size with a normal USB 3.0 port, if we want to use a USB flash drive should always carry the converter around with us, same problem goes to MAC and the new MAC with touch I.D boasting about 3 Thunderbolt ports, as if we are gonna plug 3 A.C to charge the Lap.

cogigo says:

That was a suprisingly quality review. Subbed!

Suraj Krishna says:

+Dave lee if u had to choose between asus zenbook 3 and dell xps 13 for productivity and entertainment?
asus zenbook 3 ux390 ; dell xps 13 with i5 processor and 1080p screen , without touch

Richard Johnson says:

out of the dozen laptops I have owned, this zenbook3 (blue) is by far, my favorite! they knocked it out the park with this laptop!

ipad4arab1 says:

I like Asus and I own 2 Asus laptops but the thing is, I really hate the fact that Asus is trying to be Apple. I don’t know who convinced the guys at Asus that whatever Apple does is always the best. Guys if I’m going to get a laptop that resembles Apple MacBook with this price tag, I will go for the MacBook and run both Mac and Windows (considering that this laptop isn’t good for gaming either.)…Wake up Asus; stop imitating Apple…

TheMelvinNL says:

I prefer my Asus Zenbook UX305 with the core i7-6500u 8gb ram and 256gb ssd. Which of the 2 do you think is better Dave?

PhanTOM Tom says:

wts the size of the dbrand skin

yasin sharifi says:

hi I love many of videos you made and after Thanksgiving
it would be very good that we see a review of mibook air 13.3 from you!!!
can expect it from you?!

J dessery says:

Hi, I wanna get an Asus laptop and Im gonna use it for like 8 hours a day (watching video’s most of the time). Which model will u recommend?

FreeChannel says:


MonarchProduction says:

what about streaming videos like movies and YouTube

warak anda says:

precise presentation.. awesome.

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