ASUS TP200 Review – A Budget 2-in-1 Laptop (2015)

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Parmar Prince says:

suggest me a good 2 in 1 or hybrid laptop for student.

Suraj Agrawal says:

you write Dave Lee but present Dave 2d why

Night_O_Panda says:

good for old cod

Shannia Sampson says:

I’m gonna buy one of these for school
It’s just to complete assignments
All I’m doing basic programming and databases
I hope I don’t run into any problems with it c:

北丐南帝 says:


Aravinda C says:

hey Dev please try to review Asus r588u series laptop

Atakan TEKE says:

what about TP200SA?

angrywolf pack says:

how much is it

Jo Mo says:

if i got the 2gb ram can i change it to 4gb ram

Stoegod says:

Should i still buy it?

Melissa Privette says:

This computer sucks. It kept freezing and would randomly turn off and wouldn’t let me turn it back on for several minutes

DarkDrift0r says:

Hey Dave, what would be an awesome 2 in 1 laptop that works great with a stylus on a budget? would this be enough

lysol5555 says:

will this work with the Razor Core?

Alphanoid says:

How big is this laptop

DirtyPawGaming TM says:

Hi I need help! I want to download games on this laptop but I do not have enough space, is there any way to add memory so that I can download more games? Please help, thanks!!

chapasproject says:

hmm i heard that it have very dark screen. and i know it all ready been asked, but what the alternative? i found some lenovo 2 in 1s but they dont have ssd.

AriTheGummyBear says:

(searches cheap laptops on YouTube)
(clicks on video)
YouTuber: Hey guys i’m gonna review this super cheap laptop by blah blah blah, but get this its only $600!!
me: crap.

coneteo says:

dpes it support illustrator and photoshop??

ImDead says:

is it worth buying it ?

ituajadeh says:

will you review tp301 pleeeeaaaaaseee… you are the only best laptop reviewer here.

BlueWolvesgaming says:

Can anyone tell me how well this laptop play hearthstone and civ 6? I’m looking for a replacement laptop before december since the screen on my old one broke

inkyy says:

would you have any suggestions for a stylus to use with it?

William Levy says:

Your review was very informative. Above average

Plexemus says:

does this support writing with a stylus with palm rejection?

Voldemorts Nipple Cake says:

great review!

Ranganath Sah says:

this is very worst laptop

Lochyáš :3 says:

Does it work with Razer Core? O_o

Xpectional says:

How much graphics does it have? And can it run GTA IV smoothly? Reple please

Daniel Neumann says:

I love your vids 😀

Joydeep Sengupta says:

can you suggest a budget 2 in 1 laptop for 2016?

Advanced Gaming says:

is it worth buying it ??? I want to buy it and use it as a secondary laptop for youtube and google.

Hero says:

can you do a review on Dell inspiron 11 3000 2in1 model – 3158? I would be really thankful to you.

bvfromruvitaliy says:

Really good review, thanks!

angrywolf pack says:

oh ik now

PFgamer says:

I love this laptop. I think it is great because it is portable and great for those who have a bigger heavier laptop. this is great for school and it can do more than a tablet or phone.

RT Erdoğan says:

can that laptop run adobe premiere pro cc,Please reply me

PawsomeBæ4EVER says:

Can this handle the sims??

Rajiv Jadhav says:

nice video, Dave. have you reviewed the 15.6 convertible laptops by asus? how do they compare to those by lenovo (yoga or flex) also, have you heard of the 15.6 widescreen laptop thats in a 13.3 inch form factor? i think its by HP, Samsung or LG. not sure, but maybe you already know what i’m talking about.

King Alpha says:

could it run gta sa

Ev ml says:

Which ones do you recommend if we don’t plan to make use of the 2 in 1?

Abdul Rauuf says:

is it comfortable to play dota 2 and CS? what bout another online game? i’m planning to buy TP 201 sa with higher processor intel N3710

DarkDrift0r says:

Have you checked out the dell inspiron 11?

TitanEren says:

its 2gb ram not 4

Jayant Sharma says:

is the charging port micro usb? anybody please tell.

solehin dixor says:

do u think the sims 4 is suitable on this laptop cause its quite a heavy game right

Dan Molina says:

Just what I was looking for! Thank you.

Ty Legazpi says:

holy shlt the voice is so attractive and so convincing. subbed !

David Fernando Huaman Alcedo says:

what are the other laptops that you would recomend?

Shah Alam says:

An excellent review. In a short span of time you managed to deliver a very professional analysis covering every small detail. Commendable and keep it going.

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